relaxdaily N°016

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A calm and peaceful instrumental music track: The remastered version of N°016, one of my very early relaxdaily tunes. Use it e.g. for your evening, yoga, reflection, meditation, or simply for your relaxing music playlist.

The video is made of a sunset scene I was able to capture on another beautiful evening while spending a few days in Corsica during the summer of 2015.

Hope you enjoy,
Have a great time,
Michael (relaxdaily)

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music and video © 2011-2016, relaxdaily

  • soroosh

    Dear Michael!

    I do not know how I can appreciate your wonderful musics. I do not know how much effort and time you have dedicated to establish your musics… I am sure your musics reflect the condition of your heart which is tremendous to me. Your musics remind me this quote that I have learned, which proclaims “The bird seeketh its nest; the nightingale the charm of the rose…” Like your musics which sit down to man`s heart. I often time listen to them during workout, driving, and also when I spend my time at home. These types of music take me into depth, and I become closer to my essence and existence, and I also can meditate well. I am looking forward to hearing your new musics…

    My warmest regards to you,