Playlist: Relaxation Music with Slideshow

Playlist: Relaxation Music with Slideshow

A YouTube playlist with relaxing music. This one contains all the slideshow videos (relaxdaily music with changing pictures) I made so far. If you like to watch beautiful pictures while listening to relaxing music, this playlist is for you.

Listen and watch the playlist for one hour or just zap through the content to get an impression what this collection is about.

I would really love to create a slideshow or even a real video with footage with beautiful nature sites for every relaxing track I record, but this simply takes a lot energy. I rather try to give you a new tune every week. But who knows, perhaps opportunities will arise and you’ll get more “real relaxing music videos”  in the future. Stay tuned!

If you like to download a track, just find out it’s “rd-Number” (it’s in the title of the track; you might play around with the player until it’s shown).  Then you can download it on the download page.

You  might also listen and watch the Introducing Relaxdaily playlist with ten tracks that are liked most by others.


Relaxdaily: Peaceful music instrumentals for joga, meditation, gaming, studying, being creative, relaxation and more.


  • Mai

    I love this music:)

    • Michael

      Cool, thanks ;)

      • Patrick Thomas

        i love your music

        • Remco Jumelet


  • Dora Babu

    Just feel like in Heaven….
    Real cool music.

  • lamine

    your peace creativity is really peace and we need peace! Good or god djob what you want ;). Peace for all thats a real djob. Respect.

  • joy

    nice music

  • Siegfried

    wow, gives good vibrations

  • Julio

    Fantastic! I use this while with my patients, and they love it!

  • danville

    I found peace… really relaxing music…thanks.. may good god bless you!!!

  • Maria

    beautiful!!!!! love it ! love it !!!!!

  • MR.G S.RAO

    mr.michal – really i love your music – after Mr.Ravishankar (sitar-instrumental india) & shivakumar sharma – G.S.RAO (INDIA-VISAKHAPATNAM)

  • a badger relaxing

    In a busy and stressfull period your music takes me to wonderful places.. Just amazing

  • vc


  • Patrick Thomas

    yay! :)

  • Patrick Thomas

    I subbed you on youtube! :)

  • Nishitkumar

    Hey Man…i am highly fascinated by your Sounds…It makes my Every Morning…Hats Off..God bless you.

  • lovemistr

    Great songs, but in 432Hz is better.

  • Arti

    your 3rd track :) am so much … am speechless… its amazingly beautiful :)

  • David

    Beautiful Music>>

  • olliksalat

    your music is so beautiful i can listen to is all night

  • Joyce Crawford

    I find such comfort and peaceful energy in your works. Which one has the cows in the Swiss Alps?