I love creating music. And I love to get feedback.


This section is inspired by the “old” YouTube channel comment design, where you can leave a message unrelated to a video (or tune in my case) or just say hello.


Tell can me what you like, or what I could do better. Tell me how you use relaxation music and what is your favorite relaxation music (and why). It would be great if your favorite tune could inspire me to create something similar but in a relaxdaily style!


Have a good time!

ps: comments here are not shown in order of date by default (you can switch from “best” to “newest” if you like)

pps: though I don’t get back to everyone who comments here, I check this section almost daily and read every word, as I value your feedback on my website very highly.

  • http://Website Freddie

    thanks for helping me to relax.

  • sylvirfox

    :) Your music is really enjoyable. I usually listen to it when I’m studying. Normally relaxing isn’t something I do very well (think of someone who’s usually got a caffeinated beverage within reaching distance), but everyone has to sometime and your music helps that a lot. Usually I’d listen to Enya (I’m a big fan of quiet vocalization music) when I wanted something soft to listen to, but I finally reached the point where I’d already heard most of her songs and needed something else, so I started searching Youtube, and finally found a consistent source for good music! Thanks!

  • Aditi Gaurang Kotecha

    I was in search of some Relaxing Music which doesnt een distract me but also keeps me on my toes rather inspire me to keep doing my work in better/enjoying way. I found your work, you are very close to what i m looking for. Also I do perform Reiki meditation, I want you to create such a music which makes my heart and mind concentrate well as well as keeps me awake and not sleepy.. And i trust you can do it. I think you can add some Indian classical touch to your creativity. Tyr it out. and if you make something to what i need just post me on my FACEBOOK as i have already liked your page on FB and I m already in your profile list.

    Thanks God Bless you. Keep doing what you love to do.

  • Msgcent

    Hi, I really enjoy your tracks every morning. Keep up with good work. Will support your efforts!

  • Rachaelreins2

    i LOVE your music!!! I use it for yoga, while im cooking or cleaning the house and especially for studying at school! Awesome! Keep up the good work!

  • Ejsmith5

    WOW!!!! This is just great! Your music definitely makes my study time so much more peaceful. Thank God for your music. By the way, my favorite song is the Uplifting Background Music.!

  • Kris

    Hi Micheal,

    How are you? I wrote you a comment many months ago complimenting you on your site and compositions and thanking you for what your music evokes in me both emotionally and psychologically. Again, I thank you! MERCI!!!! And thanks for making your music available!!! I just downloaded your ‘Relax Daily – Essence 1′ and am very much looking forward to studying for my finals with it. I am still, however, trying to get a copy of my favourite piece of yours: no.27 – any hints?
    Thank you again! Have a great day – week – month and summer!!!!!

    • http://twitter.com/relaxdaily Michael

      Hey Chris, 
      Thanks again for your feedback! Right now, N°027 is downloadable on the “playlist & download” page in one of the playlists on the bottom. I’m sure you’ll find it. 
      - Michael

  • Guest #12

    Hey Michael,

    I would like to compliment you for making such great tracks, It is very relaxing to all of them. thanks a lot.

  • pinks

    thank u for your great music

  • Guest

    Your music is AMAZING and really helps me relax. It’s the first time that I am not getting any headaches while listening to ‘relaxing’ music. It’s really soothing!!! THANK YOU!!!!

    • http://twitter.com/relaxdaily Michael

      I’m glad that you like it. Have a relaxing Sunday!
      - Michael

  • Julio

    Hey man. Just wanted to let you know I’ve never found such amazing and soft music as yours. Congratz on your work and i truly hope you keep making more pieces like the ones youve shown us. Thanks for the tracks and have a great one! Best wishes to you, michael!

  • Neringa773

    I love this music , makes me wanna cry when i listen to it …. Thank you for creating this :]
    Do you have a facebook page? 

    • http://twitter.com/relaxdaily Michael

      yes, just search for relaxdaily on Facebook.

  • Chay

    You know I am usually using a judging technique which takes me about 5 seconds to judge a song….most of the times it works you are listening to the the song starting at 50 sec to 1min than you are listening a few secs at the middle of the songs and again for a few secs just about when it ends. Honestly most of the times you can already tell how good the song is or how much it sucks, if it has a flair to it etc. 
    But I can tell you, can’t do it with your type of music because it is changes frequently but in a nice way! Good Work, Keep going I am hoping you are going to be recognized as a great artist…there is actually some more work behind your music then just the same beats repeating itself except the chorus being different.

  • Shannelle Gay Paracha

    Michael, can i add you as my friend on facebook? Im listening to your music everytime i study. Im Shannelle of Davao, Philippines. It’s already passed 1am here, but im inspired to listen to your music. thank you very much!

  • Sakelly40

    Your music is spectacular…..calming and beautiful…great for yoga or meditation….clears the mind and soul! Thank you so much…you have a talent that is a gift! Sally :)

  • Anonymous

    I stumbled upon your music (and YouTube) site by accident, through another on-line newsletter I receive, that had your links located at the end (saving the best for last!).  In this day and age, when the world is being Fed-Ex’ed to hell in a hand cart, it is nice to escape the chaos, and listen to some relaxing music…even if only for a little while.

  • http://www.facebook.com/AndriaTintoNeeStephenson Andi Tinto

    what a wonderful site and a very talented young man…thank you so much for changing my life in more ways that you could ever know x

  • Shihab Shaideen

    You are talented in what you do, the music just amazing and very soothing to listen to after a hard day at work, keep up the good work, wish you the best, and thank you!

  • Asfd

    more please

  • CK

    Beautiful music Michael.  Typed in zen music in youtube and your “Zen Music – concentrate, study, meditation – relaxdaily N°047″ came up and I decided to give it a listen.  I’m glad the website was included in the video.  Your music is very relaxing and thought provoking at the same time.  Looking forward to listening to more.  Takes me to another world.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for your feedback!
      It might be a tremendous help to me, if you could describe some “provoking” elements, that you experience in my music. Maybe I could learn from that and create even more relaxing tunes. 
      I’m glad that you found my channel and my webpage. Honestly, I’m still developing my sound and style. This project is dedicated to smooth music. I have a strong vision to create a place where one can experience “sth. beautiful, that I can’t put in words right now”. 
      Stay tuned, new tunes will follow ;)

  • Patel

    Your music is something I need right now! I am in a place where I am at a crossroad and I don’t know where to turn to and your music has touched me and allows me to forget my surroundings. Thank you so much for giving me this.


  • Ken

    I love your music! I was thinking about downloading your mp3′s through youtube for free, but I love your music way too much and I bought them. My $5 doesn’t help you out much, but hopefully there’s many other people like me that do end up purchasing your music.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks a lot, Ken! 

    • Ivan

      purchased and donated a small amount too. glad more people are doing it :)

    • Tammy

      I purchased the CD because I loved the music so much and the feeling that came over me when I heard it. Thanks again!

  • http://www.facebook.com/0121jekyll Karl Jekyll Paragreen

    hi there : ) absolutley love what you have put together here !!! love the tracks really inspiring . would love to create some tracks like this myself . do you have any samples i could use or tips on how to create this sound .. what programe do you use ??? ….. awwww man this music is so inspiing : ) thank you will be checking updates on your page for the rest of my life now im pretty sure . thank you

    peace love and unity

    karl jekyll paragreen

    do add me on facebook if you get a chance or e mail me thajekyll@hotmail.co.uk

  • ryzel

    My 2 yr old. son and I love your music. We were just randomly searching for relaxing music in YouTube and we found yours. Thank you for sharing your talent. God bless and may you continue to create more soothing music.

  • Mark

    I can’t tell you how much ‘relaxation’ music Ive bought only to be disappointed. I’d almost give up when I was told about your website. I am so glad. Don’t ever underestimate what you do.

    • Vince Chee

      I second Mark. :)

      • Katie

        And I second Vince! ;-) I hope you will always continue to create such moving and hauntingly beautiful pieces. Your music makes my world a better place!

    • Stacey Boudreaux

      Indeed I third it

  • Py.

    Sensacional.. Em um mundo conturbado como o nosso musicas assim são alivio para alma.

  • ven

    Michael.. your music is absolutely extraordinary relates to the soul.. great vvork.. keep it up… came home feeling hopeless… hearing your music ae me feel so much better

  • http://www.facebook.com/billy.lau.946 Billy Lau

    You are a beautiful spirit and soul. Thank you for helping me through everything. Thank you for helping me grow. Thank you for allowing me to close my eyes and open my soul.

  • George

    Michael, I can explain how, your celestial music has helped me, many time.keep going with your explendid work.GOD bless you

  • Diego

    Could you upload this music to Grooveshark? I would really like to have it in my playlist, for studying and that kind of stuff :)

  • Preeti

    Hi Michael, I’m from India. I happened to stumble upon your channel on You Tube while looking out for music that would help me study. Normally, i would have surfed thru plenty of other so called “the most amazing/calming/soothing music ever” headings but when I heard your soundtracks, I just had to visit your website. Your music is both calming and energizing at the same time and is doing wonders for my concentration! I play these songs for my child at night and watch him drift off into sweet slumber…rdn005 is his current favourite..Thank you so much for these wonderful musical creations!

    • Raj

      Hi .. I am Raj from US. You have made the great choice.

    • Kristiar Fachry

      Hi Preeti .. kuch kuch hota hai

    • Spyro260

      This is great!

  • Víctor L.

    Excelente música, lo felicito. Vas a vivir muchos años.



    Desde Costa Rica,

  • Noah

    Your music is great for my studys! Especially German which I am taking for the first time! Cheers.

  • Aswin

    Im a kid from India who was looking for relaxing music when I stumbled upon your channel. Really awesome music!

  • Samantha

    Hello there micheal, I was searching for some music to write to that would calm and relax me yet inspire me too and hadnt felt like anything had fit until i happened upon your music. Exceptional work, please do carry on for us and for yourself as i can obviously tell that you are your music. I think i shall be purchasing your music too rather than downloading for free as a sign of respect to creativity and people such as yourself. Thank you, Yours Sincerely Samantha, 20, England. Keep Creativity alive, Because isnt life only that which we make it. Musica delenit bestiam feram

  • http://www.facebook.com/sari.ursinius Sari Sarran Ursinius

    Hi Michael. I´m a 29 years old girl from Sweden. I found your music on youtube when I was searching for calming and relaxing music. And I fell in love with it right away! Keep up the good work and thank you for the lovely music.

  • David

    This is awesome man, thank you…

  • Daisy

    I feel a life in your music.Awesome.

  • Liva

    Thank you, Michael, for your amazing music! I’m working on my master’s paper right now and I was searching for music that could help me to concentrate, and it really helps to focus on my studies! Greetings from Latvia!

  • carlos

    Hermosa. Muchas Gracias

  • TAS

    LOVE IT!!! I’m trying to purchase B-sides N01 but it keeps freezing :( I’ll try again tomorrow…. Keep up the good work….

  • TAS

    Hi! Thanks for trying to help me out with the freezing problem. But my pc just isn’t up to the challenge…THANKYOU SO MUCH THOUGH!!! I’ve purchased ‘Essence’ instead ( over 30mins to download it, but so worth it!), which seems to have gone down better than B-sides N01 (12hrs!!! and then froze up after 30 mins…BUT BUT BUT I can still listen to it online :D it’s just so awesome!). Keep doing what you’re doing- ’cause you’re clearly doing it right ;) ! Can’t wait for more…

  • Camomile

    Thanks for producing such wonderful and soothing music! Every piece of your work is excellent! Keep it up, Michael!

  • Becky de Colores

    Dear Michael,
    I am listening to your music now, it is sooo beautiful! Nothing you need to do to make it better, it already is! It is so calming me and soothing me and exactly what I need right now. Thank you!!! Many Many Times.
    Becky of Festival of Colors.

  • Matthew

    Always listening to your music while I’m working! One word: Amazing! Keep going that awesome!

  • Lumanda

    also thanks from Holland!

  • Mércia

    Hi Michael, I’m from Brazil. I would like to tell you that your music is amazing. Thank you to give us the opportunity to hear from you. God bless you.

  • pratap (USA)

    Hello Michael – Many thanks for your soothing instrumental. Music is a universal language. It does not need a translation. All who listen can understand it and are affected by it. May Lord Shiva and Mother Shakti bless you always and continue to guide you to make more beautiful music. JAI HO !!
    pratap (USA)

  • Andrea

    I finished writing up my paper this morning at 2 am, now its 8, while listening your music the sun is rising and I have a simple cup of tea. With a smile. Thanks to you.

  • http://www.facebook.com/annette.sepehri.3 Annette Sepehri

    Wow. I stumbled upon n005. Amazing. Thanks. You are definitely talented.

  • ai

    HI MICHAEL, i’m aisah from malaysia, found your site from youtube. your music help me much while i’m doing my routine job @ office. thanks! =)

  • http://twitter.com/alexmitzy Alexandra ^^

    Same here…not only is this the very first youtube tracklist that actually keeps me focused upon my work, but consequently it is life-changing! Thank you Michael, thank you so much! Now this is the kind of music I’d pay for anytime instead of just downloading it for free or streaming it online. Bravo!

  • marj

    Hi there…I work in the Bahamas (Nassau particularly). They say life here is laid back…but my work isn’t. Your music keeps me energized and uplifted. When I get home form a heavy work I look forward to seeing your site on you tube and play your music, then all is well :) You are a blessing Michael

  • Dorababu

    Michael.. your music is absolutely extraordinary to all of the world..You are the God’s Gift.Keep it Up.

  • Ivan

    When I hear you music my toughts just stop, the music brings me into a beautiful, calm place without worries..without rush…to a place which the humanity would dream of! So beautiful, made with so much emotion…love! I now know what I have to listen to when I’m trying to find back myself, lost in this world.

  • Silvi

    Thank You, few tracks of Yours might be played in a little vegetarian cafe and Yoga ashram in Vilnius, Lithuania. Thank You in advance and if you ever visit I’d make You some tea… :)

  • Al

    hi Michael,

    Your tunes are awesome………off the charts..!!!!:):)………advise for the listeners:………Play it on a good music system to actually enjoy this awesome music…..Brilliant stuff , bud…….

  • John

    I use relaxing music to help me focus while studying and to unwind after a long stressful day. Michael, your music is simply beautiful and I wish you great success. To anyone reading this, I hope you will help support Michael’s work by purchasing his songs. His 2 albums gives you hours of relaxation music and costs only $6, less than a mcdonalds meal! For all the peace and comfort this music brings to me, I think its really worth much more than that.

    Peace & Love from the United States

  • Hopeless lover

    I love your music, It’s simple yet good

  • Maddy

    Hi, Not only does this music seriously help me study, it makes me feel so peaceful and at peace with the world. Thank you so much.



  • Mr. Anonymous

    Everyday I feel so many different things, seeing and feeling everyone’s pain and loss, but their happiness and love too, everything I’ve seen, known and loved. It’s very hard to explain, but I see things in the world, little things that most people miss, the beautiful little things people don’t see, and it’s all tied to nostalgia. Have you ever listened to a song that makes you feel emotional, looked out at the sky, felt the breeze on your face, and just felt that you remember your past, you want it to come back, know more, there’s something there you need to know, that you can’t understand. It’s when your emotions are all happening, love, happiness, sadness, grief and joy. That feeling, you want to scream, cry, curl up and hide, hug your best friend, but you feel like you need to be alone and outside amongst life, amongst the trees and forests, and think about everything, so you can find out what it means, but more than anything you need to love and be loved, you need to understand and be understood. That is nostalgia. It is a part of the way I see the world, a way of my mind working, I see things, the amazing things of the world, the incredible beauty, and horror of the human race, every laugh, every cry, I can feel it. I make links, those silly little insignificant things, those things that very few people notice, nobody can see the bigger picture, and no one can really see what life really is. Modern society is so blind, living their silly little drama filled lives, when they could open their eyes and see the wonders that await us in this strange and endless world. And this type of music helps me feel that, this wonder, so my friend, thank you for these wonderful pieces of music.

  • lauralou82

    I was looking for good relaxation music that wasn’t weird (gongs) or cheesy. Your music is exactly what I’ve been searching for! I find that I don’t even need a guided meditation when listening to it. Good work!

  • http://www.facebook.com/anurag4 Anurag Arora

    Hey, This is Anurag from India. I love music and I love playing musical instruments. Your music is soothing and relaxing. Thanks. Keep up the great work.

  • http://www.facebook.com/mia.amari.9 Mia Amari

    Hi Michael I love your work i listened to your relax daily channel on YouTube, but now i have you bookmarked to my favorites I’m a beauty therapist so this type of music is perfect to play in my salon through out the day i especially love the imagery that goes with the music. Kudos on the guestbook option i haven’t seen that since the 90″s Lots of Love Amari Beauty xxx

  • Veronika

    Michael, thank you for your music. Im woman from Czech Republic and my job are massages. My clients love your music and me too. Continue please. You are angel and God is with you. You have a present from his.

  • Mehul

    Michael, love your music. Been hooked to it ever since I fell upon it. Great work! God bless you and keep churning out soulful melodies. Cheers.

    • Anonymous

      Thank you for your feedback, Mehul!

      I’m glad, that you like what I do.
      Yeah, there’s much more to come. I’ll create many new tunes in the next weeks and months. I’m always open to feedback, so let me know, what you like more, what less. I try to find a balance between what I love and what my audience loves.

      Have a good time,
      Michael (relaxdaily)

  • Rafał

    Hey. I’m from Poland. I found Your music while searching for some video footage. Your music is increadibly beautiful. You are so talented! I would like to Thank You from the bottom of my heart. Since the first sounds You touched my heart. It’s wonderful that there are still artists like You that do what they love and share it to help, cheer, inspire people! May God bless You on your path and may God be Your inspiration everyday!
    Thank You so much!

  • manish

    Just Amazing :)

  • priya

    Cool Stuff, fond exactly what I was looking for. Thanks.

  • Ryan

    You produce excellent music. It is very thought out, layered, and deliberate. I love it. I have to also comment note the quality of my studying while your tunes are softly playing in the background or my headphones help to keep me on task and provide a calming sensation during paper-writing and exam cramming sessions! (I am a university student.) Thank you for providing such great times of both relaxation and concentration to so many.

  • jolene singh

    I truly think you could go far ahead with your style of music. I am totally in love with rdn14 and rdn25. I wish you success and if you need fan support for that, give us a shout.

  • Andrina

    I just fell asleep on your music last night… And opened up my eyes 10 mins ago. What do you think about the sax? Could it be part of your music?

  • Nasrin

    Hi Michael

    I’m so happy that guys like you are living and giving off happiness to others.

    Thank you,
    Thank you,
    Thank you,

  • Harsh

    Hi Michael!

    I got one of your creation at youtube (Background Music Instrumentals – relaxdaily – B-Sides N°1) while preparing to start a major writing in my academic work. It was a great support. Thanks for sharing.

  • Soman

    Hi Michael,

    I am soooooooooo glad I came across your music. A restaurant where I was dining was playing one of yours and it was so nice to hear… so relaxing… I enquired and from there I came to know about your “Background Music Instrumentals – relaxdaily – B-Sides N°1″. This creation of yours is so soothing… really calms the body and the soul. Keep creating more of such numbers.

    I am a fine artist and try to get people to be happy by playing with colours and shapes on a piece of paper. And you my friend – do that with your notes, different instruments and sounds. Not everyone is so gifted and is provided such a talent that transcends all known man-made boundaries – to bring peace in so many people’s minds – knowingly and unknowingly. You are gifted to be able to take the listener to a place which sounds like paradise and full of peace… And so rejoice on the great feeling – to be able to spread the calming effect on so many lives through your musical creation.

    May you always come up with ever more soothing and calming musical ways to have the most wonderful effect on people’s lives.


  • http://www.facebook.com/cheppie Esther Martin

    Love the music and visuals- exactly what I was looking for!

  • Chechy

    HI Michael. Since 4 days I listen to your music and it fills me with peace and joy. I just bought your second record. And I come from a country, where no one buys music – everybody downloads it for free :) So I bought it not because I had to. Because I wanted to!
    Keep making music. I really appreciate it. Thank you :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/ajami.latiff.1 Ajami Latiff

    i really like your music causing my stress goes down and make me calm and peaceful to be in my heart and my mind.

  • Joop Hogendoorn (Sharin)

    Sehr gut, deine Musik, composer auss Holland

  • wchink

    Hi Michael!! whenever I’m feeling down, your musics cheer me up as I feel it has positive energy and hopes. Thank you so much! you’ve cured my heart!

  • Courtney

    You are awesome. I appreciate all that you do!

  • Shough BH

    Dear Michael,

    Thanks a lot for the amazing music. I really enjoyed listening to it :)
    I’m an interior design student, and I used your music (rdn025) in one of my projects, so is that fine with you?
    My project is an animation or video of a hotel room that I made on 3ds max, and your music made my project nicer and more amazing. Sorry for using your music without asking you first :(




  • Maindo

    Your music is amazing – thank you so much for using and sharing your talent! Love & light*

  • zeldzaam

    hi from switzerland:) just found your channel on youtube-great for writing my ma-thesis, thx so much. love your friends wilma, herta, magda & bella, reminds me of home:D

  • Chechy

    60 and 61 are two of my favorites :)) Not at all ”overdone”! I really like the ”uplifting” fealing. Just great!

  • CA Shyam Mehta

    Slowly & gradually my team mates & relatives are liking this all music.We are Chartered accountant from India.

  • nilgün tezcan

    Hi Michael,

    sorry for my bad english at first:) i have listen your music at you tube and it was wonderful. I have listen a lot relaxing music or enstrumantal what ever your music is different. i can feel the meldody in my blod ,in my vessels and and and…when i close my eyes i am in a different world.i am in my own world !

    i can imagine that im flying on a cloud far away :) i imagine the forest,the birds,and i think i am near a waterfall..its like a teraphy for my soul. thank you for sharing this beutiful sounds.best regards from turkey/istanbul/ nilgün

  • CA Shyam Mehta

    The Instrument play a big role in any music.In all your soundtrack I found one common instrument …sound …(Sound Which creating the differences) which creating the magic while listing but I am not recognizing it properly.Most specifically in ” B-Sides N°1″ initial sound track.

  • CA Shyam Mehta

    Hey Michael, ” B-Sides N°1″ opening 5 min music are awesome … can you expand that to further …I think there is something ..which is …may be pending (that I am feeling while ending) .This Music explaining the “Joy of the life when you have a good time” but it should be little bit more …

  • http://www.facebook.com/vittorio.em Vittorio Em

    Greetings from Canada! Thanks so much for the great relaxing music! It truly helps me study! So you like flying, eh? Privately, or on commercial aircraft/airlines to destinations around the world?

  • http://www.facebook.com/preyes323 Victor Paolo Reyes

    Really great music you have here! It has helped me a lot! =)


  • 2weedM

    Hi Micheal ~ I ran across your music while looking for relaxing music for my massage clinic. It is hard to find music which is both uplifting and relaxing, without big crescendos. I have listened to many of your songs and really enjoy them! I would have to say my favorites so far are 23, 40, & 31. You mention that you would like to know what some of my favorite music is (Other than yours ;o) : A CD by Adjatay, called, “Relaxation for the Soul” is fantastic. The album by Enya called, “In Memory of Trees” is also very nice.

  • Tr4pSt3R

    I liked this track that you uploaded to YouTube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qycqF1CWcXg)
    Thought i would take time out to let you know that you are awesome for this

  • Nancy

    Enjoying every listening moment! So glad you are doing what you doing.

  • Jaanus

    I really admire your music, also, if your description is accurate you could become Leonardo Da Vinci of the new age :P

  • Jaanus

    Sad that the last comment here was 3 months ago…

  • Suzanne Drake

    I am Suzanne from Athens, Ga. My 6 months old baby and I love to listen to this music anytime of the day. I am suggesting it to my 17 year old who studies intently and will probably like this. Thank you!

  • Irina

    Hello Michael :) I just met you(r) music on youtube. Your creations live up to the name. Thank you for soothing my world. Greetings from Bulgaria!

  • sugam

    u r a genius, ur music helps me to concentrate while i am studying. god bless u!! :)

  • Buckethead

    Hi, My favorite type of music is YOURS! I listen to b side N1 while I play poker all over the world for a living.. It helps me concentrate and stay relaxed with ease.. I call it “Tiltless Poker Music”

  • Livi

    Dear Michael, greetings from Hungary! I love your music! It helps me to concentrate while I’m studying for finals. My favourite one is your Background music B-sides N°1. While I’m listenning to it, I always imagine, that I’m walking in the forest, or in the misty capital city, it really helps me to stay calm and not overreacting the exams.
    Nowadays I’m totally into classical music (well it was always a passion for me, which is renewing again and again, I fell in love with it when I was 8 years old, I decided to grow up listenning to it) and I would be really happy to hear in relaxdaily style Beethoven No. 7 symphony which is one of my most treasured ones. Keep up the good work! Never leave our ears without music. :)

  • vadivel

    My dear Michael
    U R one of those dear children of GOD serving mankind with the gifts U R provided . I will be a thief if I dont thank U profusely for the music I downloaded. Let the choicest of blessings be showered on U from the Heaven. Dear dear my friend….

  • E.

    Pleasant for the ear, very soothing for the soul, just what I needed :) Thank you!

  • moshe

    Dear Micheal,
    greetings from Israel!
    your music has changed my rythm of the day completely, I can actualy see now the brigher colors of life through the crazy rush of the day.
    thank you so much.

  • Venkat

    Hi Michael.

    Venkat from India. Such a fabulous gift you have to make people calm themselves. Truly your music speaks a lot. Not being laudatory, I’m blessed to find your tracks on youtube. These days, listening to your tracks is a routine for me – especially in the very first hour at work. I like to hear more from you. Somehow, after the Elements and all the Buddhist meditation sound tracks, I am deeply addicted to your playlists.

  • manish

    HI Michael,

    Beautiful music, We drove from milford sound, to queenstown and glenorchy. Your music matched very well with the natural beauty. Loved it. Thanks a lot.
    One question. We have taken lot of pictures and would like to make a holiday video.
    Can I use your music to create holiday video please. I’ll also add comment for your music – relax daily in the video.


  • Anne Mak

    Nice music Michael! i listen to it when writing! i could not help but notice you said you like flying so… here comes my curiosity… have you actually flew? if yes… i guess you could try to make some music for those that do a lot of aerobatics:) I guess it’d be nice! :) imagine(or watch a movie taken from inside an airplane during aerobatics) and create something… last year was a black year for aviation all around the globe…:( so …

  • http://twitter.com/jennieyko Jennie

    Thanks for sharing your music!

  • B.

    You are amazing. This is your season to soar.

  • Fake

    Just came by to tell you that it is really inspiring music you make.
    Thank you

  • Алиса

    I found something very important in this music.It is not quite a feedback. It’s more about result.
    I found a Friend in it! It`s with me in my daily life – in my good and poor days. It helps and heals.
    was wet and a bit humid and cold
    a large cloud and blue
    and suddenly it seemed to me… you’re my friend
    and that I love you a little bit
    / part of I. Ziedonis poem “Ar tevi es lasīju kastaņus/

    Truly sincerely,


    My favorite for now is nr. 58. Maybe because of drums, maybe because of physically unrecorded message in it. It helps and heals. Will see. :)

    Thank you!

  • Pinksnow

    Michael means , LIKE UNTO GOD. NICE MUSIC

  • Alex Newton

    Hello!!! I’ve always loved this kind of music, and you just cannot imagine the joy and thankfulness I felt when I just happened to stumble upon your music on Youtube. The emotions I feel whenever I listen to your music makes me know that I really enjoy it, but its a shame that I can’t describe the calm, love and happiness it brings to me in words. Please keep doing what you’re doing! I try to compose songs like this, and it hasn’t been as successful; but you have a natural talent, and I’m so glad you’ve shared it with the Youtube. It really means a lot to me, and I’m very grateful to have found your channel :) All the best!!!

  • jaycftw

    this is the best relaxation music i have come across by far. it calms me down especially when im over stressed at the moment. I am so glad i stumbled across your video on youtube. Keep doing what you’re doing!

  • TXPaul

    Just super and at the very right moment.. Thank you and god..


  • http://www.facebook.com/robert.b.sandor Robert Brandon Sandor

    LOVE your music! I live and work in New York City, NY. USA ~ Enjoy listening to your music as I come home from work, and just take a moment to kick back and relax from the daily city life. Nice videos as well – stay the course and keep your creativity flowing. :)

  • Eva

    Zdravím Michale..))…Tvá hudba je nádherná, inspirující, klidnící…prostě úžasná…děkuji za ni…))

  • Fine

    I’m just into the study time for my final exams and I always had trouble to make it through some hours of reading, understanding and writing.
    Then I searched on youtube and found your channel.
    I tried a lot of other relaxation music, but yours is the best I ever heard.
    I hope you keep doing what you’re doing.
    Is there any possibility in buying CD’s, no downloading?

    I wish you all the best. And thanks for your work. :)
    Best wishes from Germany

  • Cheryl Holmes

    Wow Micheal, Look the numbers climbing since you’ve started. This is great! But of course no doubt, you’ve earned each and everyone of them. You’ve put your heart into this Project and look how it’s working for you… I’m so pleased for you. I’ve bought everything you have out so far and will from the beginning til now and will certainly continue. You’ve made a huge impression on my outlook on life in general. For the better. I have you to Thank for that. Everyone says I smile more, complain less, seem more at ease. All for the better. Thank You for having that influence on my life. I know it’s because of your Creativity,simply because I listen to it most all of the time. Again, Thank You!!!

  • Kelly

    I just wanted to say Thank You for your music. I stumbled upon it yesterday on Youtube. I liked it so much, I played one of your videos/song all day long. I searched around and found your playlist of 68 videos. I immediately saved it. Actually I’m listening to it now. It might sound odd, but it helps clear my mind. I need this type of music in my life. I stress way too easily and need something to help me calm down. This music is it for me. Thank you so much. Don’t ever stop writing your music. Its beautiful!

  • Monica

    Hi Michael! thanks for creating a place of peace in the midst of the world’s mad rush. I love the music!

  • http://www.facebook.com/judahchandra Judah Chandra

    I love your music and everything about it. As a piano player for the last 9 years, I have enjoyed playing soothing music to chill me out. I first started by looking at yiruma and now I love the music you do. The clean piano and chord progression in most of your tracks is amazing and the type of music I love. Keep it up bro!

  • Ana

    This is what I have been looking for all this time…and, in the end, I found it for my mind and spirit. Thank you, Michael.

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    This is an excelent relaxation music I ever heard. It is such a great selection.

  • Ramanan

    thank you so much for all this incredible music!!! I have searched for a long time for such work….thank you!!!

  • Jace

    I’m a graduate student at Pennsylvania State University with lots and lots and lots of reading/grading/writing to do, and your music is truly the most relaxing stuff out there; it helps me focus and put all other thoughts out of my mind, which is something I often need to do. Furthermore, your music is just plain beautiful.
    I’m wondering if you draw any inspiration/influence from artists like Tycho, Ulrich Schnauss, Hammock, The American Dollar, etc.

    Anyway, I just wanted to thank you sincerely for the help and for the beautiful music.


  • Andrew

    I was looking for some peaceful music to do my homework with, and this is perfect! It is so peaceful and helps me concentrate. Thanks for making it free!

  • http://www.facebook.com/plavac.mercury Helena Plavac Bartolin

    Hi ! My name is Helena, I’m doing my exams in law school next week, so I was very needed when it comes about finding the way to relax…I just wanted you to know how happy I am because I found your music…It’s very inspirative, calming and it doesn’t distract me from what I do. Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent with the rest of us! Believe me, I’ll enjoy in every possible way!

  • Doris

    Danke danke danke :) Bin über youtube auf diese Seite gestossen. Sowas schönes hab ich schon lange nicht mehr gefunden. Ich nutze es sogar manchmal bei craniosacraler Arbeit. :) Komme nun sicher öfter hier vorbei..

  • Gary

    Hi Michael, im after some cd solutions, any news of whether you can do them? i need something in my car to de-stress after work

  • Shericka

    Hello Michael! Just wanted to say, GREAT JOB on the relaxing music. I was searching for apps for my android on relaxing sounds and ran into your music. It’s very relaxing. My favorite’s are N49 and N48. Your music is an inspirational and can tell stories without words…only visual creation from your mind. God Bless U.

  • Mathew

    Hi Michael..thnx a ton for ur gift.. god bless you…

  • Dr. Thashli Thankachen

    Hai, Micheal. I am a Consultant Physician & Cardio-diabetologist based in Muscat, Oman. I am ardent fan of your music creations. Music has been in blood since childhood but with the busy schedule I was never able to keep up. You have helped me bridge this gap. I would be glad if could compile music for de-stressing for my patients. Music is the work of God’s hands brought out through you. Keep up with it. Take care.

  • María del Carmen

    Hola Michael, mi nombre es María del Carmen y soy de Corrientes, Argentina. Encontré de “casualidad” (porque ellas no existen) tu música y tu página. En realidad fue porque me gusta escuchar música tranquila y relajante mientras estudio o trabajo. Gracias por esta joya y que sigas creando! Exitos!

  • Abigail

    Your music is amazing. It means you wear many good things in the heart. Obviously, you strive to improve yourself as a human being yourself and your surroundings. I hope you continue to give this beauty to the world so badly needed today. Thank you for sharing what you do with others. Sorry for my bad English, I speak Spanish

  • Victoria

    Hi, Michael!I descovered today your music…so beautiful music…i like piano…and I wish you great successes in the future…inspiration for to compose music like this again and again!!

  • jessica

    Hi michael , greetings from Indonesia – i just want to drop here to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for making all the awesome music right there ;)
    its really incredible – really – i swear – i ALWAYS drawing while listening your music- even its in my artblock or else – and when my jobs and works keep bugging me like never end and sometimes life is so hard to bear – i just came here and listening your music – its makes me relax and all the sad feeling is gone – i always love to find your new music – your music keep give me inspiration support and keep me strong – my most fav one is the relaxdaily n0.45 its really my fav one because its give me a feels like i’ve been drown into like a transparent pond – a big one – in the heart of forest – all greens and blue become one – and slowly – im floating at the middle of the songs – like at 6:00 and less – then greens , brown , yellow , red , named it and fall leaf surrounded me – really – I GOT GOOSEBUMPS at the time i heard the piano tunes at 7 – suddenly – all the things is like im being hugged by mothernature – i cant describe how i love all your MASTERPIECE – because WORDS cant describes it – and i just want to say – YOURE INCREDIBLE Michael – you really are :)
    keep your chin up – i bet all the people here is cheering you – * even most all the people dont drop a comment here – but im SURE they already give a SPECIAL place for your MUSIC in their HEART ;) – like me .
    cheers :D

  • guest

    great music as always, but how would someone buy the 62 or 61 tracks off the front page?

  • Arpita

    Hi Michael, fell in love with your music creations, touched my soul, stirred emotions, felt the wind touching me,the cool sparkling water effect, the burning fire temp, i dont have words to describe what you have created , but a huge thanks to you :-) awesome tunes you have, lucky me to visit your website..

  • James

    i love your music, from the Philippines

  • Malik

    HI Michael, im from Sri Lanka, I too stumbled upon your music while trying to find some music to help me work. I program for long periods of time and sometimes it can be a bit stressful, thanks to your amazing music, the stress is a bit more bearable. You are an amazing artist I wish you all the best with your future. Take care, and hope you produce more music.

  • Shub

    Hi mike this is Shub from Singapore… First time heard your music and kinda liked it!!! I used to listen to engima, enya and yaani earlier and loved it… Must say your music is also fine and stands out in certain way! recently I had been to Boracay White sand beaches in Philippines which is quite sceneric and relaxing I guess you can try some watersports there and also your creativity of blending the sound of the tide by the shores with the sound of the boats. Looking forward to you new tracks!!!

  • Ben

    Thanks so much for your music, its a great study tool and is helping get me through college!!

  • Ailuj N Asotrap

    Hello Michael, hope you are well:) I haven’t finished listening to all your music…(i will definitely). Thanks for sharing such wonderful sound to the ears,
    I especially enjoy listening to the music while waiting for my face mask to dry and while writing down my thought. Soothing and healing…bravo! Kamsahamnida! ^_^

  • Maxim

    Hi Michael, your music is amazing. It is a great luck for me to find your channel, I’ve never listen such a gorgeous music before, thank you)

  • Whistle X’s 2

    Great music. Thank you. Just stumbled upon relaxdaily. I will tell others about this great site.

    I make similar tracks. Do you take submissions? Thanks Great job!

  • Shinta

    Hi, I’m Shinta.. I just love your music! It’s been weeks I listen to your music and also nice stuff as a lullaby to sleep. Your music just amazing and put me in peace!! And you yourself look great!! (=

  • Verjinia Ivanova

    Hi Michael!

    My English is not very good. So I apologize. The music they
    create is gorgeous! I thank you very much for the pleasant moments
    spent listening to your music (it’s like a piece of chocolate right
    brain)! I believe that people need music that you create in a complex
    world. Thank you. Heartily wish you much happiness, love and success!


  • Sweets

    Hello, Michael. I read your mini bio section and I can 100% relate to you!
    Thank you for sharing such beautiful music with us!
    God bless you!

  • http://twitter.com/SuzanneAndrews Suzanne Andrews

    Beautiful Music!

  • fran

    Hi Michael, I’m Fran from Spain. Congratulation for this great web! l

  • Corina

    Hola, gracias por brindarme la oprtunidad de disfrutar esta web.

  • Eeyy Wakee


    I’m Vivek, just a student here and I love to write articles and blog related to life-issues and some other things as well, kinda like my hobby. Your music actually makes me think calmly. You’ve inspired me, and listening to your music has made me love people and the world. I promise you Michael, five years from now, wherever you are, I will come to your place and meet you. :-)

  • slawek

    From Poland – beautyfull music. Good work!

  • Ferdi

    Thank you :) sometimes i doubt about playing this kind of music myself because it’s “too kind” or something, but i really love it, and your tracks and words reminded me that it’s just alright like that! so thanks a lot ;)

  • Tania

    You are Awesome!

  • Anil

    Hi Michael.Your music is simply BEAUTIFUL. I think OUTSTANDING would be the better word. Today seems to be my lucky day because I stumbled upon your music just by chance. Thank you very much for sharing your lovely music with us.

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    Michael, All the way from Kenya ,Thanks for sharing your music,its great,wounderfull & Special ,may you be blessed in your talent and produce much more

  • kim

    Thanks for giving such good music. I like soft music, but I can not afford to buy them for they being so expensive. Thanks for your kindness to let have opportunity to listen to so beautiful music. Thank you! Again Thanks so much!

  • tata

    hi michael. .im tata from the Philippines. . . I would like to thank you for creating such beautiful music and videos. . Your music sounds so wonderful that it really soothes the soul. . you have achieved much in you works. . . Please do continue to share with us your kind of music and videos. Thanks be to God for everything. God bless you.

  • http://www.facebook.com/mayank.gupta.549668 Mayank Gupta

    Love your music, It is just amazing. Usually when I play music in my house, my parents tell me to lower down the volume or stop playing music all the times. But now its the other way round. They ask me to keep playing your music as it creates a great ambience and a atmosphere of happiness, relaxation, peace and abundance.
    For me, I find it absolutely relaxing and energizing. I listen to it all the time, while traveling, while exercising. while reading, and almost during all my leisure time. Thanks for creating such beautiful music. Keep up the good work

  • Clare Birchley

    Hi Michael,

    Thanks so much for creating this music. I’ll send you some footage from Australia over the next few months. You may be inspired to write something. I love making music too. I sing but I’m not a musician….yet. Learning keys and guitar. I was travelling in Ireland at the same time you visited Croatia. I got some beautiful footage. If I get time I might send you some files. Do you use Dropbox? What video file type is best for you? I’m shooting AVCHD.

    Best regards,

  • Jackson

    All I can say is Thank you for bringing this to the world, and I love you for it…. its the best and no matter how many I go through it never ceases to end :)

  • http://twitter.com/Str8Blues Kim Lawson

    Hello Michael…..I stumbled upon your site as I was conversing with a guy from Venezuela. Great video’s and peaceful music. I love many styles of music but often I like to have soothing music in the background and with the video’s to play on the big screen. Its just great. Thanks for the site.

  • Tj

    Your music has calm, repetitive musical themes. Hence it is relaxing. But it also has “jabs” musically speaking, that catch your attention, without disturbing us, still allowing us to remain in our thoughts. How do you know this balance?

  • http://twitter.com/missedlitterbox Jack R Phillips

    Well, I think I may have died and gone to heaven. Thank you for such mind altering music. Sitting on the back of my boat, a good book plus a cat in my lap, and a glass of single barrel bourbon at hand…plus your music. What could possibly be better?

  • Rotem, from Israel

    Thank you Michael for the beautiful music. You bring peace,love and light to my mind.

  • JustAlexHalford

    Am I allowed to use this song in a monetized YouTube video?

    Please let me know!

  • Kundalini

    Hi, I love to walk in the swiss mountains with your music and reflect myself.
    Maybe you like the following sound too: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iiPHSyDnzy4

  • Raji Koshy

    Hi, my name is Raji, from a place called Bangalore in India, i really enjoy the music, it also shows your love for the nature – your music talks… talks nature… god bless

  • Ari

    4:30 on a Friday, the week’s stress starting to give way to the relaxation of the weekend, this music is one of the best ways I have found to destress after a hard day or a hard week. I am a musician as well, so I can appreciate what you are doing on multiple levels. I hear the music, the rhythms, the chords, all blending seamlessly into a tranquil listening experience. Thank you for doing what you do so well and giving me the peace of mind I so crave.

  • Brandon

    excellent mellow tunes!

  • ecbkmh

    Hi there, my 3.5year old daughter selected your youtube video after we were watching dolphins and the sea world. This channel is amazing and so mind relaxing! I am wondering where you did get all those video clips, did you make them yourself? Great site and healthy atmosphere, thank you from Holland, Mike


    Far-out web site. Relaxing music rocks my world!

  • Connor

    I’ve had the worst day in a long time today, depression is getting worse and worse and nothing is helping me. I’ve been jumped and threatened all week and have had enough and was so close to ending everything. Listening to this changed my thoughts and really helped me relax. Thank you sir!

  • Maria

    Michael, THANK YOU SO MUCH for such a beautiful music you bring to all of us -PEOPLE- in this busy hectic life! God bless you !!! You are a WONDERFUL PERSON! I love your youtube music track and this website. You write about yourself so simple and positive way! it is so seldom nowadays..

    I’m going to share your youtube link and website with all my friends and my children. They are young busy people and I’m sure they will like it and they do need it. THANKS AGAIN! :) Maria.

  • Cristina

    Hola, soy Cristina y soy y estudio estética me encanta la parte de relajación y masaje de mi profesión y lo que he visto en tu música que me recuerda a otras canciones pero tiene el toque de relajación y a la vez positivismo que hoy en día se necesita bastante, la parte que más he escuchado es la de relaxdaily 1.5, los videos acabo de verlos hoy ya es el ultimo complemento que le quedaba a la musica, y si le pudieramos meter algo de aroma sería buenisimo….Suerte con lo que haces (pienso que cada momento tiene una música diferente, o será que mi vida esta rodeada de la música)

  • Vincent

    Hi from France ! Your music is really good, and i really like the fact that you put it free on youtube. Nice from you, and just because you did it, i’m gonna buy it soon. Please go on !

  • VJ

    Thanks for your creations. Very helpful in calming mind, body, and soul. Feel rejuvenated after listening. Please keep it coming. The best relaxation music by far.

  • Julie

    Hi Michael,

    I have issues finding the right kind of relaxing music, some are too boring and some don’t use the right rhythms to get me to chill out properly. Thank you so much for these. I’ve listened to them myself, I’ve used it when giving people massages (which works fantastically!), and even studied to them. It’s great and they are all beautiful. I love how it’s kinda computer-y too, it expresses my kind of style!

  • Aries

    hello Michael, I am from Philippines. Actually i’m looking for a relaxation music that I can use every time I go to bed, because I cannot sleep without music and it happens that I saw your creations in youtube, and it brought me here.. I love all your music, thank you for sharing your great ideas… You did an amazing job..!! –>from Aries

    • God’s tranquil princess

      we’re just on the same page :D just found his music few days ago. enjoy his music –Philippines:)

  • Aldondrius

    I found these great relaxing songs today on youtube, keep making more we need it. I hope that i make something like these some day, great piano love it.

  • NaneK

    Really beautiful music, even though this is the first time I listen to your music, I have to admit that I am thrilled. I wish you much success in the future. Regards

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    Beautiful Music.. Do you mind writing me when you’ve got the time?

  • http://www.facebook.com/kirelos Kirelos Daniel

    Amazing Relax Music ………….

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    Hola, que bien y cuánta falta hace tu música, en mi caso me ayuda a bajar un cambio y también a relajar los estados mentales de mi padre, que padece demencia senil, deseo que con tu música pueda navegar por los recuerdos y las fantasías más bellas y que su alma se eleve de tal forma que se sienta protegido en una inmensa burbuja de amor¡¡¡ nuevamente GRACIAS¡¡¡¡¡¡ Betty

  • Kelly

    I can’t remember how I found your channel on youtube, but I have since been a subscriber.

    I just love the way you combine music and the video. Truly relaxdaily!

  • http://www.facebook.com/janjan.hofilena Fernando Durante Hofileña

    Good day! Call me Fern, from Philippines. I remembered as I was searching for the instrumental of a Christian song that I interestingly stumble on your channel in YouTube. I look upon the site of yours for more music that really helps me a lot. Thank you for what you are doing. I really love to listen to your music. May God bless you always!

  • Henni

    Hi Michael,
    Your music creations are truly soulful, expansive and wonderful . Thank you.

  • http://www.facebook.com/adele.cph Adele Orio Chiu

    Hi Michael, am Adele.had watched all the video.Perfect timing for a night/day. favourite music these all so relaxing and romantic.click on like/subscribe to you….love it..Take care.

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    Hi Micheal,

    I loved your music. It is so relaxing and helped me a lot. Thank you so much.
    Fitsum A.

  • Sarah

    Thank you so much for this wonderful website. It’s greatly relaxing especially during those stressful days!!
    May God bless you!

  • Daniele Mireille

    Hi Michael, at lost of words, I will just say, may the ALMIGHTY bless your heart. You are SUPER BRILLIANT and ORGANIC. The sounds are AWESOME. GREAT JOB… Mireille from silver spring Maryland

  • tumee

    Hi Michael, I’m from Mongolia. Just found your music from Youtube. I’m listening Relaxdaily B-Sides No.1. Your music is great. Wish you all the best :).
    Thanks for the great music :)

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    Hi Michael!…Thanks for this beautiful music channel…Blessings!…

  • Cor Fransman

    Hi michael, really love the music sounds amazing!! and relaxes for sure..I create my own music too and I am from The Netherlands…have some music posted on youtube and beat100, would love some review from the master of relaxing music (you) thanks a lot

  • Yunn

    schatzemann, häs de jot jemacht, or like the english would say: honeybaby, you made it right. I am so surprised from your sound, it’s phantastic! Thanka a lot and keep on…

  • carolina

    From, Valdivia, Chile… I really enjoy your music…I flew in to me…thank you from the soul. <3

  • gibigbig

    Studying to your beat. Thanks for the effort.

  • Aries

    Here I am again..:) every time I need some relaxation, peace of mind and self reflection at the end of the day after working I found my self listening your music and it really helps me a lot… thank you once again Michael..God bless..:)

  • http://www.facebook.com/djominov Alexander Dyominov

    Hi Michael! Thanks for all this great music, found it on youtube. Keep it goin. And hi to you from Ukraine :)

  • ragkad

    Thanks for all the awesome music. Lovely.

  • Erika

    Hello :) i have been in busy busy environment for awhile, never relaxing or taking time to think, i stumbled across your youtube page, and all my thoughts flooded out and help me focus and think clearer. i just wanted to let you know, your music is amazing, peaceful and lovely! thank you so much for all the wonderful sounds you have posted

  • ky

    Great Music! Keep it up! Thanks for sharing =]

  • Somnath Hore

    Hi Micheal, I am Somnath Hore from India really enjoying relaxdaily music which helps me to make my mind feel good and gives me mental pleasure and bliss. I am 54 and praying to the god to shower you with all heavenly peace and happiness throughout your life. May God bless you for showering your excellent music for the peace of the mankind. With all good wishes.

  • Fabs

    I’m Fabian from Germany. Very nice music. Thanks for the nice page.

  • Junior

    Man you are amazing!!! A hug from your friend from Brazil, Fabricio Junior.

  • Ann in Chicago

    Michael, Wow. I just happened upon your site looking for instrumental meditation music. Perfect, your nature videos/pictures are bonus. You have a gift and thank you for sharing it so generously. I love your personal spirit to grab your bike and explore the sunrise at the top of a beautiful swiss mountain.

  • Joe C.

    Your music are wonderful; very relaxing and great to listen to.
    Please keep making great tracks and keep enjoying what you do, because your music gives joy to others.

    Thanks for the soothing music, and good luck.

  • Tati

    I just want to say thank you, you have inspire me in many ways you could ever imagine. I LOVE your beautiful talented gift, thank you for sharing your passion to others, you are very talented, unique individual and we need more people like you on this Earth. Thank you!
    S.Barbara, California

  • LibertyFromBigGov

    Hi Michael. N 025 moves me, inspires me, and I believe has made me a better person. I’m more relaxed, inspired & motivated. I’m in a very stressful industry especially during holidays and weekends. Your music and especially N 025 helps me wind down at night in bed and I drift off into a peaceful sleep. I play it again when I wake up and meditate to start my day. Having created a new company and look to set new goals for my self as we struggle to meet payroll I’ve found that “relaxdaily” on You Tube has recharged my batteries and made me a more pleasant person to be around. You’ve help bring back my playful spirit again. It is amazing how great music can lift one’s soul, put them at peace and motivated one for success. You’ve nailed it! For this I thank you very much and will start shopping and supporting your brilliant music. Thx again Michael!

  • frank

    Well Michael
    greets from Belgium, I listen often to you…

  • Abdul

    Hi Michael !! I like your music and I’m glad you are the one making this music. Cause you have a good sense of music. Best of luck.
    Abdul. Saudi Arabia.

  • http://twitter.com/karaseisui Kara Seisui

    Hi, I stumbled across a few music videos from you when I was visiting tumblr and felt in love with it. The calm and melodic sound is so beautiful. I listen to it while I’m writing or work with graphics. And lying somewhere near the ocean, eyes closed, enjoying the sun is also a good opportunity to listen to your music. :) Please keep up the great work. <3 I will definitely buy the albums soon. Thanks for providing free downloads as well.

  • lyli

    Hey there! Thank you for the beautiful music. Your music helps me relax when I’m so stressed with my home-based work. Thanks again!

  • harry potter

    Hi cutie! Thx for sharing the nice music!

  • Ankur singh

    he guys if u want u can lisen Background Music Instrumentals-relaxdaily-B-Sides N°1 .I feel this one as best of what i want….!!! , with calmness it inspires me a lot .Truely Michael completely mesmerise me with his music collection….Now i can feel some change in my thoughts , my beliefs ,my perspective towards life……….I love rnd005 , rnd025 , rnd027 , rnd037 ….Love u frns….!!!!

  • http://www.holisticimprovement.com/ Lars King

    Hey, I’ve been enjoying your music for hanging out, reading, doing homework, and sleeping. I’m going to college in Boston, and your music has been really calming these past few days while everyone around me has been freaking out. Thanks for helping me stay centered.


  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Anona-Mous/100001887272634 Anona Mous

    Love the videos with the motion of the surf or blowing wind in meadow, etc… the combination of the motion visuals with your relaxing, healing music is dramatic… much more than simple slideshows, which are nice, but for some reason the accompaniment of the simple motions of nature really captivate the heart, mind, and soul …at least for me ;). Everyone should have a dedicated piece of A/V equipment in their home/etc., with videos such as yours, to remind us of the natural world/harmony.

  • http://www.facebook.com/fred.vilar.9 Fred Vilar

    Michael, you receive messages from so many people who try and achieve benefits with your service. My message is no different. It is also a message of thanks. But for me, I send the message, it is unique. For this post I say God bless this service because their songs and pictures you provide for this service, are able to facilitate our meeting with the Father Thank you very much!

    Michael, você recebe as mensagens de tantas pessoas que experimentam e alcançam benefícios com o seu serviço. A minha mensagem não é diferente. É uma mensagem de agradecimento também. Mas, para mim, que envio a mensagem, ela é única. Por esta mensagem eu te digo que Deus abençõe este seu serviço porque as músicas e imagens que você oferece por este serviço, são capazes de facilitar o nosso encontro com o Pai. Muito obrigado mesmo!

  • PSW

    My mid-day was a little challenging and I just wanted instrumental music to wash my thoughts…..I envisioned what I wanted but didn’t imagine I’d fine music the way you’ve blended music. I’ve been listening a straight 9hours and continuing….I care to say I am more relaxed, inwardly calm and rested than if I’d slept for hours. Bravo….Great Job….I Love You…..This is Heaven on Earth….Love It!!! Dr PSW 4/21/2013 12:10

  • Abdi T.

    Hey. I just liked ur creativity and inspiration to do it all. U r demonstrating the power music has to make us feel good. Thanks so much

  • Axel

    Randomly searched “soothing music” on youtube, brought me to one of your play lists. The best youtube search I ever made, I have found happyness in your music.

  • Rid Hawk

    Your music gives me a serene place amidst the hysteria that is my life. When I’m studying, the music that works best are often the ones with long held out notes and in major keys. That is what works for me at least. I listen to all of your music and hope that you will continue to create many more works of art.

  • Amanda

    Thank you for the amazing music – it really calms me down and lifts my mood :)

  • Angelica

    i came across your music on YouTube, You asked why your music is loved? In my case, I should say it does not relax me but rather takes me away from this world and plays with my feelings in ways I cannot describe. For me it is just out of this world!!!

  • Nathren

    Michael. Your creations clear my mind and occasionally bring tears to my eyes. I feel motivation and relaxation with every piece. You deserve the greatest of lives.

  • Juzer Ali

    Your work is absolutely amazing. Cheers from Pakistan!

  • Reginaldo Moreno – Brazil.

    Hi Michael. Thank you for your nice and so peaceful musics. It makes me feel so calm and helps me concentrate on my work and when I am reading. Reginaldo Moreno, Guarujá, Brazil.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1493210069 Jeana Pagunsan

    Just downloaded some of your music! I love it and I am gonna share it with everyone I know. Keep up the good work! ^_^

  • Ritaban

    Hey Michael, I am Ritaban from India. I came to learn about you from youtube. I just want to say, you’r amaizing.. every piece of your music is just what I want to hear. Havent seen any other composer who’s every composition is equally magnificent.

    THanks and just never stop the good work…

  • Julie Deans

    Just found your music while browsing on YouTube. Thanks so much for sharing this – I’m really enjoying it as background while I work on the computer, and I will be using it to paint my portraits to as well. brings me back to the days of oil painting class. I’ll be sharing your page on facebook for sure. Thanks again.

  • Vladimir

    Hi Michael,

    I would love to thank you for wonderful music – I am listening your Background Music Instrumentals – relaxdaily – B-Sides N°1 during my work in office and I find it amazing. I work in a noisy office and for a introvert as I am it is so difficult to focus in this kind of environment. Your music really helps to find my “peaceful corner” and with that focus on my work. I can not thank you enough for this. Please keep creating your music. I am so looking forward exploring your future work.

    Thank you!

  • Susan delos reyes

    Hi Michael, thanking you for a truly relaxing and soothing music…

  • Leda

    Hi Michael, Your music is fantastic. I’ve got a little baby and sometimes I need something relaxing :-), I started searching relaxing music and found “you”. I must tell you I’ve never listened to such perfect music like yours. Thanks a lot.

  • Landy

    Hey, I’ve told you on YouTube before but I will tell you again, I LOVE YOU!!! of course I mean your music. I listen to it every day at work and now even at school to help me focus on my studies. It helps me relax, get rid of stress, and concentrate. Thank you very much for great music!! :)

  • Tidus England

    Michael, greetings from America. I wanted to say thank you so much for this music. You have a wonderful talent. I’ve been going through so much in my life for many years now and your work is helping me to start processing the emotions and issues I deal with every day. I will share the link to your website with as many people as I can. Thank you again,

  • beysis

    Love your music!!

  • Mary

    I posted an inquiry on your youtube music collection because I love them all! there is one I’d like to buy that was for 2 hour long, I guess if you have the moment to check my comment . You named it as beautiful ligt music easy smooth inspirational long playlist. Please let me know!
    Thank you!!!

  • Dale

    G’day from Australia mate stumbled upon your utube channel just surfing beautiful music and its some of the best music i’v heard ever. Its very relaxing and has helped me through some hard times. I just wanted you and to know that you and your music a great Inspiration for me thank you so much. i’v also bought two of your albums on itunes so i can carry them where i go. ill throw a snagger on the bbq and have a beer in your honour.

  • sheetal- india

    its awesome thanks a lot–

  • kelly nanda

    simplesmente maravilhoso seu trabalho,muito bom saber que existem artistas maravilhosos como voce,amo musica principalmente aquelas que nos fazem esvaziar a mente de pensamentos ruins,amo tambem a natureza,animais,chuva,cachoeira…imagine um mix de tudo isso numa musica só? seria otimo,seja muito feliz e que Deus continue te abençoando com esse dom incrivel de tocar o coraçao das pessoas por meio do que voce mais gosta de fazer….música!

  • vivek

    hello michael
    vivek here . a smalltym filmmaker from india . came across your site and the wonderful music while looking for a score on youtube .
    was impressed not only with your music but you too.
    the best part that fascinated me was the kind of music u create – and yr connection with nature . ahh thats the kind of life i wish i had .. and yeah i would like to stay in touch with you .. listening to yr music and gatting updates from u about yr travels and activities .. neway i can get u on facebook ???
    thanks :)

  • Mallika

    Your music is beautiful. I play your music first thing in the morning for serenity and peace … .thanks.

  • Ani Lopez

    Congratulations! Great job. The melodies of the music relax me a lot today. All the pains that I had. they have been away. Thanks for share. God bless you.

  • Vince Chee

    Hi Michael, just want to thank you for making all these wonderful quality music with love.
    You’re awesome man, keep doing this, you’re helping people souls.


  • Ramona

    I love this! I play it at work all day.

  • Prashanth

    Hi Michael, Prashanth here all the way from Malaysia, and I just wanna say that I love your music. Your masterpieces have been nothing short but inspiring – I am a huge instrumental music listener and I love stumbling upon new artists with great potential and I have to say buddy you’re definitely one of them! Just to show my appreciation I purchased your album Essence 1 to help support you in your efforts! alles Gute!

  • Vivian

    Lovely music! I absolutely love it!

  • heinz

    hallo michael, ich bin heinz, fon brasil, und liebe ihres ganze musica arbeit. – bom, isso seria o meu máximo de alemão escrito. apesar do nome.
    mas o que interessa é que sou imensamente grato pela tua produção musical, que tem acompanhado meus melhores momentos de relaxamento e mesmo sono. tenho um blog onde coloco algumas das seleções, e também sou grande apreciador de fotografia!
    fiquei bem satisfeito em encontrar hoje o compositor das músicas que faz algum tempo estou apreciando, e poder fazer o justo agradecimento !
    sucesso e saúde pra ti !

  • Derek Wong

    great man, i love your music.

    I m creating mini game for non-business use, can I use your music in the game? It is just more than fantastic!

    your music give peace~

  • Just a Guest

    Thanks for your music, it could help me save the peace of my mind, even my life sometimes. I owe you one. Thank you!


    michel tu musica es impresionantemente increible,es relajante y tranquilo. Esos paisajes son hermosas y siento que estoy en ese sitio cuando escucho las melodias,me transporto en cada sitio…bellisimo!!!

  • Esther

    Hi Michael, greeting from Malaysia! So in love with your music… connecting to my soul. Thank you for amazing pieces.

  • jau

    hi Michael,I’ve started listening to your music I think for almost a year now… whenever I needed to meditate and relax I just listen to your magical and wonderful creations. this kind of gift is rare….many In my opinion are blessed by your endowment…and I am one of them. Thank You. I wonder if you have any CDs out….if you do where can I purchase it?

  • Michelle :)

    每一首曲因为宁静而美丽. 幸福的旋律, 启发正能量, 动人心弦, 感动人心. Like!

  • Pik

    Hi Michael,

    I’m from Dominican Republic. Your music list has been so helpful to me. I’ve been under a lot of pressure and tensions (work and health related). I’ve been diagnosed of suffering panic attacks. Because of that I’m practicing yoga, and daily at work, I listen to your compilation of relaxing music. I’ve listened others, but yours are the best! The melodies give such a happy and peaceful mind, just what I need to get better at dealing with stress.

    Thank you soooooo much, I can’t get enough of them! I play them all continously. I’m looking forward to visit this page more often, and donate, too.

  • @hnainay

    I Love you , you changed my life

  • AnIssa

    Thank You For Your Lovely Music.
    Love it so much >,<
    Greetings From Malaysia ;)

  • Mike

    Your music is fantastic! I listen to it when meditating, practicing yoga or just have it on in the background when I’m working. Thank you so much! :)

  • cip

    Just want it to say thank you from Romania.
    Great music …indeed very relaxing …and good to do programming on it.
    Keep it up and I am sure you’ll succeed.


  • saurav

    hi, great music. takes me to heaven. thanks for the music.

  • AJ

    Hey Michael,

    I just wanted to stop by and say “Thank you” for your music. I play your songs when sitting at my desk studying for college. I have to read a lot. Your music helps me concentrate and find focus. I also use your songs for contemplation and meditation. It’s like a fresh cool shower at the end of a hot summer day – for body and soul.

    Keep up the good work.


  • Laney

    Your music is really amazing and engaging as the background music for me to do my writing. I came across your music on youtube and fall in love with it instantly. You really have great talent. Keep up with your good work.

  • Minh

    I can’t thank you enough for making such beautiful music. I always use it when I’m doing computer programming exercises and it really helps me concentrate. Keep on making these wonderful melodies of yours!

  • Marla

    Hi! I’m from the Philippines. I stumbled upon your website today and your music has been accompanying me while I work. Thank you!

  • Maria Teresa Trangco

    Hi Michael, I’m from the Philippines. I was browsing thru youtube looking for relaxing music and I clicked on your music and I’m hooked. Your creation is just GREAT! I love it. Thank you so much for making such wonderful music and sharing it to the world. Please don’t ever stop what you are doing.

  • Ben Miller

    I love this music, keep it up. I have subscribed to you on youtube, and bookmarked your web page. I am also telling my family and friends about this site. :)

  • Malik

    So my summer goal is to finish writing my book, and I really don’t regret stumbling upon this! You have some serious talent dude!
    I know I’ll finish it now ;)
    Malik from Senegal

  • Isabella

    Hy Michael! I almost lost my motivation to study or to read, but then I found your beautiful light music on youtube. I was never that quick at reading. Thank you very much and keep going! Kind regards from where you have been snowboarding :)

  • Angie

    Love your music! Thank you….

  • Adam

    Michael, I often need music or sound when I am working, but get distracted easily.. Your music if perfect for putting me in a calm, relaxed mood and getting rid of the anxiety. I can get my work done so much quicker now thanks to you.

  • Jo Blaise

    Studying for my finals just got easier. Your music is so calming, my stress level has gone down immensely. Thank you so much.

  • Micha

    Hi Michael, i thank you so much for your music. I love your music. Thank you for your time you spend in this great music.

    Thanks a lot, Micha

  • badge

    Hello Michael, thank you for sharing such an amazing gift. Your music is awesome.

  • etiey


    Thanks for all the tracks man! Really help me in coping with my stress :)

  • Kirsty

    Just amazing so glad I found your site! Thank you

  • Gian Taz

    Hi Michael. I usually listen to relaxation music to go to bed. Sometimes I listen music at work but I switch between relaxation music and country music to get some positivity back. The Internet radio is my best option but I like to have some offline tracks on my MP3 player. I commented your “goodlife page” so I’ll try to not repeat myself here. When I do gymnastics at home I listen Psychedelic Trance music or simply Techno style but the latter is too hard to listen more than a few minutes. I rarely listen music with vocals because they distract me, even if I don’t understand what they say, but I love Era style. And when I drive my car I listen to Pop music on the local radio but I never put CD’s. Shania Twain was one of my favourite artist because I see her as a genuine and unique person. And because I love every style of music I can listen Rap, Classical, Rock, French music, Italian music,…

    What I like in your music is that I rarely want to switch from one track to another. It can occurs when the auditive surprises are missing but it’s not the case with your tunes because they are very rich. Your music is very deep and accurate. The B-side n°8 for example is very sad but I love it because it’s mysterious. The B-side n°10 instead is good for active relaxation but not for sleep because of the bells. I don’t know what is a prefect tune because I suffer from tinnitus and if I can’t find the right tune I play some loop noises from my smartphone. I like the fact that you haven’t named your tunes because the labels can change your own perception but it’s hard to organize my playlists ;-). I need music that can talk to me without words and that gives me the ability to choose my mood, that’s all, and you’re good at this :-)

    I could talk about music for hours and hours but I’m stopping here :-) I will need a lot of time to listen all your tunes accurately… I think that it would take me more time than you spent to create it, damn ! :-)

    Kind Regards.

  • Christopher Claude Dias

    Good day to you,

    Chris from Trinidad (in the Caribbean). Was just searching on YouTube for some relaxing music after a hard days work and I came across one of your videos. I totally enjoyed it. It put me in an peaceful frame of mind. In fact, I also signed up for your newsletter.

    Sometime ago I was playing around with a music production program called FL Studio and I created a song that seems like easy listening music to me. If you get a chance you can check it out at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eN9cueeqHqs. I am by no means a musician. In fact the song is a bit repetitive but I like it.
    Thanks for the effort that you put in to keep people relaxed and sane.

  • arianne

    I love your music it always takes me to a calm serene place and grateful for your gift of beautiful pics and music

  • karsten

    hi, im karsten and i just love your music. I was wondering if you could make a 4 minute song that would really work good for a minecraft server. if you want my skype is zumifamily. it would be really nice if you could. thx

  • Rao

    Great stuff man! rdn004 is just ‘wow’. I thank you for your sheer brilliance. Also do you play the electric guitar? I’ve been looking for relaxing music all over the net since I first listened to ‘Marooned’ by the mighty Pink Floyd. Would love it if you had some tracks. If you already do, could you point out the track names to me? Thanks.
    Love from India

    • Rao

      rdn004 does have the guitar stuff though right?

  • Helena

    HI Michael, hello from India. I was a ardent listener of baroque music and one day i happened to stumble on your records, and have ever since been hearing it. Thanks a lot for your contribution to the music world. I love your music and its my constant companion nowadays, in study, in recreation, in relaxation…..even while on phone i keep this music on and the person on the other side usually asks me what im hearing.:) one of my fav music is what B side N^0 1 starts with. i love it…it brings in an upbeat feel. Thankx again. Let your creativity shine on.

  • Dragan

    Dear Michael, i’m still stuck on B-Sides N°1 for approx. 10 days now.. dont know if i’d ever get bored from it… got it on my ipod and was riding the bike through Vienna with it.. you are a gift to humanity!

  • cherita mcgregor

    Your music is amazing, you have a very gifted soul thanks for sharing it with us.

  • chandel

    the music is just beautiful and so i have downloaded lots of your music for my singing album and hope that is ok with you. the music have inspired me an helps me with my own music that i create. i create my own music myself. im not perfect singer but i got great talent . i recored my music myself. maybe one day my music will become famous.

  • dr.aravind

    hi mic, iam aravind from india …your music is cool,relaxing,..thanking god that he given abilty to make others relax..for you..heartly congrats from my family..


    Bravo! Very nice indeed! Be happy and have fun people ! :) Peace for ever !

  • Harry Chalakyan

    Unbelievable, awesome, well done Michael!!!

  • Elizabeth N

    You create magic. I´m truly impressed and grateful. Keep it up :)

  • Linda Nah

    Hi Michael, I am Linda from Singapore. Love your beautifully light, soothing and really relaxing music. I listen to it at my workplace everyday. It calms an otherwise stressful working environment. God Bless You and keep up the good work ………… Thankful.

  • Angie

    thank you.. i mean thank you so much. You cannot ever BEGIN to realize how much you are helping people. I also thank on behalf of all your fans for making this world a better place. We need more people like you. Peace.

  • Kathryn

    Michael, God has given you a great gift which you use so well. I was searching the web for soft, soothing music when I was transferred to the “you tube” site and the soothing music list. I listened to so many of the choices available and kept coming back to yours. I was looking for background music for a college PowerPoint project and I have hit the jackpot with this one. In fact, I like it so much that I downloaded it to my computer so I can listen to it while I am studying. Keep the music coming and God bless you….

  • Windy

    Hey Michael. I am from Sri Lanka. I accidently found your music in youtube and listned to it. It was amazing. The music could energize me and bring me peace. I have drawn closer to nature eversince. Stay close to nature, listen to the Wind, watch the clouds…I guess the best of music is right around us, if we listen attentively we will find the true beauty of music. And musicians are humans with beautiful souls that bring the music of nature closer to our ears. Keep up the good work. My truly honest wishes for you! God bless you Michael!

  • Frederic – Canada

    Merci pour ce site qui me sert à commencer mes journées dans un esprit positif et serein. Je l’adore….

  • Bianca

    Hi Michael, I’m from Brazil, but I live in Ireland since 2010. I’m very happy to listen your music, because is really inspiring. I’m a musician too, and I think this is what music is all about. Thanks for sharing. :D

  • franhunne4u

    Thank you for your music – wonderful to listen to on a relaxed summer evening.

  • James Lee

    Hello Michael, I’m Jim from the U.S. I was diagnosed 34 years ago with Depression/Anxiety disorder. Only your music, is able to truly ease my most severe depressed episodes, and calm my fears in times of deep anxiety. I give you my thanks… from my heart and soul. God Bless!

  • Christof

    Hi Michael,

    deine großartige Musik und die grandiosen Bilder erleichtern mir das Lernen für mein Staatsexamen sehr. Es ist wunderbar, vom Buch aufzusehen und den Blick auf die grandiosen Landschaften zu richten.

    Vielen Dank!

  • rikaddo

    Hello Michael, I just don’t know what to say. I am an up coming musician based in London. I stumbled over your songs which are my kind of songs. I must say these kind of music is way beyond this world. When playing the song one feels like being in a strange land full of love and peace. The song that starts from 26:25 on Background Music Relaxdaily-B-side No.1 makes your soul travel.l ol
    You are a God sent, please keep it up

  • Michael

    Hey Michael!

    Ganz grosses Kino kann ich da nur sagen. Hab mir soeben die beiden Albend auf iTunes gekauft. Ich lerne für die Anwaltsprüfung und meine Freundin braucht Musik für die Progressive Muskel Relaxion Therapie. Für beides echt super!


    Grüsse aus der Schweiz

  • Hamidnwo

    Hi, Michael.

    Your channel on Soundcloud is great.
    I made it my default home page in the browser.
    Thank you :)

  • Marcus

    Your Music is a Mind Massage….I love it!!!!

  • Ayah

    You are AWESOME!

    Only after listening to your music I began considering music as a way to get inspiration!

    I listen to your music while writing my book and I would be more than glad if you would read it once I am done with it!
    Thank you :)

  • Pam

    Thank you for all the great relaxing music.


    Hello my friend, yes friend because when times are rough you always look forward to something that soothes you and take care of you. Something that nurtures the brain to stay relaxed and focussed for the job on hand and thats what your music does. Your music helps me rejuvenate completely and helps me in giving myself a new direction in rough times. DANKE. I am writing this with your music running in my earphones :)

    I will strongly recommend this music to all my friends ;) as it helps to reconnect with the soul and energize it. I gain my concentration with N047.

    Danke bruder, halten bringt selbst!! ALL the best

  • Michelle

    Beautiful music. Thanks so much!

  • April

    Hello, Michael… Thanks for being an angel of peace spreading calmness and sweetness through your work–Music. ♥ I am going through a very stressful time in my life with exams, personal issues, work issues… and other stuff… and your music helps me relax and stay grounded. Warm hugs to you…♥ May you stay blessed and continue to share your blessings with other humans and make their lives bearable!!

  • Jeff Grossin

    merveilleuse musique, un grand bonheur, merci du fond du coeur


  • http://www.authenticallyucoaching.com/ Ty Queen

    Dear Michael,

    Thank you for gifting the Universe with your music. When I’m preparing to teach a class, coach a client, or in the process of creating or developing “something” I will do it while listening to relaxation music and I will light a single candle. I will also use it for musical meditations and when I’m needing to be transported to my favorite place. You are so generous to have created such beautiful music -that’s free!! Wow!!

    In Peace & Light,

  • Sigurd Longardt

    Pretty good music from a great spirit!
    Thanks that you are here on earth. Thanks that you are like you are and being a great living example of a way of living we urgently need more on earth.
    Thanks for sharing, even free.

    Nevertheless one suggestion I want to give:
    Free Music should use free formats like ‘ogg’ and especially the lossless ‘flac’!
    The paying public should have ‘flac’ as an option of choice, maybe even as standard, despite the fact that many commercial player still can’t play it.
    With your great view of life and generous way of sharing, please support with your great work the free formats and politics (i.e. CC), instead of the formats (and channels) designed to enforce the rude commercial interest of the mainstream industry.
    If it helps you to get more customers just use the commercial channels, you need to pay your bills like everyone, but please use the open and alternative ways of music sharing as well.

  • monicagalaxy

    Your music is amazing. I love everything that you have done and I am going to download it ALL. Keep doing what you’re doing. ~ monicagalaxy

  • Findingmyway

    I have been going through some very tough times personally with some family issues. Some of which are from a divorce and some personal problems from losing both my mom and dad back when I was very young. I was searching on you tube for something relaxing and stumbled on your b-sides n01 track. I was instantly hooked and actually use your music to relax and put me to sleep. I am from the Midwest and will continue to purchase more of your wonderful music through ITunes. My younger son who is 4 listened to it with me and fell asleep too…thank you so much for sharing your wonderful gift of music. I wish you great success!

  • Abeth

    Great music !!!

  • liesi

    hei michael

    i have to tell that i I LOVE YOU and ofcourse your music

    i’m alone at home and my little sister was crying al the time and she don#t wantet to go to bed

    but then i surched for sleeping music and i found this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VpxBTgbeMsw
    when she listened to the first 20 seconds she just where quiet and listened to the music and now she fell asleep

    i don’t know how to thank you

    now i can go to bed to =D
    i’m from germany so my english is#nt very good but i hope you#ll enjoy this message
    please don’t stop to produce this wonderful music

  • Yessa

    Thanks for creating such beautiful music that help us feel relax and at peace. I love instrumental and finding your music is such a blessings. Hope u continue to do this kind of music .. God bless and more power to u

  • cristina

    thank you very much for free downloading of such a heavenly music! you are gifted with a beautiful talent… keep going!!!

  • MM

    Best Relax Music that I heard.
    Great for Study.

  • Jennifer

    Thank you for your beautiful compilations. I had a traumatic accident today and your music helped to relax and ground me! The guitar was very comforting – it felt like my late brother was playing for me. Thank you!

  • Izma Lopez

    I love these musics!! Michael you are a true composer I loooooovvvvveeeeeee you masterpieces!!

  • marc

    @Ken don’t worry Ken, Michael makes 100.000 usd. / year he’s a youtube partner and makes a lot of money through youtube ads :-) i’ll start a youtube chill out channel to, hehe

  • marc

    michael makes 100.000 usd/ year via youtube ads!

  • marc

    love your music :-)

  • Toni

    Thank you, Michael. The music helps to calm me down inside, my muscles that seem to be on automatic tense up mode. I love this music. Glad I found you. Keep it up; calming us down!

  • devrie

    Thanks for your music. It calms and gets away disturbing and negative thoughts from the mind or makes it easy to be friends with them. It really helped to concentrate on my paper which I’m trying to write for a long time. Indeed it helps to concentrate on oneself deep inside in a positive side.

  • carlos

    hi michael, im carlos from ecuador and i normally don’t write reviews or leave messages but this is an exception. i deeply enjoyed your video clip and tunes. It help me to calm down my anxiety and feel in peace. Thanks a lot. keep going.

  • Renette

    Fabulous work. Love ur music. Keep up the creativity. If only I had discovered your music sooner!
    Thank u….

  • Creene

    Hi Michael, like soooo many others, I just want to thank you for your beautiful music and videos. I was about to lose my sanity when I stumbled across you on You Tube – listening to your music brought me back from the brink :0) You are blessed with a talent, and you are a blessing to the world! Keep on doing what you’re doing, I don’t have any suggestions for what you could do to make it any better, whatever you are doing it works perfectly fine for me. Thank you. xx

  • maucantor

    Your work make my work easier. Greetings from Brazil!

  • Lolaedz

    Thank you sooh much for your generosity of sharing great relaxing music.. this is just what I need! This is my first visit to your site..may I know if you have Christian hymns too?

  • Akmal

    Just wanna say that your music really touches my soul..indeed its true. Keep up a good work!!

  • http://www.authenticallyucoaching.com/ Ty Queen

    Hi Michael. I’m a recent subscriber and am utterly amazed by your work. The visuals in France and Italy are breath taking. I have found that I am actually able to place myself among the landscape and feel more present. This is my question, do you have any videos on YouTube that’s a bit “less musical” with those stunning visuals but less instrumental and more nature sounds? I would love to be use your videos for guided imagery; however, I’m challenged by the piano background music because it doesn’t feel authentic to the landscape. So, is it possible to remove the instruments and allow us to hear what you heard when you were there? Perhaps this already exists and I have yet to come across it.

    Lastly, I can’t thank you enough for what you bring to this world. Thank you!


  • Murilo

    Michael incredible tunes. Amazing job. I ve just found your channel.
    Keep doing this because you have an amazing talent. Im going to use your tunes for working and studying.
    I am kind of distract person, i need something to get my attention for studying or working is going to be very helpful for me .
    best regards

  • Sambuddha Karmakar

    Pristine instrumental effects mesmerzing its listeners……..

  • Harris

    Hey Michael, I really love your nature playlist. Beautiful photos and outstandingly relaxing music to go with it. It helped brighten my day up! Thank you so much for what you do!

  • Chandra Segaran Nair

    Hi Dear Michael

    I happened to be in Slideshare watching SNOWDROP video presentation and noticed it has been uploaded in You Tube too.So clicked my way into You tube and came across your “Beautiful Light music-easy smooth inspirational long playlist”,so I checked out and found it truly sweet and pleasant music to my ear able to enjoy it silently.Great work continue developing more and more such musical videos……GOD BLESS YOU.

  • Erik Balajadia Yuzon

    Hi Michael, Im Mr. Erik Balajadia from Cabanatuan City, Nueva Ecija, Philippines. I love your music! In fact, every time that we have a client here in my SPA (HOKUETSU Palm Massage Clinic) I always PLAY your Music…Thank you so much Michael for these Great musical creations! http://www.fb.com/MASSAGECABANATUAN

  • Nguyen Trung

    rdN°25 is cool

  • françois

    Hello Michael,merci de nous faire partager cette belle inspiration musicale,et visuelle avec des vidéos de très bonne qualités,très agréable à écouter merci et belle continuité,salutations du Sud de la FRANCE,françois.

  • Ann

    I hade posted somewhere on your website but just saw a guestbook button so I might post here again :)

    Beautiful Music Ever!!! I’m quite stressfull with my mum has got cancer
    now I’m keep listening to your music everyday, your music is sooting and
    cheer me up to fight with it. Thank you so much :)

  • Johannes

    Just stumbled upon your great work through youtube…awesome. Thank you.

  • Allan

    Excellent work! You made my day :)

  • Marusia Cernat

    Hy Michael! Today I find your Youtube playlists. Are amazing. Thank you for your work. Are very good for study too… :)

  • Rocco

    Your music though electronic brings out what it means to be human, to be natural, free and to be apart of the world. I commend you on your hard work, talent and creative ideas. Well done!

  • Lyudmila (Russian)

    Thank you very much for the beautiful music.

  • hi

    YOUR MUSIC IS REALLY COOL :P keep going and YEAH :D

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  • Kristiar Fachry

    Hi Michael, I’ve really enjoyed
    listening and watching your videos everyday. Very well done! You are very
    talented. Keep doing what you’re doing! Greetings from Jakarta Indonesia

  • AJ. Lamb

    Hi Michael, I’m from the Island of Borneo, and I direct Music Videos from Time to time. I’m thinking of producing a film called “Urban Oaisis” which Highlights the natural wonder of our city and i think some of your music would be fantastic for the video. im just wondering, if the shoot comes off, how we would arrange things with the music.
    Its really great what your doing. keep up the great work.

  • Salila

    Love to hear music. Absolutely wonderful, lovely and rhythmic. What I can say more, they are absolutely beautiful pieces of work.

  • Eva from Slovenia

    wow, i really respect you !! keep going! :))))

  • Othmane

    I am very satisfied with your relaxation music accompanied the natural landscape, I recently noticed the non-publication of your new musical creations. In fact the latter is found on your website video (Thank you!). Is it simply a delay, suspension or a problem on your website?

  • Dogband

    Hi Michael, this incredible visual and audiotory masterpieces that you have created are being enjoyed in the far reaches of East Tennessee. Thank you so much, do not change a thing. We are enjoying your creations as we open our doors and enjoy the cooling temps coming to our mountains. You have blessed my wife and me, and I give you my thanks. ron PS, I am a big fan of David Helpling, especially the Sleeping on the Edge of the World. His pieces are very enjoyable due to the ambient nature, long pauses with deep echos, etc.

  • Nishitkumar

    Hey man…You are great.Your music makes my every morning…I am fascinated by your Creativity.
    I just want to thank you…Excellent Music and composition…Hats off….God bless you…Keep it up.

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  • Joshua

    I think almost everybody who visited this website do enjoy and love the beautiful side of music, which i guess Michael made something beyond that, Michael grabbed our feelings, he changed our feelings from either Happy, Sad or Angry to calm, and quiet, there isn’t many producers or composers who can do this, but i surely see Michael have achieved, keep up the good work.

  • Ben

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    Thank you, Michael! I discovered your compilation this week on youtube and came every night to the webpage, simply because it is a pleasure to listen. Today I bought the album from Amazon. I never leave feedback there, but I had to do it for you. You deserve it milion times!
    Great music! The first sounds have caught me in a way that I wish to come back again and again to listen.
    Will it be available also with the moving pictures? It is a great idea to attach video etudes.
    Thank you again and good luck!

  • Eric Bray

    Hi Michael,
    This is Eric in Chengdu. I teach in an IB preschool and have 2 classes of 2+ year olds. I am constantly looking around for great relaxing and inspirational music to play to my students during inquiry time. Your music totally hits the spot! Thank you for sharing your gift and…….THANX from China!!
    Eric Bray

  • Kandoon

    Exactly the type of background music I was looking for. The soft instrumentals are a great help when working. Easily worth money, so time to check out iTunes.

  • Nico

    wow Michael – Thank you for such a precious piece of modern music! I immediately got calmed down but in such a peaceful way that I just couldn’t go by without leaving you a thankful comment. It’s absolutely beautiful how your music creates this lovely atmosphere and just makes recreation for yourself possible at every moment. You did a fantastic job there – and I like to see you living nearby since I’m from Wuppertal. Makes me happy to know good musicians around.
    Keep up creating such amazing music and enjoy the now so fast coming season – snowboarding is a great thing ;) Ride on! Cheers, Nico

  • Mark

    3 days ago I was looking for relaxing music as I just had it with my day and wanted to relax. Here I find myself searching on youtube for hour and it was not my day for relaxing, yet once I found your page 5 seconds of music hit the spot so much that while I was relaxing my family found themselves sitting on the couch and relaxing along with me. Imagine the surprise I got when I open my eyes to find them asking what that was. My nephew is autistic and he gives us war day in and day out! It has been 3 days since we’ve started listening to your music and my nephew has not given us any trouble and we are all very well relaxed when we get home. We are a galaxy family and we’ve purchased all your music. Thank you for giving us a piece of mind.

    The Devinion Family.



  • Pauline

    Your music is truely beautiful, easy to listen to and very calming. My head is very messed up right now but listening to your music quietens my mind. Thank you so much

  • sinergia

    Caro Michael la tua musica è davvero ben costruita, anzi aggiungo che anche a mio compagno che di solito non sopporta come dice lui le “lagne” che ascolto durante lo Yoga l’ascolta ed davvero piaciuta. Continua cosi Perfect!! Hi Sinergia

  • Alice

    Hey, Michael! I’m subscribed to Tiffany Alvord and saw she liked your video, so I decided to check it out. I’ve never been into that whole “relaxation music” thing, but your channel is really good. I can’t believe that you make all this music yourself! Your music really did its job. I felt very calm and relaxed while listening. You are a genius!

  • Tammy

    Hi Michael, I stumbled across your video on you tube and I must say I have never felt at such peace when listening to your music. I started reading a new book yesterday called A Return to Love by: Marianne Williams and the when I was reading I was listening to your music. The book is very powerful along with listening to the smoothly music. It was if I was in the presence of the white protective light that we all carry inside. I have no words to describe the feeling I had other than I cried most of the day. Not a sad cry but a cry as if I knew at that moment that is a much greater force up above that is always with us. I have not purchased a CD in years and this morning I purchased yours. I can’t wait for it to come in as this CD has a lot of meaning for me. I wanted to share my experience with you and others to let you know that your music moves people beyond you know. You are blessing in this world and for that I am grateful. I hope you have a wonderful day and I look forward to listening to more.
    Conroe, Texas

  • Cupcake

    Hi i Am a fan but I need a song that we’ll. put me to Sleep at bed time

  • Nadia

    Hello Michael, thank you for the music you create. I love it very much. I think many people who listen to your music fill up with relax, peace and inner joy. When I’m home I switch on youtube channel playlist with your music and enjoy it all the time. I bought all your 3 CD’s to have your music in mp3 player while I’m on my journey to another places. I liked your track No.67. Hope to see it on CD soon. I wish you good luck and hope you’ll bring joy to our lives with your new music. (Nadia, Russia)

  • Erika :-)

    I am sending you “nice smile”….good luck..(Slovakia girl)

  • Tracey

    Hi. I live in Florida and have been experiencing sleepless nights…until ai stumbled upon your website and music. Thank you I am sleeping very well now. Cheers! ;)

  • cesar Q.

    Hola Michael, yo soy de México supongo que no entenderás lo que te escribo aquí, ya que te lo digo en español mi idioma natal. la verdad tu música es maravillosa, yo diría que angelical, el planeta necesita de personas con una inspiración como la tuya para lograr un verdadero cambio espiritual a nivel mundial, bendiciones…

  • Yenni

    Hey Michael

    I just need your music!
    sometimes I’m nervous and can’t calm down or on other days I just need calm music in the background to be able to study!!
    And sometimes I just need some solacing music that makes me feel better.

    It helps me so much in my life!

    Thank you and please don’t stop creating such wonderful music!!

    Greetings from a student in Germany! :)


  • Stefan

    Hi Michael,

    your music is awesome. Really good job!
    A few minutes ago, I wanted to go to bed. But now – I don´t want to miss a minute of your compilations.
    So, I directly added your website to my favorites.

    Thank you so much.

    Relaxing greetings from Lüneburg to Köln.

  • Elvie

    Hi Michael))) I am from Russia! I love your music. I wish you a lot of inspiration))) I love you! Thank you!

  • Petter Zugaib

    Simply awesome tracks! I`have been listening to your recordings most of the time I am working (I work online) and it`s been a very uplifting moment ervytime I listen to. Thank you!

  • elif

    Hi Michael, like many others I also found you on youtube just now… and wanted to say:
    Thank You/Tack/Tesekkur ederim,
    elif e (Istanbul)

  • Minjae

    Hi Michael, your music is amazing. I’ve been struggling a lot with anxiety and stress so much to the point of mental and physical breakdown. I just discovered this website through YouTube and found your mixes so calming and helpful. Just wanted to say thank you for your wonderful work. Looking very forward to more as a fan!

  • MK

    Hi Michael, your music is amazing. I’ve been struggling a lot with anxiety and stress so much to the point of mental and physical breakdown. I just discovered this website through YouTube and found your mixes so calming and helpful. Just wanted to say thank you for your wonderful work. Looking very forward to more as a fan!

  • Rainer

    Awesome music. I probably wouldnt have a degree if it wasn’t for you. Thanks

  • bam

    i would love to see a “behind the scene” video, while you recording, playing or composing your music. keep up!
    btw. my most prefered video is n°56 with the video in Saxon “Swiss”

  • Amy

    Thank you for the beautiful music. It has been my background music while doing homework as well as at work. This relaxation music is the best. Keep up the amazing work. Looking forward to more!

  • fairlybethy

    Hi! I live in the US, and I absolutely love your music. I use it for studying, relaxing, sometimes for sleeping if I’ve had a really bad day and can’t stop stressing. I think your music is important, especially in the US culture which is a go, go, go culture in which it is hard to stop and enjoy what you have. I find myself getting stuck or thrust into that culture because I’m juggling college and a job, but as I’ve been sucked more and more into it I’ve started taking little things and magnifying them until I am embracing life, moments of embrace. I walk through the leaves, or stare at a flower, drink chocolate milk in a wine glass because I can. This music aligns with those moments of embrace, I can feel the tension leave momentarily from my body and my mind stop. I can breathe. My goal is to increase those moments of embrace until it is the normality, rather than the exception. At any rate, thank you. I’m also hoping I can create my own music soon, since I am taking piano classes, that would be fun.

    Always looking for reasons to be in awe of my Creator.

  • Lola

    Hello from Singapore! We are a group of college students who chanced upon your ‘Beautiful Light Music’ video on youtube, and we think it is perfect as the background instrumental for the short video we are making for a mini film competition, so we would like to seek your permission to use a small part of the music for a short segment of about a minute, and we would definitely credit you, is it possible? Our teacher can send you an email with more precise details. It would be a great help, thankyou!

  • Trisha Lynn

    Hello from Arizona. I found your music while searching for instrumental, inspirational and relaxing music. Yours is perfect. I love to listen to it while I’m painting or doing quiet work. It helps me to relax and focus. Thank you for such beautiful work. ~ Trisha Lynn

  • oetje

    what a wonderful relaxing music!!! thank you so much….I really enjoy your music

  • mano

    RDN 005 is the best

  • chavan

    I like your creation. Downloaded one for myself. you can add video (not just slide show)

  • Mart

    Awesome tracks 007 and 016!

  • Jenny Rivera

    At work and stumbled upon your youtube video where I was intrigued and went onto your site. Great Music to enjoy, relax and even work through. Thank you
    for letting me finish another day in a relaxed state of mood :)

  • Kesava Moorthy

    Hi Michael, Liked your beautiful relaxation musics and gone through “about you”. Wow what a beautiful life.
    But I wanted to know do you feel satisfied with the life and feel relaxed? Because we always think of relaxation and satisfaction, only if we miss it. If you have time please share your feelings.
    As you asked in site I am giving the music I liked most : Yatri – saroja ( by Prem Joshua) link : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eRaD5YIphLc
    While I was in stress and anxiety I have tried several methods to get relieved and with those tips I made a video in you tube.

  • JP

    Hi, Michael — thank you sincerely for your terrific music. I’m an aspiring screenwriter in southern California, and your music is just what I needed. On my last screenplay, I got into the pool every afternoon and felt inspired listening to the wind chime, but it’s too cold now to hop in the pool, so I was having more trouble getting the creativity flowing. Something possessed me yesterday to look on youtube for “smooth jazz” and your creations came up. As it happens, I first listened to them while staring at the fire, and voila! I found my new source of inspiration. The closing scenes of my current work had seemed so impossible to bring into focus, but after listening and watching the fire for a couple of hours, I’ve seen things in a new light and the end of the film will be one of many highlights, rather than the strained denouement I was expecting. Please know that people are listening and you’re making a wonderful difference. Jean-Pierre

  • Minsoo Kim

    Hi Michael youre music is very relaxing and just loving it, keep making good songs!

  • Terri

    Im a florist, i listen to your music while im working, i feel it is so amazing with your music on all day long. I have a very tiny small n messy flower shop, however, your music seems ‘upgrading’ my atmosphere here, the entire shop has become an more elegant place now :} thanks for the great music!

  • Nada

    Michael I love your music…I play the harp myself…I hope I could compose music like that one day…Greetings from Egypt :)

  • Guest

    I love your music, it helps me and a lot of other people out. What you could do better? Nothing, just keep up the good work!

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  • Ekoro

    Your music are flawless, almost perfect. Each time i’m listening to them, i’m dreaming of wonderful landscapes, and stuff like that. Your songs are taking me away from this world for a little bit, and i’m so glad to listen to them. Keep going and making those kind of musics, you’re awesome !


    I intend to share your site on my face book page. I googled relaxation music and came across your music. I am so pleased. What a pleasure to escape, be taken away on a visual experience of peace, while still completing paper work. I appreciate your soul-filled, exhaling, freeing music! Sincerely

  • Vicky

    hey this is vicky from India..thank you for your music you made, your music is just an outstanding, simply WOW, just love it. God bless you and keep doing good work :)

  • Markus

    Hi Michael, ich spreche meinen zutiefsten Dank aus für dein Bemühen und deine Hingabe entspannende Musik zu machen. Du bist ein Engelwesen und leistet hier einen liebevollen Beitrag. Ich hoffe du kannst bald nach Hause gehen und deine wahren Freunde wieder sehen :) Ich sehe dich, ich schätze dich, ich liebe dich! Namaste :)

  • Los Santos Landscape

    Hi Michael. I’m from Germany and we all love your music. The places, which are in the videos, are awesome. I hope to travel there in some years ; )

  • Juan Jimenez

    Hello MIchael. There are quite a few songs that I truly love from you, such as N. 5, N. 25, N.26, or N. 72; my very favorite one is N. 69. All of your songs release my imagination to a wonderful world, but N. 69 is just awesome: makes me dream of peace, love, acceptance, relaxation, life, just like all of your songs, but this one is just beautiful.

    Excellent music. Thanks a lot.

    The “Thank You” song is for you.
    – JJ

  • SH

    There is certain kind of music that makes my heart tender
    and full of love, makes me feel that life is beautiful and hopeful, and makes me
    think of home—California, the coast, the sky, and the ocean. Your music has accompanied me through the difficulties of my life. Thanks with lots of love.

  • SH

    I also want to thank you for the beautiful Thank You piece. I love the warm feeling and sentiment. Thanks for the moment to connect with my soul through your creative work.

  • Tanmoy

    Terrific., soothes me, calms me down.

  • Em

    Thank you so much for your wonderful music. I encountered it looking for music to help me sleep, since I had much trouble sleeping for weeks. Every piece is just so amazing and makes me feel as if I’m traveling to a different world. Thank you again!

  • Bernard Jacob

    Hi Michael, I discovered your music just a few minutes ago. Beautiful! I am leaving now but I will be back when I have more time to go over all of your pieces. Thank you.

  • Spyro260

    This is amazing

  • Spyro260

    I fall asleep in an instant and can’t wake up! This is great stuff, n°001 is my fav!

  • ahnaf

    Hi, …i am from Indonesia, i like relax music, i hear every day everytime especially night….. thank you

  • Jana

    Hello! My name is Jana and I come from Slovenia… I was searching for some relaxating music and look, I found it… I must say that I am very enthusiastic about your music… I really like it A LOT… And I think that this also helps… For example, I take a bath, put some candles around the tub, put some eteric oil in the water and put some relaxating music on… This is so refreshable and it gives you strenght for the whole next week… With new year, Im also starting running and I will use this music also for streching and relaxation after a run… So thank you so so much and I wish you to stay inspired… Greetings :)

  • Kp Singh

    Hi there thanks for making these Music today i searched for some background instrumental music and found yours on soundcloud and believe me it was playing all day and i didn’t even notice how my day goes off smoothly . Once again thanks for sharing keep it up will really buy when i am able to :)

  • Kanishk

    Great Job! God bless You!

  • Isaiah

    Hi Michael i love your music thank you very much , i believe that now is the time for you to produce healing music why not? i’m musician as you i would like to to invite you to record music in A = 444 hz healing music of the ancient solfeggio scale. try it and you will feel the difference take care and happy new year.
    e-mail me if you have comments or concerns.

  • Sati Inafuku

    Hello Michael.

    I am a Brazilian of Sao Paulo. In this city of so many movements, his music makes me relax… His sensibility brought me one more possibility to glimpse what exists inside me and the beauty in the world. With much gratitude to his donation, I always want much love and inspiration!

    Music suggestion: also I like a touch of xamanic. That suggests an incorporation with the forest and the wild animals.

    I will be always listening to his soul! Thank you very much!!!

  • Janet

    Hey, Michael! I love your music! It really helps me focus when I’m studying. You’re awesome!

  • Varuna

    Hello Michael, I am from India. I must say your music is addictive! I am a research student and you must be knowing how stressful it can get. I was looking for some light music to help myself relax while studying research papers!!! and i came across this beautiful piece from you uploaded on feb 2013 with the video of grass waving at a sea coast. I just loved the video and could stare at it for ages literally imagining myself at the coast. Awesome keep up the good work and give us some more amazing stuff. I don’t know if you are familiar with our language hindi but this is what a pepsi campaign screamed out few years ago and I am using this phrase for your music. “Michael, Yeh Dil mange more”. Try to figure out what it means otherwise I will help you translate. ROCK ON with your LIGHT MUSIC!!! GOOD LUCK.

  • David

    I discovered your music by chance, the day before my final exam in my college Statistics class. It helped me tremendously to relax and focus while studying, so much so that I made sure to listen to it for another forty minutes right before the exam. I used to be one of the last ones to finish an exam, but this time I was one of the first and I scored over a 100%. THANK YOU!

  • Mandy

    Your musics just make me feel being closed to the nature, to the peace and to the most simple way of life..
    I do like your conception of life that i can feel through your musics. Nowadays, it’s becoming more and more difficult to stop for a while to feel, to enjoy, to appreciate and to listen to the sounds of the nature and of our life. but I am sure that who likes your musics can understand perfectly how positive, powerful and inspiring your creations are ;)

  • Sathya

    Really awesome music. I came to this site by accident in the morning and now I am bookmarking it.
    Have given me super company whole day in work. Keep at it and keep doing good work. :)

  • A. R. Q.

    Hey, there! I’ve listened to various artists and kept coming back to you music…I LOVE IT!!!!! It is so calming and inspiring! Thank you and keep up the good work!

  • Guest

    I am so glad I found your music at the right time, during my 4th year at University last year. It’s tremendously helped me get through studying and projects. The music is so perfect that it gives me chills every time I listen to it. I always play it in the background when I am working or about to go to sleep, it really takes you to a whole another world. Good luck for the future, and please keep making good music :)

  • Nav

    I am so glad I found your music at the right time, during my 4th year at University last year. It’s tremendously helped me get through studying and projects. The music is so perfect that it gives me chills every time I listen to it. I always play it in the background when I am working or about to go to sleep, it really takes you to a whole another world. Good luck for the future, and please keep making good music :)

  • Megan

    Beautiful music. I run women empowerment workshops and use this as my music for NLP activities and meditation. Thank you for sharing your musical talents with us. It is a blessing.

  • Rose

    Hai Michael, today as i browse to youtube i saw this title. The title itself inspired me to listen to it and as i listen to this music..it is so amazing..you are talented. God bless you always!

    • Rose

      by the way.. I a from east Malaysia..is it ok if i use your music to my presentation? Thank You

  • lee dong-seop

    I saw this site.
    I really have a break to enjoy the music.
    We’re listening to you frequently visit.
    Thus it’s hard in this world, the music is being able
    I think that I am happy.
    What will happen to the future, but he died before the hard
    If you have a happy.
    South Korea was the dongseop.

  • Heather B. LeBreton

    I am so grateful that I stumbled upon your Beautiful Light Music video Ocean Breeze. I was looking for some soft instrumental music to meditate to and came across your music. What a blessing. It’s so soothing to my soul and right now I need as much of that as possible. Please continue creating your music and making magic. Blessings….Heather :)

  • now and here
  • sonia

    complimenti sei una bella persona uso la tua musica per meditare e vne sono entusiasta

  • eneias

    I loved all the musics. Amazing, wonderfull. Tks so much. Congrats from Eneias Xavier BRAZIL.

  • Sassy

    i love your playlists! your music is THE reason i get homework and studying done. and it’s super crazy because i always have a crazy amount of homework… would you consider making a playlist that has a little mix of R&B into it & still have the music be as amazing as it is? ehehe just an idea.. anyways, LOVE LOVE LOVE.

  • Natalie

    This makes me realize life is always as beautiful as these vibrations in the air. And whenever I forget the world is meant to be full of happiness..I always come to this page. Thank you. Greetings from Nashville!

  • Claire

    Wonderfully relaxing music – many thanks <3

  • UR1sweetp

    I just found your music on youtube and loved it so much I went straight to ITunes and bought all 5 of your offerings – love it!!! We have a sound system with speakers throughout the house – what a great way to set the tone! Worth every penny – keep making beautiful music!

  • Jennie

    I’m amazed by your music. I used to play the piano, and like simple but inspirational music. Definitely I love nature too, and just look around and connect with creation! You are awesome, thank you so much!!!

  • yin

    Hello,your music found me when I needed it most.And it has been my favorite tune ever since.I want to thank you.And I hope that you could keep on inspiring others:)

  • Jackson

    Hallo, I am Jackson From Malaysia. I love your music very much and it is very relax while listening to your music. Thanks for all.

  • Miguel

    Hallo Michael,

    Ich habe deiner Musik vor knapp vier Monate entdeckt und ich muss sagen dass ich immer noch von deine Lider begeistert bin wie auf dem ersten Tag.Hallo Michael,

    Ich bin Miguel, eine Spanicher Designer in der Nahe von deinem zu Hause.

    Ich hatte deiner Musik vor knapp vier Monate entdeckt als ich mich in einer Stress Fase mich befand (wo ich dank deiner Musik Tag und Nacht durch arbeiten könnte) und ich muss sagen, dass ich immer noch von deinem Lider völlig begeistert bin wie auf dem ersten Tag.

    Danke für die Musik, man kann Unterstützung von Freunde, Familie oder von irgendwas anderes haben… aber manchmal brauch man Momente für sich selbst, brauch man Ruhe, die mit die Lieder die ich von dir bis hierher gehört habe viel schöner wird.

    Beste Grüße.


  • Miguel

    Hallo Michael,

    Ich bin Miguel, eine Spanicher Designer in der Nahe von deinem zu Hause.

    Ich hatte deiner Musik vor knapp vier Monate entdeckt als ich mich in einer Stress Fase mich befand (wo ich dank deiner Musik Tag und Nacht durch arbeiten könnte) und ich muss sagen, dass ich immer noch von deinem Lider völlig begeistert bin wie auf dem ersten Tag.

    Danke für die Musik, man kann Unterstützung von Freunde, Familie oder von irgendwas anderes haben… aber manchmal brauch man Momente für sich selbst, brauch man Ruhe, die mit die Lieder die ich von dir bis hierher gehört habe viel schöner wird.

    Beste Grüße.


  • NoemiA

    Thanks for making such relaxing and calming soundtracks! I’ve recently stumbled upon it, and I haven’t regret hitting play ever since!

  • MET

    Nice Music Michael. I am a yoga teacher from Luxemburg. Thanks for the Relaxation and…Keep up the good vibes. :)

  • M.D.N.R

    I love your music it makes me feel great thank you alot wish you all best, I am from middle east.

  • Brian

    Hi, this Brian from Kenya. I really enjoy your tunes…only if i had your talent man…keep it up

  • Czeslav

    Hi Michel, I’m from Poland. Your music is very inspiring. I love work and listen your music. I wish You all the best !!!.

  • Fatigue listener

    Hi Michael, I’m from Holland. Since about a year now I enjoy the music on a regular basis. With chronic fatigue that is joy to listen too and relaxes the mind. Thank you.

  • Matt

    I listen to help the stress, happiness and motivation in my life. Thank you Michael

  • O.R.K

    Hi Michael. I’m just writing here to praise you for the awesome music you create. I’m truly glad that I’ve found this website. One question I wanted to ask : what instrument do you play exactly? I guess its piano. One more question : Do you have any plans to sell the music sheets for these great tracks. Thank you again for these great tracks. God bless you

  • Beto

    Hello Michael, we’ve exchanged a few words and you know how much I appreciate your masterpieces. Your work brings peace and relaxation, indeed, to thousands of people. This is your contribution to the world, to mankind. I guess you have this mission of changing people to better people by watching your videos as well as listening to these wonderful pieces of music. Thanks for everything you’ve done so far. Best regards from Beto, from Brazil. I will see you in Canada sometime! :D

  • Birte

    I love your music! I need something that helps me focus at work – so I looked for “concentration music”. And your playlist is amazing. Sometimes, I look at the videos, too. Wow, what can I say – beautiful! Thanks for providing such precious moments :-) Energizing little breaks..

  • Peter

    Cheers to you from Slovenia and Crroatia. Your music is fantastic. THANK YOU FOR DOING WHAT YOU ARE DOING

  • Vitaly Portnih

    No comments.. 100 times Awesome! :)) Thank you for you creations. World really need such light, that comes from your music. Keep it up!

  • Shubham

    hey Michael ……. bro u r doing a great job ….. this music u create, jst amazing ….. love it alot.
    keep it up !! :)

  • LoveLifeLoveCat

    Hi Michael, It’s Joy from YouTube! I LOVE all your music, keep up the good work and I will surely purchase some of your awesome book. <3

  • Kam

    Hi Michael, I love your beautiful photography and music, especially the Californian coastline, that’s my favourite! :-) I’m actually a spiritual teacher and therapist and would like to ask if you have created any deep relaxation music, royalty free, so that I could use it on videos and possibly a guided meditation cd? Thanks, Kam

  • Rhett

    Hello Michael. My name is Rhett, (As I’m sure you had read!) I am fifteen years old, and plan to be a composer as a profession. Your music is the ideal sound I would like to create with my instrument, the piano. I would like to possible have a collaboration of our music. Though being of my young age and lack of proper equipment, I feel that I wouldn’t be much of a benefit to you. I am willing to wait however long needed for my requirements to meet the standard. Though if you would like to talk more about this idea, or simple just speak to me, message me on my Facebook preferably, though I’ll be checking for any reply often on this site. Goodbye. And continue creating such magnificent music!



    great staff bro..salut from HOLLY LAND :)

  • Brenda

    I just love listening to your music; I found “Beautiful Light Music” on You Tube. it is very relaxing and makes me feel at peace. Thank you so much for posting it!

  • Nishant

    Real malodious music i ever here from non indian guy for relaxing purpose may be creating songs in hindi movie please think about it We indian have jatin lalit music directors but that pair is no more now but from hearing your music you keep reminding of them. Great music.Songs from real different beautiful world.

  • Diana

    Hi Michael, I will join those who praise you for your work. I found your songs today with a simple youtube search, while preparing to put some music on in order to draft an application for a job. Your music is not the kind that makes you relax too much and lose focus for study work. This suits me.

    You seem a person who transpires your passion through your daily activities. In a world where the split is huge between professional and personal life, where work is a way to earn money even when not loving the content of the work, I am glad that people who combine passion with work/job still exist :). The more, the merrier.

  • Jennifer

    Your music is such a inspiration. I really just need to chill at night (or in the morning, or at pretty much anytime I can) and this is the best music for that in the history of relaxing music.
    Thank you for making my life more relaxed!

  • Cris

    Thanks genius, the best for you.. i apreciated your melody’s by the cause, justice and love! Genio.

  • anthony

    your music is beautiful seriously such a wonderful mix of music I love it thankyou for making these songs :)

  • Haseena

    Amazing…. :-)…. Free Flowing…..

  • Amankulova Tolgonay

    Hi, Michael! i fell in love with your music. you are very talented. thank you.

  • Keren Cowell

    Hi there. Im Keren and Im from the Isle of Man in the British Isles[Not in the u.k as many think!]. Like many others, I too came across you on youtube, while I was looking for soothing music that would help me relax as this is a serious problem for m as I have a literally hypoactive brain that never switches off. I have issues with anxiety, panic attacks and other metal associated issues which affect my moods and state of mind . Hae read your mindfood features and like you have found that an awful lot of the so -called relaxation music comes with often a lot of thud thud type sounds which okay may serve a purpose to someone but I would tink that when you ar trying to de-stress , wind your brain don and relax properly, this is the very ast thng you want to hear. So to actuall find PROPER relaxing music that you can liste to without feeling wore than before you put it on and that youcan have quiet when you want it just tickling in the background but then again can play a bit louder when you want to listen intently, and either way still feel totally chilled enough to calm your head is WONDERFUL! s my daughter has special needs/learning dificulties and a hypa brain also, I put the music on for her and she loves it and it helps her calm down also. Have put your youtube music on at the provision I attend for those with various mentally disabiling issue such a depression, anxiety, panic issues, bi polar, brain injuredand others and they all think its such calming music that they always ask me t bring my laptop in so we can put it on! so think that your music ought to be regulation issue to those with ‘head isssues’! So a huge thank you from the Isle of Man……..Keren

  • Bảo Trân

    Hi :)
    I have just watch your video on YouTube :) I LIKE IT
    there are so many compliments here :)
    i think i don’t need to repeat it :) SO I visit you web, and only want to say HELLO :P
    fighting and have more great video :)

  • Clarisse

    Your music is so beautiful and relaxing. You must have a very beautiful soul. Thanks for sharing and for putting your talent in the world :)

  • Nimal

    Hi, I am from Sri Lanka, I found your site while surfing for some music which I can use for relaxing. Your creations were a “one-stop- solution” for all my requirements !. I invite you to visit my country, I am sure you will be inspired by its beauty and you will definitely create some great music there while enjoying the natural sites.( nimal.milano@yahoo.com)

  • Kyanne

    I love your music! Especially when doing my assignment and studying for tests, your music always keep my mind refreshed. Thank you for the great music!

  • Ivan

    The music of yours are soo beautiful <3

  • Tim

    Hi Michael, I’m from Chicago. I streamed your channel to find peaceful tunes while studying. As a student, your style really keeps me focused. Please continue to have your music displayed in order for other students that desire to find music like me to help them study! You rock, man!

  • Tim

    Hi Michael, I’m from Chicago. I streamed your channel to find peaceful tunes while studying. As a student, your style really keeps me focused. Please continue to have your music displayed in order for other students that desire to find music like me to help them study! You rock, man!

  • Anita

    I was wondering if there is a way that you could make a 2 hour video with music like the 2 hour ones on you tube, but have it like the video in the Relaxing Instrumental Music – Glacier Point view – relaxdaily N°077?

  • Anita

    I love your music, it is extremely relaxing, I love the video with sound of the waves, it is relaxing to hear the nature and see the pictures with the music. It extreamly helpful with my homework and studying. Thank you!

  • Anne

    Hi Michael, thank you for your music. I enjoy listening your music. This is Anne.

  • Ginela

    I know this is unconventional for a lady but…will you marry me? Pretty please with batting eyelashes? (: <3

  • Jullian Gonzales Sebrero

    Well composed music choices and a nice preference on scenery as if like the music mixes well with the swaying plants on a lush plain. Very soothing :)

  • Paulette K

    I also came across your youtube channel. Loving your work and creativity. I was looking for a screensaver type video to play on my Chrome Cast for my tv. I instantly became a fan. :) I am relaxing.Thank You.

  • Michael Mamdouh

    i would like to say one word describing all i am feeling right now MAN YOU HAVE FASCINATING SENSE
    by the way my name is Michael too .
    i adore your work .
    continue .
    love and respect from Egypt .
    i think the point is that you love what you do
    Jesus bless u

  • wounded

    This, is TRULY relaxing music, that’s what it is. Sometimes I’m amazed what sort of music is tagged as relax…some of them make me even nervous :) And, as I listen to yours, and think of your message “relaxdaily”, I realize the importance of true relaxing, daily. Great vision, great lifestyle. Keep on doing what you’re doing, I wish a lot of followers.

  • Patti

    Your music is so beautiful and so peaceful is what I need and I have been listening it all the time now for the last two weeks since I found you. I love the ocean which I been missing it so much. Thank you so much! Blessings!

  • Alex

    Hi Michael, my name Alex, I am from Russia. First time I have heard your music on you tube, then have come on your website, I enjoy very much your music and your creativity, you have remarkable sensation of music, I will tell you fairly and truthfully you are genius! I wish you the best and new musical creative victories!

  • Carol

    Hi Michael,
    I am Carol from Canada. I absolutely love your California coast video and music! I do my TaiChi practice to it every day.

  • Charmaine

    Michael, stumbled on your beautiful music in a desperate attempt to find something to listen to in the background while working on assignments and studying (something that I couldn’t sing along to and get distracted by). Your music is just what I needed. Keeping the nerves calm and the concentration where it should be. I’m also an insufferable insomniac and I feel like I have just uncovered a gem to use to help me get to sleep at the same time. I’m a fan and will definitely be purchasing your music through iTunes. From Auckland, New Zealand – thank you for sharing your wonderful talent with the world

  • Joe Zimmer

    Hi Michael, I’m from London, your music is incredible!!, the calmness and relaxation it has given me is amazing, something I have never yet felt before, I listen to it during a stressful day and it works wonders!! thank you for the free downloads and for this most unbelievable gift to humanity, giving thousands worldwide a sense of serenity and peace amongst the busy world we live in!! thank you again Michael!! p.s..how many years experience do you have? p.p.s…can you send some more free music? thank you for everything!!

  • Elodriel

    Hey Michael, I was really wondering if you keep sheets for the music you play. I’m in love with it and I was wandering if I could ever play the piano to another person live, with a sheet. :) Keep up the good work!

  • LOLbuzzer

    This music both helps me feel relaxed, and lose stress! Thanks, Michael!

  • Jazz Mee

    Hi Michael, I am an artist, I paint, your music is not just influential to sit back and relax but it had made my work really easy and stress free,
    I have shared it with most of my relatives and some cousins and friends too, and your music is a part of our daily life, its more of a routine now..Thank you sooooooo much for creating such wonderful music..We all love it to the core..

  • Sanjay

    Hi Michael, It’s really good music composed, I am listening it regularly while working. I am great fan silent/easy listening music and do want to play Piano sometime in future. And I do love to be in sync/tune with ‘nature’…!

    Thanks for wonderful music…!

  • Rijee Bangoy

    Hi michael! I’m rijee from the philippines. I listen your music yesterday from my father’s phone. I was amaze of your work, so nice! I just want to ask what is the the tittle of the first and second song of the
    Background Music Instrumentals – relaxdaily – B-Sides N°1 … I wish I could have some notes or music sheet for the violin.

    Thank You and God Bless! :)

  • Rijee Bangoy

    Hi Michael! I’m Rijee from the Philippines. I discover and listen to your music yesterday. I was amaze on your work, so nice and relaxing! I want to ask what is the title of the first and second music of Background Music Instrumentals – relaxdaily – B-sides N°1

    I wish I could have some notes and music sheets for the violin… Pls. Reply :D

    Thanks and God Bless! :)

  • Diksha

    Hello Michael, I’m from Canada. I was really fed up searching for relaxing musics, until I accidentally hit the YouTube playlist “Beautiful light Music.” 2-3 days ago. I must say, almost everyday I listen to it. It gives me goosebumps (yeah that’s the best) the best relaxation playlist I have ever heard. It carries a lot of positive energy and it’s very peaceful. A BIG THANK YOU for posting them on YouTube, it helps me in many ways.

  • Serhio

    Well done! Super place for relexing! thanks for your music!

  • Mercedes

    Waiting patiently to hear from you on the tall grass California video for commercial use. sent payment March 2014

  • Trisha

    Thanks you very much for your music, I was so sad, and listen your creation change something.

  • Cass Sabben

    Hey Michael, I downloaded your sample music a few months ago and loved it! So I have just now bought all 3 albums :) I hope you don’t mind but I use it while giving free massages for my prac hours (I am a student of remedial massage). I find your music creates images, visions and stories in my mind as I listen…… thus your music is SO much better than some of the other simply boring relaxation music out there. I really hope you continue to do what you love and what you are obviously talented in, knowing that people all around the world (Australia!) are reaping the benefits of your gift! Thank you!

  • Bridgit

    I love Relaxdaily <3. Your music gives me so much hope, love, peace and happy moments. I thank you so much. I love your videos with this many images of nature and landscapes, I like it how you hold the silence but there is still some in motion. Or how you change the objectivity of an image so that you can discover it new. I love them no matter what kind of mood I have, at this moment I'm just happy. Thank you for your wonderful work and I can be part of it for a while.
    The best regards from Switzerland. Bridgit

  • Phil

    Incredibly good tunes man!! I love that that they don’t necessarily put you to sleep. They encourage good, positive thoughts.
    Much appreciated, keep it up;)

  • Evelyn Carranza

    Thanks make my stirred mind and soul settle down and think what is really important :)

  • Alix

    Hello Sir,
    my search for good music for background when I am working bought me to your youtube channel and then soundCloud. I am following you on soundCloud. I really like music you produced. You are indeed very gifted person. I just want to thanks you for these free tracks and good luck in your quest.

  • Asma’a

    you make my day with N045 thanks :D

  • Polina

    Hello Michael! I’m creating a video for my digital video class, and as a final project for the year, I need to have audio that supports the theme and purpose of my piece and one of your relaxing songs would go perfect with it. I can’t find a creative commons license so I am not sure if I have that right or not. But! I would really like your permission to use this beautiful song for my 2 min video if you would let me. Thank you and hopefully I hear from you soon!


  • Atul

    Very relaxing to hear this music after a long day’s work… Thanks…

  • lyester

    the best music and thanks for sharing…?

  • Rachel

    Music is a way of life. Combining this music with relaxing things such as yoga and personal meditation completes my day. Thank you.

  • Miha3la

    I was looking for smth fit for my therapy programme and… here you are! How do you do this?! Thank you. Love you.(I’m already married…:)

  • http://ghostwritersforhire.org LD Sledge

    Hi Michael
    I am from Clearwater, Florida. I am a novelist, writer, ghostwriter, musician, retired battling lawyer for 43 courtroom years (thank God that’s over). I have always loved NewAge, and used to listen to and record Hearts of Space every Saturday night. I am so happy to have found you, for this music is perfect to have as I write or just chill. ghostwritersforhire.org, ldsledge.com.

  • Brittany

    Hi Michael, I’m from Alberta, Canada. When I was going through some depression and had many troubles in my life, I would plug in my headphones and listen to your music. It helped me relax and put me in a state of mind where nothing bothered me. I felt free and happy. Your music does wonders for me, and I hope many others feel the same way. I am much better now, and will never stop listening to your music. My favourite by far is N*025. My second is the Ocean Breeze playlist. Thank you for creating such beautiful music.

  • wishingbelle

    Thanks, Michael for sharing this to the world. You are awesome! This is just want I needed at the moment to relax.

  • Martin

    Hi Michael! :-)
    Today I found your musik. It is wonderful to me and has a very positive effect. Your music is inspired by love … it’s going to feel;)
    I wish you many more beautiful inspiration at Your songs.
    Thank you.
    Martin -from Czech Republic ;-)

  • Raphael

    Hi Michael,
    I can’t say how much I love your music!
    This is the must beautiful project I ever see…
    This relaxing music in my ears, a feeling of freedom, of love…
    Thanks, thanks for doing this…

    I hope you are contiuning so long you can…
    I love your music, it is just amazing!

    Every day, I listen to it…
    I listen to it, when I walk, run, relax, laugh, when I play with friends, when I#m happy, when I’m sad, I could listen to the same music at least 5 times a day…

    This songs are just perfect for every moment, every feeling…

    Thank you…

  • PajaPerc

    Great work! Thank you very much for giving these music tracks for free.

  • Erick

    Simplemente musica perfecta y deliciosa
    para mis oidos!!

  • Andrew

    I have been a fan for quite a while, but I’ve always used YouTube to listen. Today, guilt got the better of me, and I purchased one of your albums on ITunes – the one that contains “Ocean Breeze.” Anyway, I just wanted to add my sincere, heartfelt praise for some of the most creative and deliciously comforting music I’ve ever heard. I will be buying more albums. Guaranteed. :)

  • Chiranjeev Rajkhowa

    Hei Mike, what can I say about your music. It’s music from heaven to earth..to maintain the harmony of the mind and heart. Your music help me a lot to be gentle, to be calm, to be polite, to be Good Human Being. Though I download your music for free. You please give a link that I could buy all of your N°1 to N°xyz music. Here is my FB link: http://www.facebook.com/ratkillerC

  • Vignes

    Hello Michael,
    Your music is great, it really helps me when I study and when I try to concentrate. I really enjoy this.
    Thanks you much :)

  • Gilbert Abreu

    Hey im uploading new video and im using 1 of your music let me know if you give me permission to use this song

    Relaxing Music – soft, calm, easy – Snowy Alps – relaxdaily N°066

  • Farhan

    Duuude! A huge thanks from all students out there, you make revision so much more bearable. Love the 2 hour long “beautiful light music” playlist especially. Keep up the good work :)

  • Zed

    Hi fellow music creator, I really enjoy your music it really helps me realize what I have and what happens around usl One quick question, How do you make it? thank you for being awesome!! Keep it up!

    • z

      Hardware/software would be great, because I’m learning and I want to do what you do so I hope you can help

      Thank you so much.

  • http://www.depoveste.eu Alex Neagoe

    Hello Micahel, I stumbled upon your music on youtube, Great piece of art, you should do scores for cinema, I used to work listening to Sting, now i listen to You. Thank You. Alex, 25, Photographer, Romania

  • Rob Northampton

    Michael – Your music is beautiful, relaxing and calming after a busy day at work.
    Also, if that is your photo in the grey hoodie, you are damned sexy too!

  • http://a55951234.twgg.org/ CodinCat

    Really love your music.
    from Taiwan

  • johndokus

    Hey there ;) I’m in love with your music (-videos) for a while now, especially the “Thank You” video, because to me it stands for much more than just “Thank You”. So I was just listening to one of your tunes and read in the description something of your hometown. I was shocked, because I realized that it’s the same region that I’m living in! That’s why I had to check out your homepage and leave a comment.
    So I’m going to have a ride on my bike during the next sunny days ;) If you read this, be warned from the crazy guy who might be crossing your way soon :D

  • Scorpjun

    Thank you so much for the wonderful music collections and sharing them. Simply awesome!

  • Yourfan

    Hi Michael,
    your music is heart warming, peaceful and just too good. i know u must have heard great raves from every other person who writes here…but i want you to know you changed my troubled mind to be so peaceful. Thank YOU and God bless.

  • Vidhya

    Hi michael,
    You are really blessed with a beautiful soul. The music you create reaches out to our soul! And this is amazing that the least thing that we expect through the day long exertions, is a relaxing time which when combined with music fills in with great relief and enthuse. Your music touches that top notch of relaxation providing all supreme feelings of no-worries in life!

    Thanks for all the music you have created. And indeed please keep doing so !
    Best regards,

  • juangjun jumpathong

    Hey :) I am walking when your music is in my head. Looking for the connection between my poem and your voice in my head. Thank you. We love your creativity.

  • Kanitha

    Hi Michael, I’m Cambodian. I’m really happy to found the website that have amazing music. Your music could help me to relax truly.
    I’m really enjoy to listen yr music.

  • William Sim

    Your music are Awesome, feeling lucky to found you and your music! Much more appreciated! :D
    From: A guy from Malaysia!

  • Khateerah

    Hi there! Thank you so much for your great music! I use it especially when I want to focus on drawing. Not only that, it helps me get inspired! I especially like the song RDN005. What makes your music special is that you can listen to it over and over again, and get inspired again and again! Thank you so much for your hard work on your music :)

  • E Z

    Hi Michael. I am Ezra. Every night I listen to your music by way of youtube. As much as I love listening to heavy music, I cannot deny the beauty within calm music. In fact it is through calm music I find the very essence of music itself. I just purchased your CD and cannot wait to get a hold of it. I will definitely share it with my sister and cousin and very much certain that they will like it. The world needs more of this type of music. Thank you for sharing your musical talent to us; such a wonderful gift.

  • http://mnya.idv.tw/ qwe987299

    Hi! I’m from Taiwan, your music is really great, It will be able to help more people.

  • PeaceMan

    I work better and i’m less tired thanks to ur music, thank you a lot. Peace !

  • Anonymous

    Michael, I wish there was a “about me” page on your website. I am curious about the person behind the music as well, seeing as he seems to be a bit eccentric. Quite intriguing actually. Thank you for the wonderful music, it feels good when I read something while your subtle tunes play in the background. Also, I think you should work a bit more on the UI of the website for an overall better UX. A minimalist approach to design would probably serve you well.

  • Anonymous


  • Plecuss

    I’m from Mexico. My baby born 2 weeks ago, sometimes its hard for us to make him sleep. Maybe you don’t create your music with that purpose but I found your music on google play and since that day I have a tool to stop him from crying and help him sleep pacefuly.



    Guillermo V.

  • grin advocate

    I’m from the south east and I’m so glad to find your music on Youtube. It’s so perfect for my presentation. I hope many more will discover and appreciate your music and talent. I’ve acknowledged and shared your link in my humble piece of work for our batch project. Thanks for sharing!

  • Phil

    Hi Michael
    I’m Phil, from UK, currently living in North Portugal, farming a small piece of land. Just wanted to say thanks for your music and this site. Very nice soul food. All the best, my friend.

  • Eric Pan

    Dear Michael,

    I am really inspired by all of your incredible music. I wonder how I can get so creative and musical as you. Do you work together with people? Do you work alone? How do you manage to make so many different rhythms and make it so calming every time? I really love the music. I want to learn how I can get better at being music. I used to play piano and now I play cello. I admire you a lot. Thank you for being a great inspiration to me for music.

    Kind regards,

    Eric Pan

  • tena1

    Michael, I stumbled on your music on youtube. Within 5 mins of play, I just had to look-up on your site if only to get a peek on the artist, something that I rarely do. Your music is simply too AWESOME! You certainly are a VERY VERY talented musician. Per what I read from other comments here, I guess I am not alone in noticing this. Much appreciation from Kenya.

  • Ken

    great relaxation music much appreciated in aus , Thank you.

  • Julius L.

    Hi Michael,
    deine Musik ist echt klasse.
    Ich wollte fragen ob man einzelne Lieder auch als Hintergrund Musik für Landschafts Videos nehmen darf, wenn man dich erwähnt und man die Musik kauft?

    Lg Julius

  • Lantis

    Great music. Using it to help kids im training in Target Archery for more relax and concentration to help them. You are doing great Job!

  • Amy

    Hi Weltmeister!
    Your music is realy cool and very peaceful!!!!
    Mach weiter so! Grüße aus NRW

  • Momo

    Dear relaxdaily!

    Soothing Piano Music – relaxdaily N°025

    Could I use a part of this song in my short movie. It`s the first I ever shot and we are just students. We won`t monetize the video and we would credit you in the credits + the description.

    It would be truly amazing, if you would allow this. Because your music just fits perfectly.The shot-film of 7minutes will be titled “Lebe deinen Traum!” which is german and means “Live your dream”.

    PS: Sorry for my bad english. I am from austria (next to germany)

    Momo Feichtinger

  • ananya

    hlo ,sir thankkk youuu for these amazing sound track, they are always helping me ,how dou make it??every one so different ,creativity can be limitless really.god bless you may you prosper more i wish to donate someday ,thank you again

  • Ivan

    thank you Michael for these rich and relaxing melodies. :) keep on creating more!!!

  • Emily

    I love your music!! Your music helps me to study and concertrate more. I hope you do more music for people to relax!

  • dani

    an amazing music ( dani, Surabaya Indonesia )

  • Edmund

    Hi, I am very like the music. Do you have extra time to create the music sheet for us?

  • Vivek

    Michael, you help so many people make peace with their lives with your music… May god bless you with all the happiness in the world … !! I have been listening to your music on this site since long but never saw a comments section in here …Better late than never, Have a happy life because you deserve it all !!!

    God Bless !!

  • http://www.lucaleonardini.com/en Luca Leonardini

    Hi Michael, I finally found the relaxation music I really love and enjoy every time it plays. Thank you and congratulations also for your presentation on the website.


  • Bridgit M.

    Hi. I’m a song writer with no inspiration so I decided to listen to music to get inspiration and I am so happy I listened to you. Your music inspired me to write a new song which I’m very proud of. I also want to purchase what I listened to but I do not know the name. All the YouTube title says is Background Music Instruments- relaxdaily- B-Sides N*1. What would it be called in your store? It has one picture of a wheat field. Thank you so much!

  • roblesgil

    Hi I am JC from Mexico… I am a massage therapist an was looking for some music for my work. Thanks for this ans sharing your AMAZING creations, I am sure all my pacients will thank you also. I love music with nature sounds (birds, sea, wind, water, whales singing, etc.)

  • David

    This is “Awesome”

  • tetractis

    Hi Michael,i am John from Athens,Greece.Tomorow i start to spend holidays for summer.Your music is special for relax and i will listen all the time.I wish you all the best my friend.Take care

  • Danielle

    I just love your music and hope more people will get inspired by your music like I did

  • http://www.francescmorera.com Francesc Morera

    Enhorabuena por tu excelente trabajo! Aunque soy fotógrafo tambien he sido músico y me encantan las cosas bien hechas…como lo que tu haces. Congrats.


    Hello Michael your music is amazing, and it really helps me a lot!
    I want to contribute with some money to you, because i know it is a hard work!
    Waiting for your answer about what i should do!

  • Leon Turner

    Hi Michael, just found your music and it is great. keep it coming. Leon Turner / Country Music Artist

  • Bob


  • Minh

    Hey michael I’d really want to buy all your music in FLAC! I would pay for every song that you release in FLAC since the quality is so much better

  • Forever Gratful

    There are no words to express what your creation has done for me. Put it this way, I don’t need meds or a shrink…just put on relaxdaily

    • http://relaxdaily.net/ Michael Fesser

      Wow. That’s wonderful!

  • Jhilik Mitra

    Dear Michael,

    I wanted you to have an idea of how many moments in how many thousands of lives in a day you save from being just wasted away. You take the dark and gloomy times and turn them into beautiful, peaceful and memorable. I would like to confer the title of “The Savior of the Moments” to you. Stay loved, Stay blessed!
    -Jhilik from India, just another one.

  • Jeremy Lacsa

    Thank you for creating this music. It’s absolutely amazing, and it helps so much when I just want to rest from a long day, or to focus when doing homework. I’ve told my friends about your music, and they love it too. Again, thank you, and keep up the great work.

  • Naval Oonwalla

    Hi Micheal, I am from India and I must thank you for the lovely music. You seem to be a lovely person. Take care and hope to hear more . Cheers !!

  • http://thefitty.com/ Linda @ Fit Fed and Happy | th

    Thank you for the great music!

  • Mason Nam

    Hi Michael, I’m from Korea. I love your music.

  • Abigail

    I just thought I’d recommend to you a beautiful place that you could get some great shots for your music. I recently took a trip to Nova Scotia and never in my life have I witnessed such a stunningly gorgeous coastline. If you happen to wind up there be sure to check out Peggy’s Cove and the West Coastline of Cape Breton National Park. Thank you for sharing your beautiful music with the world, you truly have a gift.

    • Relaxdaily

      yo yo

  • http://Website LEO


  • http://Website IVan

    Hi there!!!

    Your music is among the few, that can be actually listened for a long periods of time, without getting headache or annoyed. It works for studying too. ^_^
    Thanks a LOT,



  • Dominic

    Sometimes it is hard to believe !!! How can you make such wonders !?

  • Bob

    Hey Michael Stumbled on your music this morning. It’s absolutely wonderful. So many ‘relaxing music’ videos … aren’t. Your music … heavenly. Thanks for composing it.

  • Tudu

    Hi RelaxDaily, I am from Brazil and I was searching for music to relax. I’ve found some musics that repeat too much or that have vocals that don’t make me relax… your music is only intrumental and are perfect to relax, the footages from sky are awesome. Thx very much and keep up the awesome work.
    Best Regards

  • Ali

    Hi friend,
    - This is Ali from PAKISTAN. I started listening to your music about in the mid of 2012. That was when my life was most disturbed. I cannot being to tell you how much i appreciate the good music you have made for us.
    I had the chance to read a bit about what you said regarding yourself , and i liked it. Somehow listening to your music in the background, and reading your bio, i almost felt an instant connection that your music has made. I almost felt you seeing in real, and somewhere along the beach or under the sun, everything bright and beautiful.
    Listening to your piece of art, the time seems to have been slowed.
    I appreciate and adore for who you are and what you have done/doing for us.

  • Natalia Fedorova

    Добрый день. Спасибо Вам за музыку. Успехов в творчестве.

  • Roi Tan

    I enjoy your music very much. I try to play while I am driving on roads. Is very soothing and calm. Thank you for a wonderful piece of work.

  • DumbTrollTalks

    Thanks for the gift of your music! When I am angry or can’t concentrate, I will listen to rDn 005 and I will feel much better :-)

  • ミカ

    Hello, just dropped by to say that you make such beautiful melodies (it actually made me cry haha!) and hope that you’ll keep inspiring other people with your music just like how it inspired me. Well I hope someday I could play such beautiful music like you do. But until then, I’ll just keep listening to yours. Thank you! ありがとうございます!

  • Marco

    Thank you for the great music!

  • Mohammed Awad

    Just Amazing, love your work!!!!! good job !

  • Yashar

    Hi my name is Yashar from Azerbaijan. I liked your songs. Thanks..!

  • Miss I

    I just want to say that what you’re doing is awesome!!! Thank you so much for sharing it with us!! It’s truly brilliant!! :) Good luck with all the things in your life Michael!!

  • June

    Hi Michael. I found your music in Soundcloud by searching for “calm”. I am very happy with your music and I can imagine myself listening it throughout my thesis writing time :) June from Copenhagen

  • Björn

    Hallo Micha. Du begeisterst weltweit Menschen mit dem was Du tust. Ich kann mich nur anschließen. Deine Ergebnisse verfolge ich seit gut einem halben Jahr und bin immer wieder fasziniert. Die Musik in Kombination mit den Videos ist für mich Entspannung und trotzdem Niveau. Danke und mach weiter so. Viele Grüße aus Bremen!

  • Muhammad Danish

    Hi Michael,

    This is Muhammad Danish, from India. I have been listening to your music since last year. Though not regularly, but after my long day of work and stressful week…I could not keep myself from listening to a few tracks. You have a great talent and I pray best of success for you. I would be very happy to see your background scores in Movies and Theater :) Good Luck

  • Eva-Marie

    Hi, just wanted to say thank You for your music. Very nice, without lots of oriental stuff which is really releasing. I´m a little older woman from Sweden that looked for non-oriental-occult music. Saw you on the youtube of course…Thank You again! Greetings from Eva-Marie.


    Hello Michael,
    my name is Yen-Ling,Chen. I am a young artist from Taiwan. I heard this song on Youtube(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LnFQZukLhXU). I want to film editing personal videos. Can I use it to dub in background music ?

    about me http://www.asiacontemporaryart.com/artists/artist/Chen_Yan_Ling/ThePhaseofCrayondraw309/en/

    With many congratulations and my best wishes for the future


  • ve

    I really love all of your nature image music and collected all of your purchasable albums.
    Please add more of your new musics to be purchasable.

    Your music always helps me to gain such soothing mind.
    I listen to them on many ups and downs, and even on many of my ordinary days….

    Thank you for creating such wonderful music and sharing them to be heard….

    It might sound cheesy, but I am really glad I stumbled upon them;
    they really are helping me in many ways and in many kinds of situations…

  • Inna Mullen

    Words r not enough… It just makes me be quiet n enjoy what I hear… No matter how stressful the day was, how much studying I have or how late I have to go to bed… I’ll put this music on n chill.;)

  • Inna Mullen


  • metanucleo

    Michael, It’s so easy to fall in love with your music. Thank you for sharing your gift to the world :) Peace and Blessings.

  • Anonymous

    There is a purpose in life,
    that is to bear fruition to the love from that which is holy and divine.
    Over time,
    many more would realize and return in kind.
    Thank you Michael and may all be well for everyone onward 2014!

  • Linda .

    I love your music. :) It helps me concentrate when I’m studying and relaxes me a lot. Thanks for making such great music!

  • CM

    I discovered your segments on YouTube. What a godsend. I play them on my phone at work when I need a quick “break” to restore my sanity and de-stress. I also have started playing one at night before bedtime. Thanks for all that you do! Most enjoyable!!!

  • Mrs. H M Chandler Jr

    My husband and I are I our 60′s (Boomers). We like listening to this music. It helps us get to sleep at night. We like listening while we sit outside on the patio with coffee in the morning and have lunch on the beach in the afternoon. Well done. Pat-Galveston, Texas

  • Monte Darland

    Michael, I work for a community college and I’m a videographer. Your music is quite inspirational and would work well with this video that I’m putting together. I wonder if I can use it in the video. I would be glad to send you the link to the video once it’s completed.



  • Prashanth

    Great music sir! Hats off to you.

  • krushna patel

    hi michael, i am from india practising as an emergency physician. discovering your channel on youtube is the best thing that happened to me , i can proudly say that. i myself am a music lover and it can just change a prespective of life . i am sure most of us have stressful job and same goes with me. but believe me i have just started listening to the music you have created and i feel so positive. thank you so much. you are truly blessed.

  • jasmine

    hi do you have beautiful light music

  • jasmine

    don’t worry ill have a look and let you know

  • jasmine

    thanks bye lol

  • Aragallex

    diggin the music bruh :P

  • Sudip Chatterjee

    Hi Michael, I am from India.I am listening your music from a long time it feels like heaven while listening………keep this good work…………. I’d almost give up when I was told about your website. I
    am so glad. Don’t ever underestimate what you do…………….Thank you very much for gifting us awesome music……….

  • AquaDrehz

    I’ve listen to your work a few month ago and love it.
    Now I stumbled the same music and still love it.
    You music is great, touching.

  • C.R

    Hi, I’m an Australian expat currently living in Shanghai. I’m in the middle of IB and your music is sooo good. I am able to focus and do work while listening to your music.
    Thankyou so much.

  • Xaviễr Hal L

    cool, bro. appreciate your hard work. keep going! and relax~

  • Jim and Kelly Fair

    You have an amazing talent. I was intrigued by your interests and the comment that you have to prioritize because one lifetime is not enough. Interestingly one lifetime could be enough if you know the right way to find it. I teach about the Bible and it’s promises. One of those promises is the end of death. It also teaches humans were made for the earth and visa versa. The 37 chpt of Psalms is an interesting read. One aspect of being created in God’s image is our desire to create. You could be accomplished at all your interests and so much more. The website jw.org give you an opportunity to look into these Bible truths.
    I do truly enjoy your amazing talents.

  • David

    Hi. I am still searching for a way to get No52 to buy it.

  • Lita

    Hi MIchael…. love your music since I found it, so relaxing and full of talent!!!
    I sent an email a few days ago to ask for your permission to play your music in our radio…. hope you can chek it out!!!
    Love&Light :)

  • mpoeda

    Michael Nice! I was looking for instrumental quiet music and your site pulled up.

  • Laura

    Hey Michael! Ich höre deine Musik nun schon seit 2 Jahren und bin immer wieder aufs neue begeistert. Du bist ein unglaublich talentierter Künstler, sofern ich das beurteilen kann. Anfangs suchte ich nach Musik, die meine Meditation unterstützt und mich einfach mal den ganzen Stress und die Welt um mich herum vergessen lässt. Heute höre ich deine Musik beim Meditieren, bei Yogaübungen, beim Lernen, beim Lesen, beim Zeichnen und seit Neustem auch bei Freizeitaktivitäten außer Haus. Ich konnte bis jetzt noch keine Freizeitaktivität finden, bei der deine Musik nicht passen würde.
    Es ist schön zu sehen, dass es zu der alltäglichen Gewalt und Aggression einen Gegenpol gibt und dieser von einem Fisch verbreitet wird, der nicht mit dem Strom schwimmt. Ich bitte dich niemals der Musik den Rücken zu kehren! Liebe Grüße (:

  • Annchristine Larsen

    Piano music has always given me goose bumps all over the body …- I’ve even played the piano :) Nice peaceful and beautiful music to surround themselves with …- Loving thoughts Ann-Christine

    Ps: Thank you for the wonderful love tunes …

  • Cora

    Hi: Michael,

    I found your music to be exceptionally beautiful and encredibly relaxing.
    It’s very pleasing to listen to while I’m painting. I’m an Artist too-

    Thank you!

  • J

    Hi Michael, your music with film have been made so much impact on my life. Thank you so much your all works! Now, I can’t focus on my research without your music. Many thanks and happy holidays! -J

  • Sameh

    thank you for making me happy

  • Neha

    Hi Michael, i am a policy analyst and a freelance writer from India. And i have a habit of writing while listening to instrumental music and one day i came across your channel on youtube and from then on i cant write without your music playing in my ears. Its beautiful and thank you for creating such wonderful music!

  • Jimbo

    Hallo RelaxDaily, ich finde deine Musik echt schön.
    Kann ich auch ein T-Shirt haben.

  • Isabel

    Michael, your music is wonderful. I am a teenager who has been under a lot of pressure lately and the music has not only helped me to calm down from panic attacks and fall asleep easier, but it has overall helped me step by step in becoming a more clearheaded person. The melodies are so enchanting, soothing, and philosophical that it is hard not to fall in love with them. I wanted to say thank you and I hope that you never give up at what you’re doing, because you’re doing a great job. I really hope to save up and buy an album as a thank you.

  • Manuela

    Hi, how are you?

    Like your music – it’s good for relaxing, learning, dreaming, thinking, or just taking a break and breath after a stressful day!
    It’s really all great.

    I personally like the sound of sea/ water. It has something special, that makes me feel like being in another world (sounds weird, sorry!! ;); like kinda, if you had a bad day, and you gonna sit or lay on your bed, listen to the sound of water.., it’s like, to calm down!
    But the best, after some sport, when you do your stretching and so on – it’s the best to have some music like that!

    Hope to hear more from your music.

    Take care,

  • Pieter

    Hey Michael, you make so good and relaxing music! It makes me feel so relaxed and happy! Keep on making this wonderful music! Greetings from Belgium!

  • Carmen Kublai

    I listen to relax daily while working or while taking care of my baby. It relieves me from stress. I’m so glad I subscribed to this channel. It puts things in perspective.

  • Sinethemba Nontshintshi

    Hey Michael, my name is Sinethemba from South Africa, I discovered your chanell on youtube by mistake and I am thrilled that happened. Look I just wanted to say your music is great, I love it!

  • Gil

    Your music is wonderful !
    You are a gifted musician, so keep on giving so much pleasure to so many people.
    Many Many thanks!

  • Sally Ann

    Your music is great and that is an understatement. I don’t think you could do any better as the music I have already heard is perfect!! I don’t know what the tune I love the best is called as I have only listened to your Your Tube Ocean Breeze compilation but 25 mins, 30 mins and 50 mins in to the compilation – they are my favorites, but I love it all and hope you continue to compose more!! Now I have heard your music I will be listening to it a lot!! You are such a talented musician and and your photo is pretty cool too!!! I have ordered your CD and am looking forward to playing it in my car.

  • Wess

    Dear Michael,
    Every individual has their own innate potentialities and are gifts to this world. Your music connects one back to their innate potentiality, their essence of being, the innate gifts we are to this world. Your music touches the soul of the listening and connects us back to Source, God, Light, Beginning what you might call it. I have experienced your gift – you have used your heart, your inner light and the Divine Spark within you to create, connect and inspire and remind us who we truly are, not anything that we can find in the external environment but it is all within ourselves.

    Thank you for sharing your gift and in the near future to work towards bringing your light to more people.

    A Prayer for You
    Thank You For The Grace, Love, Compassion and Gratitude As We Listen To This Music
    Thank You For Guiding Michael And Bring Unassuming Notes, Film Into A Tapestry Of Divine Light
    Allow Your Continued Abundance And Gifts Bring Forth The Magic Continually Into His Life
    Continuing Touching, Inspiring and Healing Those Who Listen To His Angelic Tunes Of Love And Compassion

    All The Best Mate

    Thank N Bless
    ( When We Say Thank You We Show Appreciation We Have Received And
    When We Bless Others Because We Share The Light Joy And Happiness With Others )

  • Irene

    Hi Michael, I would appreciate it if you could make your compilations (e.g. your yoga list) available on iTunes. Also, I do acupuncture, so I would appreciate more slowly paced tunes to help patients relax. Thanks!

  • Alexandra John

    Just love your music!

  • Shailesh

    I have just listened to ‘Ocean Breez’. Its my one of the most favorite track while I work. Thanks for uploading such beautiful music with the entire world.

  • Linda

    Thank you for what you do. Due to the job, I had to move my family to Texas a few years ago. We are from Southern California but used to spend a lot of time in the open spaces of California, including a lot of time in Yosemite. As well as Colorado. I was really missing home yesterday and came across the piece filmed near Glacier Point and could not take me eyes off it. Beautiful photography, beautiful music and just what I needed at the moment. I’ll be listening and watching often. Thank you, Linda

  • joepope@live.co.uk

    I think your music is fantastic and I’m trying to get in touch with you again to ask if I could write a song and sing it on one of your awesome tracks ? I’d really appreciate and uphold the validity of the music and only want to make something beautiful. What so you think ? Please ?

  • Marco

    Hello from Brazil!!! your music is absolutely extraordinary. Great work.

  • Halina

    Hello. I’ve beedn working having your music as a background for long time. I just love it! Thank you so much for creating these calm, relaxing andfull of love tracks. You’re a great composer. Thank you again!!!

  • Timothybme

    Hi Michael. I’m from Lanesville, Indiana. Hugh fan of your music. So much in fact that I use the music on my youtube videos. Got your permission of course. Thanks so much and keep inspiring us !!!!!!!!!

  • Nicolas

    Hey, I’m Nicolas and I love your music. I tried all kinds of music for reading and after a while I decided word less music is the best. Then I found one of your songs as I was looking for also a long track so I know how long I study, Ocean breeze is making wonders for me. I’m a law student and the smallest word I hear I lose my concentration, for some reason. Anyway thanks for the great music and keep up the good work!! ;)

  • dalailama

    i like you
    much thanks

  • Kymber

    Hello! I know you’ve heard this many times before, but I really like your music. It helps me think and explore my mind. My friends and family are always saying “how can you listen to that kind of music all the time as a teenager?” and I don’t really have an answer except to say that it turns me into an escapist. An escapist in a good way instead of being on a screen or anything boring like that. My favorite songs of yours are N.025, N.043, and N.057. Keep doing what you do, it’s amazing… to me at least. :)

  • J

    Hi Michael,
    I absolutely love your music. I was listening to a playlist on 8tracks, and every time I heard a piece I enjoyed, I checked who the artist was… only to find out that it was you over and over again! Your music really hits the sweet spot every time.

    One particular thing that’s so beautiful about your music–so much of instrumental music that’s out there is overly sentimental, or sad, but yours is so calm and hopeful and cheery! Your work just makes my day so much sunnier. Thank you so much.

  • aprettykindofhi

    Michael, I cannot thank you enough for your music. I listen to it when I’m studying at school, overwhelmed at work, unwinding from my day, and anytime I need to drown out the things/people around me. I’ve been a listener for about two years now and I just had to let you know how much I appreciate what you’re doing. I love that I can pick a mix that is the perfect length for whatever my current need is and not have to mess with it again. I’ve tried finding something else that compares and I can easily say that nothing comes close. Your music makes me feel creative, relaxed, focused, and clear-headed.
    Thank you for sharing your music with the world! (:

  • Ariadne

    You have just made my life better! Vielen vielen Dank dafür! :)

  • Suz

    Thank you so much for your youtube videos. <3

  • Celine

    Ich liebe dich. <3

  • Filipe Constantino

    Hi, Michael! My name is Filipe and I’m from São Paulo (Brazil). I have leaved some comments on some videos of yours on Youtube, but I’d like to have my satisfaction written here, too.
    I really love relaxing musics, and your songs are always in my playlists. Your’re one of the best, among “The Best Pessimist” and “Tigerforest”.
    I am sorry for have never bought your songs, I just download them through Youtube Downloader. When I get a good job, I will make a point to buy some albums, because they are really worth of cost.
    Thank you very much for doing things that benefit others!

    • http://relaxdaily.net/ Michael Fesser

      thank you for your kind words! I see what I do as a service. I enjoy creating music. Others enjoy listening…
      Happy to hear you enjoy my music and that could download it the way you did. I’m happy we live in a time we can share our creations so easily. May you get a “good job” soon. I know you will ;)

  • Samm Ndolesha

    Hi Michael,
    My thanks to you for the lovely and very enjoyable relaxing music. I just had to say it as a way of appreciation

  • Xaviễr Hal L

    It’s a great website, keep it up bro

  • manash

    Hi Michael I am from India,
    I love your musics like anything.
    It’s keep playing in my ears almost all the time

  • Rickey Ferand

    Hey Michael, I just wanted to let you know as I see so many others have that I came across your site and music while searching for some relaxing background music to add to my scuba diving videos and underwater photography. I found myself spending more time listening to your music than editing my videos. You sound is very infectious keep up the great work I’m now heading to iTunes to download some of your music. Thanks

  • manidipa dey

    Hi Michael, I’m Manidipa, from Hyderabad , India. I really appreciate your creations. Your music compositions are very innovative and soothing for mind, and body too. Music is also my passion and as a singer i really loved your compositions. Warm wishes for your future creations and waiting for other new more relaxing tunes .

  • Flo

    Hey Michael,

    I am from France and I slow down a bit to take time and thank you for the time you’ve taken to us all ! Your music is very helpful to relax my entire body cells. I often use it to calm down my 2 children and it has a very direct effect on them ! They are just more peacefull !
    In your way, using your gift you make the world a better place. And that : is a blessing my friend !

    Continue ton séjour ici bas avec autant de sérinité

  • Nargiza

    Thank you so much for the music and inspiration! Love it!

  • Gwyn

    Michael, you are talented brother….i stumbled upon your music on YouTube. and since the first time i heard your music i loved it. I listen to it daily. Excellent work….

    I’m from Malawi…

  • Aiswarya

    You’re music is just amazing. It’s just so soothing sometimes, sometimes melancholic, make me happy n sad all at once. You really pour a part of you in your work. I wanted to say all of this on YouTube but it asked me create a channel n I kinda don’t know what it means so….I found you here. I’ve just got one complaint though, you’ve spoiled me for other instrumental music…..I can’t listen to anyother except yours n even when I try I keep returning to your music. Thank you, for making such wonderful music and thank you, for sharing it with us.

  • Maggy

    Super music ! I can do anything with your music Michael. Thank you for your work , is really, really effective.I love ambient music but soft, like you did

  • Björn Johnzon

    Great music for relaxing and concentrating to. I use it to study and to be able to think clearly.

  • Linda Larson Schlitz

    Thanks for all of this beautiful music…it is indeed my calm me down music!! Several months ago I listened to one of your playlists and there was one song with children singing an alleluia….I cannot find where that was from….I thought I had listened to them all again but cant seem to find it….could you tell me where it is?? It was so beautiful! Or perhaps it was angels singing at my house and not on the track at all?? LOL?

  • Kelsey :)

    Michael, you create some of the most beautiful music I’ve heard. Thank you for sharing your talent with us :)

  • Holly

    Michael – thank you for inspiring me today.

  • https://www.linkedin.com/in/oliahad Mohammad Oli Ahad

    Warm greetings, Michael! The other day I was shopping at a large grocery store and they were playing this amazing music. I was busy—I was actually terribly busy; rushing from crazy day work to a voluntary helpline service (almost at another end of the city, traffic-wise) where we needed to be on dot for our shift and before that I was just trying to bag loads of goodies for the gang—but, I had to – just had to stop. And, listen. And, in a minute, I was desperately pulling out my phone, turning on the data and starting SoundHound and hoping it all hard that the track doesn’t end before I get to know it :-)

    It was your N°003.

    Michael, this weekend, we’re going to train our next batch of brave volunteers and I’d have a sensitive topic to present. Good thing is – now we know, we would have to play N°003.

    Thanks, man! Continue creating your wonders :-) And, yes, I like your idea of a mindfood: “What would happen if we all slow down a bit?” Yes, why not; sometimes, maybe :-)


  • Ren

    Does relaxdaily have tumblr?

  • Curtis

    I love your music, I have problems with depression and your music has helped calm me and make me feel so much better. It is amazing, Keep up the good work!

  • sin dhu

    Hi Michael,
    This is Sindhu from India.From one of my friend I got link to this site.I wanna thank her always for that.
    OMG you are awesome my friend.
    You make wonders in your fingers.
    Lovely music.
    One sad thing is I could not download :(
    I am even ready to pay and download that,but I am still searching for it :(
    I tried all the possible links,may be some where I am missing :(
    May God give you good and happy days only in your life.
    I am very happy to share a word with you here.
    Take care Michael.
    Love your music always,any time :)

  • Jayme Tan

    i fall in love almost immediately to your instrumental music when i chance upon your youtube channel. its really amazing! perfect for work as well as for my yoga practice! you’re a music genius!

  • Iaya

    Tumblr? Do you have tumblr?

  • camille reynolds

    michael i love your music it keeps me relaxed daily like during the day while im at school its very calm and i love it good job keep up the good work!
    :) :]

  • http://seethysoul.wordpress.com Vanessa

    Can you describe your music creation process? What instruments do you
    use? I hope I can learn to produce sound and music for soul awakening.

  • Aire

    Hi Michael! I’m from Tallinn, Estonia. I was looking for something smooth to listen on youtube and found your music. Now I listen to it while cooking, reading, sleeping or @ work to keep me motivated. And the best part is that I play your music for my daughter after her bed-time story… she usually falls asleep after 2 tracks.. and I let it play trough the night.. It works wonderfully – she finally sleeps all night long on her own :) My favourite tracks are N104 and N107 because they bring back some good memories (don’t know why), make me smile and make me feel like I can accomplish anything. Thank you so much for what you do!

  • ColinB

    Hi Michael.
    my name is Colin, Im from Australia. I have only just come across your Music
    over the last week or so, I love it. In particular. relaxdaily N°025 just love playing it.
    what is the best way of buying it. and can I put your music on my face book page.
    I would love to put that song on a power point slide show I was going to do.
    and i would reference your song on that presentation. Thanks
    Great work Michael

  • Andreas Eich

    Hei, Could I use one song for a film? I wrote a mail too.

  • Rachel

    Michael, I am discovering that I work best in an ‘impulsive focus’ state – meaning that I am open to impulsive thoughts [creative sparks of ideas] while also in a near constant editing and evaluation mode. I have to be relaxed while alert, and distant while connected during the whole process [I am an artist, seamstress, writer...]. I need to be relaxed and focused at the same time and this is why I love your music so much; it is relaxing in an overall sense while technically energizing with what the individual layers are accomplishing during a specific composition. This yin-yang contrast pairs well with my own contrasting style of working.
    Thank you. The music which you have been creating helps me while working [creating], while sleeping [masking other sounds], and while doing devotional work. It has been a blessing as I – too – embarked on a new chapter in my life 4 years ago and through the processes involved have been discovering what it means to be Me. It has been an interesting time of discovery which I realize will continue as long as I am still breathing. I am remembering what it means to see life as Beautiful [even when circumstances might not be] and to find and to see Joy in the simplest of things.
    May God bless you as you continue your work… and personal journey.
    > Rachel

  • bobytr


  • Cardoso Chandi Cardoso

    Sua musica é muito boa !! Parabéns !!

  • Diana

    Your music made me pass my tooth conservation practical assessment lol
    thank you for your very very relaxing music :)

  • Cheri

    For some time now, I have been searching for “relaxing” music that resonates with me, and tonight I found your videos on YouTube. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your work, and for making your music available. The sounds from your videos are exactly what I have needed, and I love the way they make me feel. I know I’m not the only person who sees value in what you do, and I hope that you continue to make more. Thanks so much!

  • shiningami

    Hello Michael,
    As a student, I find it hard to concentrate in this increasingly chaotic world due to the distractions of technology. Your relaxing music is perfect because of the calming mood it emits. I tend to listen to your tracks during long sessions of online homework to relieve stress. My favorite and first piece was N005 because I remember it in conjunction with good memories of exploring outside when I was younger. I was very happy to discover that you were remaking your songs recently, so much so that I killed the replay button by repeatedly stabbing it. I hope you continue your work to produce more inspirational music in the future.

  • Mark T. Singleton

    Hello Michael! Im Mark from Virginia.Im a disabled US Veteran who suffers from PTSD.This site and your style of MUSIC helps with the PTSD more then any meds that I have ever taken! Please keep up the Great work! Thanks,Mark

  • Ee Syuen Toh

    Your pieces are so magical, I fall in love every time i listen to them (everyday). You’re amazing!! You’re the best in easy music ’cause it’s really really good.

  • robert

    great job!!!!

  • sumin y

    sick site man keep up the bangers

  • Denim Ferd

    I just have one thing to say: DEEZ NUTS!!!

    Haa Got emm

  • Jeff

    Hi Michael. My wife is a 28-year-old leukemia patient in Denver, Colorado, and your Youtube playlist is the only thing that is allowing her to stay calm and focused on a cure. We found your music on accident about four months into the treatment protocol, and our world has been uplifted since then. You may be creating this as a hobby, but your work is completely changing others’ lives. Thank you.

  • Aaditya


  • Aaditya

    I have 2 questions, kindly clear them.
    1-May I use your music for my videos as background?
    2-Do you have an android app?

  • Prophet Brenda Roberts

    Hi, I have a Deliverance Ministry “Destroying The Yoke’s Of Bondage” that SHALL be release in 2016. But there is a sound that I hear in the Spirit that SHALL be combined together with the Word of GOD that WILL DESTROY THE YOKES OF BONDAGE. As I search I stop to listen to your music and I knew that you’re also ANOINTED and can pull it down the SOUND out and into this earthly realm.

  • Nesca Nomera

    i found your music in the youtube accidentally, but i love it.. you have a great talent.. i am very like your music ! keep on working and share :)

  • Pat

    Michael, i hope to hear from you regarding song #N026. I have emailed you at your gmail account and the relax daily account.

  • Linda

    Michael, your music is just what I have been searching for…to unwind and relax, dissolve stress, relieve tension, practice yoga, etc. My search is over. With your music I am transported to a more peaceful, calm, and contented world. Thank you for sharing your gift.

  • Patricia Shell

    Michael, i answered your question in email about song N 026
    - hope to hear from you soon! Thanks so much, Patricia

  • Lawrence

    Hi Micheal, I am from Karachi, Pakistan. Thank you for uploading this music on Youtube. While searching for some soothing background music for writing a speech for my Toastmasters Contest, I came across “Beautiful Light Music – easy smooth inspirational – long playlist by relaxdaily: Ocean Breeze”. It helped me write my speech, which was actually about one of my major life experiences. Thank you once again. God bless you and keep sharing such music.

  • Patricia Shell

    Michael, I am awaiting your reply in gmail. I answered your requested questions and look forward to hearing from you soon regarding song permission. Best, Patricia

  • Masha

    Hello, thank you for your music) It’s simply wonderful. When I’m listening to it I seem to think in a right way. These are melodies for the soul

  • Rosie Frem

    Love, love, love. Had 1st parents meeting at a new job………(60+ Parents…..scary….so I thought). As the parents entered I played Relax 005 with a slide show of the nursery children rolling in the background………WHAT A HIT. So many compliments about the professionalism of the ‘modern style’ presentation and relaxing music with positive burst of energy throughout. Thank you for your brilliant music which inspired me to create something so beautiful and worthwhile.
    Thank you :)

  • Sayyab AL-hedirby

    Hi Michael … can i use one of your music as (background music) if i wanna produce short film ?

  • Elsa

    Love your music man, keep it up~!

  • Roy

    Hi Michael, Just wanted to say ‘Hi!’ I’ve been listening to your music off and on for a few weeks, and just realised today as I tuned back in from a hiatus that it has grounded me really quickly! I’ve had a few days of fragmented thinking and poor focus, but as soon as I put on your music I’ve ploughed through some work. Thank you so much! Keep up the great work. :) Roy

  • Iwan Gunawan

    it is wonderful

  • Steve Politte

    You’re music is heavenly sent. I believe that, though you may not. And that gift is meant to be shared for it touches and will continue to touch many hearts. You are special Michael, so continue to fly with the eagles and spread your wings far and wide, and take your son along for the journey. God bless you.

  • vinhodecaju

    Olá cara! Eu sou do Brasil e adoro seu trabalho. Acompanho o canal e agora descobri o site e vejo que posso baixar essas músicas lindas.
    Muito obrigado!
    Seu trabalho é incrível.

  • Julie Monette

    Hi Michael I am a Massage Therapist from Minneapolis MN. I used to teach Massage and we would play your youtube mixes during our lab time. Now I use your music to meditate with and begin my day and also to unwind at night. Thank you so much for the generous free downloades. I just purchased your Besides N 1 which is what I first got turned on to. I am loving it. I previewed Ocean Breeze and plan to download that as well. Your sound is very unique and I find it so soothing. Thank you

  • hshishmahal

    Hi Michael,
    Haider here from Karchi, Pakistan. I am trying to get in touch with you in regards to using your music in a social “impact” game. Hope to hear from you soon.

  • Basundhara

    It was may 2013 I could not concentrate at all for my term exams. After Listening to Besides No 1, I managed to do well. Till date whenever I have to write, study or just focus I listen to it, I can always finish my assignments, writing research reports. I just started to listening to Season 4, its uplifting. I can never thank you enough for deciding to share your music with us.

  • Thomas

    Hello Michael, great relaxing music! I´m useing your music while driving
    or working! Came over your music thru Oman Air. They using your music
    bevor takeoff and after landing.

  • Tony Boyle

    G’day Michael. I have just skimmed through some of the Comments below & you are certainly making a very positive difference in many people’s lives & may God continue to give you the creative skills, so that many of us can listen to you, Michael & how you can calm us at the end of our busy days OR even help to put our children to sleep too. You may want to try to compliment some of your tracks with a little more ‘orchestral’ backing, to give them a little more depth & variety & an extra bit of creative chemistry. I (& many others of us) will be looking forward to your future masterpieces & it will interesting to see how your ‘worldwide audience’ reacts & comments. Tony Boyle – from The Gold Coast in Australia.

  • http://deden.postach.io/ Deden Habibi

    ‘Hatur nuhun!’. That’s how I say thank you in Sundanese. Your N°75 is my most favorite. I feel like I’m holding someone beautiful beside me watch over the sea together below a clear blue sky. Thanks a lot by bringing these divine sounds :’) Hopefully Good keep you healthy and happy enough to bring us more. Oh ya, if you need some help for developing this website, please ask me a little bit of help (it’s a friendship help, not business offer haha) :))

    For your inspiration, this is one of my own ethnic music:

  • joy

    Dear Michael,
    I am Joy from India. Thanks so much. Your music brings peace to heart and mind. its so much soothing and relaxing. Its as if a heart is talking. God Bless you and please keep on this of creating nice music and spreading a good news of love , peace and joy. Best regards.

  • Irina

    thank you so much – your music is very beautiful and your videos also. when i listen to it I feel like i communicate with nature – thank you. the words are very poor to describe how great that your site exists…

  • ioana

    thanks @relaxdaily:disqus . you’re actually among the very few I found to play soulful piano pieces with clips on YouTube, and probably the only one to do such long record sessions!!! amazing :)
    really glad I found your piece; it kept me at peace and focused over the last few hours, while bringing back memories of the emotion one gets when listening to a live session piano player, or even striking those keys just for the feels.
    bravo and thank you :) will def keep an eye to your next pieces

  • muzica_family

    great Music! our entire family loves it! keep doing!

  • Martin Peetsalu

    Hi Michael! Can I use your music in my home videos If I buy music?

  • Ve

    Hi, Michael,,
    I always love your music in relaxdaily
    and with your recent live updates in youtube (also the christmas live last year), I wonder how can I download them?
    Do you plan to release the commercial compilation as your previous ones?
    So beautiful that I really yearn to download them!!

  • karlovsergey

    Hi , Michael!

    Could be my music posted in your channel ?



  • Syberex

    Dear Michael, Thank you for posting your music. It has been my companion for many days of work and nights of study. I especially appreciate your new thing – the live sessions. At night, when I am loaded with things to do on my computer, I put you up – and it’s like, “There’s my friend Michael playing music for me while I work here!” And I don’t feel as solitary in my tasks at hand any more. The outdoor sceneries are also priceless. Those are inspiring and strangely liberating for me (I live in a big busy city).

  • Joanna

    I love your music, helps me during my work and in the evenings to wind down. Keep it up!

  • Isabelle

    beautiful…. AND also: helping humans a lot :) thanks for this… GRATITUDE !!!! – Isabelle (Quebec, Canada)

  • cat ugly_

    Hi Michael,I’m from Chinese.I love your music.They make me have a good morning.

  • Tim

    Came upon your music about 3 years ago, super therapeutic. I’m a network engineer by trait and have done many a projects with your music in my ears. Keep up the god work Michael!!!





    please….. dONATIONS…..


  • Stacey Boudreaux

    StudioBDX from South Louisiana. I too compose music and SoundCloud happens to be one of the online venues I use. I grew up with Yanni, enya, Windham hill, Earl klugh, William Ackerman and the likes. Obviously you are aware of the niche youve snuggled into and that it works. great work and good stuff. Fantastic patience with the tunes. There are movements I would want to just take off with and slam the emotion….but you remain calm and in your own time eloquently build a progression to that point. But I do hear you now and then thrust the strings a tad harder than usual for that nice driven guitar sound….and I start salivating thinking I knew he would cave…only to hear you patiently exit the movement only to stab me from the flanks with a beautiful melodic Montra of emotional tones, job well done sir.

  • http://deden.postach.io/ Deden Habibi

    Objective beauty

  • Ute Reichling-Wack

    Hallo Michael, werde noch heute abend eines deiner wunderschönen Songs in meine private Homepage einbetten, kannst es dir ja mal gerne anschauen (http://www.uterene.lu/utebigsmile/), herzliche Grüsse aus Luxemburg, Ute https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/4d396cf16c5e0cb8f8032f73c3a4f0640ceade6aaae2db162dc12032285a34ce.jpg