relaxdaily N°072

Listen, watch and download relaxdaily N°072 here.

A beautiful piano melody wrapped in a relaxdaily arrangement. Comes with beautiful nature scenery from Tuscany (Italy). Hope you enjoy the music and the video!

N°072 download: This tune became part of the album “Season 2″ e.g. on iTunes.


Have a great time,

Michael (relaxdaily)


© 2011-2015, relaxdaily

  • Albert

    What’s the name of the song? Please

    • relaxdaily

      Albert, it’s N°072 by relaxdaily.

  • fred

    can’t wait for a buy or download link or something, this song is heavenly bro!

  • Made in Italy


  • Jess

    Stunning music. Thanks so much for the post.

    Here’s another nice one which I love –

  • Varun Immanuel

    brilliant combination of sounds

  • Dandelion Beautymist

    Can you tell me how to download Ocean Breeze? I can’t find the link to download it. Please reply.

    • Vlad GURDIGA

      I would surely want to buy “Ocean Breeze” too — just because it’s awesome. Just in case here it is on YouTube:

      • Michael Fesser

        Thanks Vlad. I think I’ll make it available on iTunes and some other places later this year!

  • raquel

    I stumbled on you site by chance while looking for soft music to play while I worked. I was so wrapped in your music that I did not realize I had worked through the night. It’s 4 am and I am still awake. Thank you for your beautiful music. It is indeed a pleasure to listen to it.

    • relaxdaily

      Good to hear that Raquel! Some use my music to relax from work, and some for a relaxed working session. That’s great ;)

  • Greg

    Awesome music. Thanks!