relaxdaily N°076

Listen, watch and download relaxdaily N°076 here.

Another calm and relaxing tune! …The video is made of footage I could capture while visiting Sardinia (an Italian island) last September. I was lucky to get to that spot you can see in the first scene just in time for watching the sun rising. …Enjoy!

N°076 download: This tune became part of the album “Season 3″ e.g. on iTunes.


Have a great time,

Michael (relaxdaily)


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  • Leza Seagraves

    This is so relaxing. I have insomnia, difficult for me to relax. Listening to this helps me, greatly. The morning comes and I’m so surprised. ” I slept ” ! Thank you, this music really helps. “what do you know, amazing evenings” ah…thanks again. Leza

  • Márcinha Rodrigues

    I was happy to have discovered this wonderful site. Thanks a lot…

  • Alex Mankovsky

    This goes well with my brandy….And the fact that this is free of commercial advertising and a very good quality recording. Thank you!