relaxdaily N°099

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So, this is N°099. Another calm relaxdaily tune with lots of positive energy, made with love ;)

The week before creating this one, I spent 7 wonderful days in the Alps with friends. Lots of snow, beautiful mountain scenery, blue sky weather, snowboarding and partying. I had a terrific time with my friends, made new ones and made memories I’m sure I won’t forget in this life. Why do I tell you this? Because I believe that much of the tune is inspired by the wonderful memories I made that week. The tune is like a cocktail of a calm and relaxed mood & the beauty and magic of life.

The footage for this video is what I could capture during walks through forests in Austria back in autumn 2014. Thought it fits pretty well and hope you enjoy it!

Good energy to you,


music and video © 2015, relaxdaily

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  • Yasmin

    Beautiful video, like always :)

    • Michael Fesser

      Thank you Yasmin!

  • Robin J. Brown

    Michael… I feel blessed to not only hear but visually experience your art!

    • Michael Fesser

      Good to hear that Robin! The videos are an add-on. I’m a musician at my core, but putting the music in context with nature-style video makes sense to me.

      • Robin J. Brown

        Well, then keep up the music because it works so well with the moving visuals. Your visuals should influence your music… even more so over time as it already has! Good luck, Michael!
        To me, your videos and music are ONE!