relaxdaily N°054

Listen, watch and download relaxdaily N°054 here.

This is a special one. I really challenged myself with this tune and video: At this point I’m not able to pursue this project full time. So, while being on a job in Switzerland, I took my recording PC, a keyboard and some stuff that I need to create music with me. So, when I could take one day off, I drove deeper into the mountains and spent a full day capturing footage for the video. And inspired by what I saw, I came up with this tune and fully produced it in the hotel room the days after. Might be nothing special for you, for me it is. Makes me feel independent and free. I could go anywhere in the world and create music – what I love doing so much! …at least in theory. Hope you enjoy the tune and video!

N°054 download: This tune became part of the album “Season 2″ e.g. on iTunes.


Have a great time,

Michael (relaxdaily)


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