Slow Mood Music Instrumental – relaxdaily N°049

Enjoy this slow mood music instrumental to achieve deep relaxation whenever you need it. This slow music is so soothing, peaceful and calming due to it’s simple but beautiful melodies and instrumentation. Forget all stress for a while and get into a peaceful mood. This instrumental should also work perfectly as spa music and music for massage, as well as background music for various activities. You might also use it as work or study music or simply in your “music for relaxation” playlist.

Thank you for listening! This is an original relaxdaily instrumental. I try to upload new relaxation instrumentals every week, so join the channel, if this is something for you!

I also appreciate feedback of any kind. With your comment (critical comments are welcome — like „this is too xxxxxx for me, I like more of xxxxxx”) you help me to get better on my way to create the best relaxation music I am capable of.

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  • omar

    tahnx so oooo much I really need this….my name is omar from ksa

    • Michael

      Thanks Omar,
      I’m glad that it works for you ;)