relaxdaily N°098

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Here comes N°098. Another positive and light relaxdaily tune, which comes in two energy versions. The “beatless” version ( exclusive) is for those who enjoy an even calmer relaxdaily music experience. Try both and tell me which one you prefer!

I could capture the footage for the video during an early morning walk through a little but very green forest in south Germany last autumn. Don’t know exactly why I feel attracted to walking through forests (the nice to the eye ones). Probably the peace, calmness, and contrast to developed city areas that makes me coming back agin and again.

…Let me know if you like the music or the video, or simply share your thoughts or feedback.

Hope you enjoy,

Good energy to you,


music and video © 2015, relaxdaily

*for personal use

  • charithatsk

    SORRY for commenting on 97&98.You the best in creating this music sir. Thank you.

  • risen1221

    another masterpiece =)

  • ve

    For me, the beat in the original version give kind of encouraging feeling, while the
    beatless version brings more soothing feeling as if freed the mind.

    I personally like the beatless version which somewhat gives freedom to free my mind, without ‘the boundary’ from the beat.

    Yet, both are as great, just depend on the listening mood, I guess…
    Well, it’s just an opinion, my apology if it sounds odd….

    Thanks for another great piece you’ve shared!