relaxdaily N°055

Listen, watch and download relaxdaily N°055 here.

Isn’t it super-smooth-dreamy-lovely? …in the video: some grass waving in the wind, on a summer evening somewhere in the Swiss mountains!

N°055 download: This tune became part of the album “Season 2″ e.g. on iTunes.


Good energy to you,

Michael (relaxdaily)


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  • dr. Martha Illes

    Dear Michael, I am from Hungary and very happy to find Your music. I am 62 years old and tired enough to listen to such nice music like Yours. Please help how can I get the next block which takes 2:36 hours and makes me happy and relaxed. Thank you in advance. Dr Martha Illes from Hungary, Europe

    (Slow, Calm and Peaceful Instrumental Music – smooth piano and guitar – relaxdaily N°055)

  • Victoria

    super music!!