relaxdaily N°092

Listen, watch and download relaxdaily N°092 here.

A truly magical relaxing tune. The video is what I captured during a daylong (22km/13mi) hike through a nearby mountain region (Eifel, Germany). Hope you enjoy the music and the video!

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Have a great time,

Michael (relaxdaily)


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  • dave

    Thank you Michael for sharing this amazing music. I feel more relaxed now. You have an amazing Gift

  • Ram Bez

    I can’t Thank you enough for making my day always so wonderful and stress free. So many situations where I was stressed and get into a calm place with you music in headset. Thanks again!

  • ivan

    Im ivan from indonesia has adore you since first time I listen your music from soundcloud, really nice music and does calming in my study, tq michael

  • JH. R.

    Thank you for a good music. I hear this when I am studying. I think it makes me more concentrate on my subject. Thanks again.

  • Guest

    I swear I love your music idon know how I express my feeling it a nice and cooool feeling like Im getting old thanks men alot

  • Barbara Starlyt

    Hi Michael, the combination of music and photography is heavenly. I can’t help but take a deep breath and relax, it is a reflex. You are channelling something very special. In this life you are a peace maker. Thank you for crossing my journey. I needed it. ♥