Slow Down – Peaceful and Soothing Background Music Instrumental – rdn044

SOOOO, this is a peaceful and soothing background music instrumental. Slow, soft and calming. NOOO, wait, it’s piano music. MMHHM…no, it’s a perfect meditation music, …or yoga music? AAAHHH…Dude, when you know me, you also know my vision: I’m here to supply you with something that’s too rare on our planet. Something that can help you to slow down a bit. Make you stop rushing, make you breathe again, rest for a while. Make you aware of something important. What? It’s something different for everybody. Just take some minutes for a timeout, relax and find out.


Logbook: It’s March, 27th, 2012 // 3:14pm L.A. time // my home studio in Weilerswist (near Cologne, Germany):

This is relaxdaily track N°044. It took me just one day to create it (Well, I don’t count a couple of approaches that went into the recycle bin between the last finished track and this one.) But after 7 months focussing on “relaxation music” I think I get more effective at creating these. I’m still on a journey to find my sound. I want it to be a mixture of “cinemetic”, calming and relaxing, not too boring to listen to, but also never distracting, when people use it e.g. as “music to study to” or as “work music”. I want my music to bring a little bit of peace in your life. We often forget how beautiful life is (or can be) on this planet. We must remember each other from time to time…

My tip: Don’t listen to the garbage in the news (TV, web, paper, radio) at all. I believe it affects our zest for life in a negative way. Yes, there is some shit out there. But we tend to over emphasize it more than it’s healthy. Since I reduced reading/ watching/ listening “the news” dramatically, I’m a happier man. You might try that too. Use your time instead to enjoy all the small wonders of YOUR life.

I hope my music can communicate some kind of peace and beauty to you.

Have a good week,

Always believe in yourself,


Michael (relaxdaily)


PS: I believe this track can, due to it’s character, work well as music for meditation, music for yoga, music to cool down after workout, also as work music, music to study to, music for homework, also as background music for multiple purposes, e.g. for the rest/ coffee/ tea/ lounge area in your office (only for cool workplaces – speak to your boss, if you don’t have some kind of chillout space at work). It can work as massage or spa music in professional facilities, as well as at home. If you want to use it in your video production, it would be kind of you, if you pay for usage by buying my Album Essence1. I can send you a written permission to use a relaxdaily track you like to the email you provide with a purchase via this homepage. …I can only continue to create good new music when I can earn some money with it. I don’t have a rich aunt ;)

  • Waverunner

    Thank you! This is refreshing, calming and encourages a positive attitude! Great job… keep the music coming.

  • Baci

    Nice. It doesn’t distract you when you study like other music does.  

  • dean

    thank you it is 23:30 here think you slowed my heart the music is just soooooooo beautiful i normally listen to vangelis but this now has my soul