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Peaceful relaxation music for chilling after work, doing your daily yoga, meditating like Buddha; Background music instrumentals as a soundtrack while reading, studying, for creative work, relaxing, or just being yourself.

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Every track has a number in it’s title: the “rdn”  (relaxdaily number) . So when you search for a specific song, that you liked on YouTube for example,  you can always refer to it’s number to find it here in the audio player. This is also the place where you can download the music. For now it’s for free.

It’s up to you how you make use of relaxation music. Some say they can sleep better after listening to soothing music. Some say they like to listen to some calm tunes while working, learning or studying, doing their homework, or their household chores.

I’ve written a short article about how peaceful relaxation music can help to increase self-awareness and how it can be a contributor to a happy and healthy you. Perhaps you have 5 min to read it and contribute in a comment what you think about the topic.

Listen and download rdN°1-10

Listen and download rdN°11-20

Listen and download rdN°21-30

Listen and download rdN°31-40

How to download:

When the track you like is playing, simply right-click on “download mp3″. Click “Save link as…” and choose the location where you want to store the song on your computer. Perhaps you want to create a new folder within your music folder named relaxdaily first.

Try the pop-out player:

By clicking on “pop-out player” the player, well, pops out. This is good for when you want to browse this website or close it, but still want to listen to a playlist. Just try it.

If you’d like to use/sync a relaxdaily track in a project of yours (web, video, TV, movie, advertisement, etc.)  please contact me through the contact form or through email (see contact page).

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  • Martin

    Best music to my heart. This music is incredibly beautiful. You are extremely talented. Thank you for your work.

  • Denise Dare

    Totally appreciate the good you are sharing with the world.

    Your music and intention to help people relax is incredibly healing and so powerful.

    Thank you for all you do, and for shining your light, Michael!

    Peace, Love & Relaxation :)

  • Ann

    Beautiful Music Ever!!! I’m quite stressfull with my mum has got cancer now I’m keep listening to your music everyday, your music is sooting and cheer me up to fight with it. Thank you so much :)

  • Kris

    Thank u so much as ur music helps to release tension during work….
    I have a happy mood every day when i start my computer and turn on ur music.

  • Marin

    Thank u

  • Maz S

    Thank you,thank you, thank you – your music is a blessing

  • agi fang

    i love all….. thank you thank you for all.. im feel good…..

  • Tricia

    Thank you! Your playlist really helps me relax.. I feel at peace.

  • lala

    what is the music in Beautiful light music which has been posted on youtube?

  • Raju M

    great music thx

  • Dimas Hernanda

    Thanks,Great Relax Music…,Visit

  • Linh Pham

    Thanks you! Listening to your music makes me feel like being rescued.
    It very has a good impact

  • Shiva Hasanpour

    Thank U…. Thank U so muchhhhhh :* <3

  • Yoris Garfield

    Your music is very nice. I really enjoy it. thanks for that, you did a great job. :)

  • Ernesto

    Simplemente EXCELENTE!!!! Gracias por compartir tu trabajo.

  • paysan

    Great job. May you find light in God’s light (Psalm 36.9).

  • arsham

    love your music! thanks a lot it is awesome.

  • Estya

    Your music inspires me ><!

  • Gojko

    Virtuous & excellent music!

  • Rex

    I have found it atlast. Thank you God for giving us relaxdaily.

    • Rex

      I think I should still buy your album with these songs , though I get these songs for free( except for that beautful youtube mix ) . this is a very small support that I can show for a wonderful musician.

  • abed

    I can’t study without this music ,,,,, thanks a lot …. It’s very inspiring .. :D

  • Efren

    Thanks for this beutiful relax music, I really enjoy, it helps me to work in my computer peacefully. Muchas gracias por esta hermosa música de relajación.

  • fitri kamil

    really really nice music… every part of my heart touched by your music. keep up the good work.. love it…

  • Prerak

    This music is awesome! Thank you so much!

  • Jen Oliveros Garcia

    Thank you for sharing your music. So relaxing :)

  • Liese

    Love this site ! I listen to the music when i’m going to sleep.
    Thank you, relaxdaily! Thank you that i found you :)

  • Junewlooi

    I have never purchased any music from itunes and never will. Your music is amazing and it helps me to relax when I study or sleep. You’re also generous enough to let people download your hardwork for free on your website. I’m making an exception for you. I’m purchasing your music from itunes to support your hardwork ! Keep doing what you’re doing because your music is amazing :)

  • Ken Rhomuel Amores

    Thank u so much for making such peaceful music :D ….I use it for personal recreational activities Thank u so much, keep it up and God bless

  • HellScre4m

    Great Musics!!

  • Thank you very much. The music are awesome!


    Best place on the web to find study or chill out music without the pill

  • Kettzy

    Wonderful music! I am so glad to have found this place.

  • Tan Swee Hock

    rdn5 & rdn10 are such amazing tunes! Unbelievable heavenly tunes that made possible by you. Thank you – Swee Hock

  • amir

    oo my god.thank you thank you and:)

  • Yan

    Thank you very much for this kind of music, because is genial and the web too =)

  • Maha

    Thank you for sharing. It helped me in my studies. Means a lot :)

  • anjan kumar

    i started thinking postive and started doing new things !!!love these tracks specially rdn005 its gi8…