relaxdaily – Essence N°1: background music instrumentals to make you feel good

Eleven tracks for you to relax, chill, meditate, or just be. Soft, soothing and peaceful music that you can use as your perfect relaxation music, yoga music, work or study music, or as a soundtrack to a good life…

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  • GUEST 1234

    3.99 is a bit expensive, but thanks for making this.

    • Michael

      I hope you’re just kidding ;) I’ll raise the price in a couple of hours to 7…

    • Michael

      Just updated the download options…

  • Angelikebudu

    don’t really understand

    • Michael

      How can I help you? What do you don’t understand?

  • Sini Wick

    Great music! Very motivational and can listen to throughout the day. You should continue to create more music. Well done!

  • Relax Daily Fan

    Love your music Michael. Please keep up the good work with your inspirational, beautiful, and truly heart touching music. I listen to them all the time, especially when I need to feel inspired and need to focus. Thank you so much!! 

  • Guest14564

     Your music is great. I just love listening to it when I get home from a stressful day.

  • Vijay

    Dear Michael 

    Keep up the good work, Thank you so much. God Bless you as always.


    • Michael

      thanks for your motivating feedback. I give my best to create a new tune every week, sometimes I succeed, sometimes not. 
      The last weeks have been somehow stressful, so I was a bit out of schedule. I try to fix that in 2nd half of the year ;) 

      If you have any feedback on what I can do to get better (with my homepage, the videos, any other ideas, …) don’t hesitate to tell me. 
      I’m looking forward to develop this project in the possible best way and hope to keep you as a listener!

      Michael (relaxdaily)

      • yvon

        can I buy relax daily essence n1 on cd in stores?

  • Nicework

    Great work you have accomplished so far! Wish you the best of luck for your future that is yet to come. Thanks for putting up the links, much appreciated! 

  • Bruce Haydn

    Amazing music ! just so beautiful!  KEEP ON GOING! I love your sounds x

  • CK

    Michael, do you have physical copies of your music available for purchase in cd format?  Thanks.

    • Anonymous

      Unfortunately, no, sorry.
      This project is quite young (11 months) and in many ways, it doesn’t make sense to to manufacture CDs. But probably in the future. …if people still want to have CD’s then ;)

  • A_y1999

    if i buy the album well i be able to use your music on my youtube show as a background music ?

  • lucy

    Hi Michael, i love your music! i bought the two Relaxdaily essence1 downloads but cant unzip them….any ideas? thanks ; )

    • Michael

      Thanks for downloading, Lucy. Unzipping should be easy. Let’s solve this by email ;)

  • Supa Mario

    Hi there. Your music is really amazing :D
    I am now residing in Japan, and just now I tried to buy Essence 1 in Amazon buy they say that only customers in US can use the service :(

    • Michael

      I didn’t know that Amazon makes a difference where in the world you are. …But here might be a solution: download Essence1 on via this homepage (see “buy music” on top), or try iTunes, or there’s still a free version over at my facebook page, which you should find easily ;)
      Best, Michael (relaxdaily)

  • Neil

    Hey Michael, awesome music.. question, can I use your music that I found on youtube for my tutorial DVD as background music

  • Neil

    Will put in due credit & web address for your albums in my DVD

  • Renuka

    Your music is absolutely inspiring! I’m writing my doctoral thesis at the moment and it keeps me so calm and focused. Keep up the good work :)

  • Deepak

    Just love your music as touch my soul. GOD bless you, well done

  • Becca

    Your music is some of the most relaxing I have heard. Absolutely beautiful. Goes to the soul….such spirit.
    Keep it up.

  • Viswapriya Narasimhan

    love your music.

  • Robbie

    Just bought it. Thanks. I dig it immensely.

  • Heidi Brouwer

    Hai Michael.
    Your music is absolutely beautiful!
    It helps me so much!
    It reminds me of different things in my life
    Good moments but also many painful moments
    It is personal and different for everyone.
    Michael thank you!
    Big hug from me to you!

  • Honza Procházka

    Amazing, awesome, wonderfull, nice, peaceful, kind, caring music. You have changed the way I relax, think and dream. It resonates with my soul a brings a lot. Thank you! I am sure, you are an amazing human being somehow connected with Universe, more than others… :-)

  • Alex

    number 29 is perfect. congrats from Brazil

  • ancec mexico

    just what I was looking for =) congrats!

  • Guyana Dude

    nice music to relax the mind. works wonders when your in the zone. thanks

  • Nani Rahim

    hi michael. I’m from Malaysia. Thanks a lot for your music. I like it very much!!! <3
    You're awesome..

  • mehran

    you r wait for it……………awsome :D

  • Soumika

    awsome composition…

  • Gurunath Vadamudala

    I love your music! You have the gift!

  • vikas

    Hey Michael,

    This is really awesome music- Simplicity really relaxes.! Cheers

  • Dreamer

    Truly amazing… That’s what everybody needs… Thank you so much and keep making music! God bless you!

  • flypao

    Gracias realmente bella gracias por compartir buena musica

  • Amina

    Great music! Thank you thank you thank you! Vielen Dank!

  • faithlilyj316

    May God bless and keep you Michael. He has blessed you with a wonderful gift of music.

  • Aya

    Sir Michael, your music thrills the human soul. Thank you so much. God bless and more power!

  • Helen Ahyoung Kim

    I really like your music. :) I bought one!!!

    • Michael

      Thanks Helen!

  • Paulo

    Lindas músicas que só fazem muito bem ao nosso coração. Muito obrigado por fazer este milagre com a música.

  • Paulo Fontenelle.

    Translation: beautful musics that cause very well to our hearts. Thanks very much for to do these miracle with the music.

  • urbanfmx

    Hey Michael can i use your music for one of my youtube videos?

  • Darshita

    ……..Your Music Sooths My Soul…I Wanna Congratulate You For Having So…Beautiful, Serene…Sense of Music…Thanks for calming us….Michael….

  • Arturo

    Will you marry me Michael?

  • Thomas

    Beautiful Music! Hope you make more and you will become some Money for your hard work. Thank you Michael!

  • Eve La Va

    There is no one day without you behind me… Every day you give me power and motivation … I just love you!!! Eve

  • Osama

    I was looking for some relax music, so I did a search on youtube and i founded your music, then i visited your page, i felt like I am in a journey out of this world ! l didn’t enjoy music like now since long time … Thank you so much !

  • Amany

    hey Micheal,,,,your music is wonderful,it’s like a magic 4 me,it makes me relax when i’m reading,studying…..really i love it
    Good Hob (Y)

  • Amany

    hey Micheal,,,,your music is wonderful,it’s like a magic 4 me,it makes me relax when i’m reading,studying…..really i love it
    Good Job (Y)

  • Med

    An absolute superb musical piece No.40

    • relaxdaily

      I’m happy to hear that you like it Med ;)

  • Debby

    Hi Michael, I am looking for background music for a DVD I’m making. Your music is great and I would like to feature it on the DVD. Thank you.

  • Bibin Babu

    Your music is really awesome Michael…I am really mad to hear your music..God bless you.