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No need to hurry. This calm and soothing background music instrumental can be both, relaxing and inspiring. Use it wile working or while styding, while meditating, or while doing your yoga. Visit for more soothing relaxation music.


// April, 16th, 2012 // 2:32pm California time // from my homestudio in Weilerswist (Germany) // some mindfood:

I was partying hard last weekend. A friend turned 30. We celebrated like we did when we were 18: Loud and proud ;) I think we must celebrate milestones. Being 30 years on this planet alone can be one. And celebrating with friends is just so much more intense than doing it alone or with strangers. Not sure, if we can dicuss such a thing here, but if you want, tell me in the comments what have been your personal biggest milestones so far. In different areas of life (professional, personal, family, friends, health, accomplishments, understandings, etc.). Perhaps your contribution can become an inspiration to others. Perhaps it can be a good exercise for you to review what you already achieved, to remember yourself that you live a good life.

Example: For me, it was a milestone to start this relaxdaily project. It took me so many years to seriously try to be creative within the relaxation/chillout genre. Until 2011 I thought my musical destiny is pure pop music. Why? Probably because as a young man you think this is where the money is. Possibly because you earn lots of credits with your friends when you succeed… Not anymore. I realized that my heart beats rather a calm groove – this is what I am. (there will be some uptempo smash hits coming out of my studio in the future, anyway, since I love good dance music too, but that’s a different chapter…) I enjoy creating this smooth stuff. And I hope to surprise you positively with some different, but still chilling tunes in the future. For now, just let’s create more of this relaxdaily sound…

PS: your comments always inspire me and guide me to new musical ideas. Thank you for this!

- Michael


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  • John Mark

    Thanks for this, very relaxing indeed! Thumbs up! :)