Uplifting Background Music – e.g. for Yoga, Study, Video – relaxdaily N°043

Another uplifting relaxdaily background music instrumental. Use this one for your yoga, as study music, as music for video, or put in into a different playlist, that makes sense to you. Do you agree, that my lastest music creation brings both worlds together: it tries to be inspiring, light and uplifting, or positive and motivating WHILE being relaxing, peaceful and calming or soothing.

Is that possible at all? Comment your opinion about that, or simply comment how this piece of music makes you feel, what you like about it, or how you use it. I hope this one enables you to set you in a good mood, perhaps being able to focus on a specific task (try it while doing mental work, while studying or doing homework, or while gaming e.g.)

I hope you enjoy,

Michael (relaxdaily)

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  • Umairakram Ch

    done great job


  • charitha