Light Relaxing Instrumental Music – beautiful, easy, healing, free mp3 – relaxdaily N°067

Listen to a beautiful and light instrumental music piece that combines a healthy mix of calming, relaxing and also positive, inspiring musical sequences.

The video is what I could capture on a beautiful day in the Austrian Alps. Hope you enjoy both, the music and the video,

Have a great time,

Michael (relaxdaily music and video creator)

FREE MP3 download via the player below (see small arrow button on the top right side):

Related download: This tune became part of my album “Season 2″, which is available e.g. on iTunes.

© 2013, relaxdaily


  • Yana Shrayber

    thank you, very nice music.

  • hind

    très belle music merci

  • Debra Vox

    Working in a theurapeutic field, I can listen to your tracks day in, day out and not get sick of it! Its amazing! I’m the kind of person who gets bored of the same music quickly, but theres magic to your music! Keep up the phenomenal work!

    P Vang -

  • Jordan Williams

    The music is totally awwwwwwwwwwsummmm!!!! n know what it is really helping me in my daily life.I can now work with full dedication..thnx to relaxdaily…luv u!!!!

  • rajib

    I love u

  • rajib

    I love u

  • Tannaz

    Wow! Amazing; thank you so much. that’s the thing I really needed the most! :-) <3

  • SuperDragon911

    THX so much! I am working on an animated series, and i’m looking for little themes for the characters. These should do nicely for a few.

  • AK

    Good music

  • sun shune

    oh my goodness it’s very very very very wonderful music is the best one it make me forget my problem and feel happy it’s amazing songs i have hear before

  • R0o7

    perfect …. Calm Music…

  • Parag

    Just Wow!!! Very beautiful work, and the music!! My God!! Truly Appreciable.. :)

  • mf

    than u for such grt music

  • mohan

    The best ever soothing and calming music i ever had
    hats off and love u

  • Paul Winstanley

    How do I download it?

  • parvin dehghan

    how can i download it?

    • salman

      download option is available see next to hreat sign.

  • Raymond

    im righting my christmas cards its so wonderful to hear this music thank you very mush