For most of us life today is not just about pure surviving, money and “success”.

Help to grow this “List of Happiness” by adding what a good life means to you. Be spontaneous and honest. Tell me what is important in your life to you.


What does a good life mean to you?

What single (one or two things) would make your life better? 

What does HAPPINESS mean to you?


Here are a few things that are important to me:

A good life is, when I find time at least once a week to grab my mountain or race bicycle and go for a 1-2 hour ride. Preferably with friends. When I can create music, that’s a good life for me. Taking time to enjoy the beautiful things in life makes me happy. I love beautiful design, good music, good food, technology, cars, the internet; people with entrepreneurial background interest me.  Good life is, when people smile and take time for each other. Trying to be successful and wealthy by following one’s passion, but never compromise on happiness; that’s a good life for me.

- Michael

  • cro

    for me good life is when you are surrounded by people who you love and who love you back…i pray to God here and there to bring peace and love to the people because if everybody i think people are too much preoccupied with wrong things…

    i hope one day i wake up go outside and see people saying good morning to each other, cherishing what they got, not worring about time, job, money, success, and more focusing on happyness because happines doesn’t come from all these things but from people…

    you’re awsome man, keep the good work…

    peace, love, and more love from croatia….

    • Michael

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I feel that there’s a lot of truth in your point of view. Who knows, perhaps your vision can become reality for many in the not too far future. Haha, what a planet would that be ;) 

      • cro

        yea, who knows…hope you’re right… :)

  • Gian Taz

    Dear Michael,

    I really don’t know what a good life is because I don’t even know what the life is. I’m always wondering what is my aim in this world. I spend a lot of time on thinking and sometimes on crying. When I was young I wanted to sleep forever but I didn’t… then I thought I wasn’t brave enough… someone, instead, told me that it was because I’m convinced I have something to accomplish. I have met some people in my life which made my thoughts better… thanks to a simple smile or a simple innocence attitude. A good life is when I find a reason to stay alive (it’s different from surviving), it’s when I smile after I cried, or when I made someone smile after he cried. A good life is when I’m brave enough to fight for my opinions. A good life is when I go running, cycling or swimming (better if it’s with friends or family too, but sometimes I prefer to be alone). A good life is when I walk in the woods under the sun. A good life is when I can listen to my feelings trough my piano. A good life is when I’ve finished some challenging tasks at work and when I meet interesting clients. A good life is when I feel happy when some people are looking at me. A good life is when I can do all of that without the health problems. I don’t know if it is the best life I could have but there is something good in all of that for the man I am at 30. A good life is being modest and helping people after you’ve understood how to help yourself.

    While I write these few lines, I’m listening to your “Essence 1″ music compilation I purchased with the Season 01 B-Sides, and I grabbed the 1.5 SE as you kindly suggested. A good life is to listen to your beautiful music and to support the beautiful artist you are inside and outside too ;-) Perhaps I’ll try to play the n°25 sheet on Youtube (the place where I started to learn the piano and where I met interesting people and created some real friendships)… but I don’t know if I’m good enough… hope is the most good thing in life.

    Good life to you dear Michael and thank you sincerely for being the person you are. Your music is saying a lot on your personality and people like you inspire me to understand life with the good, the bad and the neutral.

    (from Italy but live in Belgium)