relaxdaily N°057

Listen, watch and download relaxdaily N°057 here.

This one comes with a very simple “grass waving in the wind” video, which I captured on an evening in the fields close to my home. Hope you enjoy the tune!

N°057 download: This tune became part of the album “Season 2″ e.g. on iTunes.


Good energy for you,

Michael (relaxdaily)


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  • Christina

    What a gift you offer, thank you so much

  • Maggie

    thank you for your joy and work , compassion and expression, peace and harmony comes with music such as you share . Live long and prosper :)

  • shanti kiran

    very nice music thank you

  • Freddy

    Is it possible to download the music sheet for the first song in this video? I really love it and want to play it on the piano. Thanks!

    • Michael

      Freddy, sorry, I don’t have sheet music for this one so far. I’m not good with notes ( I rather play what comes to my mind and tweak it until I’m happy), which is the reason why I can’t provide sheet music for every tune. The only sheet music I have so far is for N°025 (free – in this websites store section).

      • Frances

        Do you plan on creating music sheet for this song? I really like it too and I can’t stop listening to it. I really want to learn to play it. Or can you make a tutorial on youtube??

  • charitha

    Can you teach meplaying guitar?