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Let’s start the new year with this new tune. It’s a bit more uplifting than the average relaxdaily music piece, with a calmer middle section.

The video is a result of a full day hike (partly with snow boots) in the Austrian Alps just a few miles south of the German boarder (Tyrol region). You can see “Zugspitze”, Germany’s highest peak in at least one scene (03:25, the mountain on the left side – not looking really that big from that perspective and through the lens I choose. Btw, the alpine lake “Seebensee” you see in the front is at a 1650m altitude).

If you want to hike to the lake yourself during the winter months, be aware that the trail officially is a summer trail. There’s always danger of avalanches. You can take the “Ehrwalder Almbahn” (gondola) to cut miles and spare hiking time when starting at the nearby village Ehrwald. Check their opening hours when planning a trip!
On the way down, with the sun almost setting behind the mountains I was able to capture a frame with beautiful light and look, which became the end scene for the video. Back home I created the music while watching the footage again and again. I still remember the cold and fresh air when looking at these images.

Hope you enjoy both, the music and the video,


music and video © 2014, relaxdaily

  • Katie

    Simply beautiful. Your music never ceases to make my soul smile. Thank you, Mike! :-)

    • Michael Fesser

      Thank you. Happy to hear that Katie!

  • giovanni13

    Beautiful as always!! Thank you so much!

  • Danuta Wiśniewska

    Piekna muzyka do medytacji…relaksu…dziękuję i pozdrawiam…Danuta z Torunia…Polska

  • Danuta Wiśniewska

    Dziekuję także za przepięknie sfilmowane pejzaże przyrody…

  • charithatsk

    I am charithatsk,you always send me notifications for every music you create.l am very thankful for that Michael sir.I feel that your 96&97 are good but the previous ones are very well done. For the first time I was onto internet I just knew your music. Your creations gave me spirituality and now I don’t what your music is going to make me. Thank you sir once again.

  • charithatsk

    Michael sir without you and your music their is development in me. Thank you Sir.

  • Ben

    One of the best tracks among Michael. It’s like welcome song to the nature. Espcly between time 1:18-3:00. I used to play it when gng hilly areas