relaxdaily N°102

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So, this is N°102. Another calm relaxdaily tune.

I used my acoustic guitar on this recording. To my ears it sounds very light and natural, which I think is great for a relaxing tune. Only thing is that I can’t play it as well as the electric one. Well, I think I simply must practice more, so I can make use of it more often on future relaxdaily recordings…

The video features a few scenes I could capture during my recent Corsica trip. It’s a wonderful island in the Mediterranean sea belonging to France. I was so lucky to being at the right time at the right place: In the first scene you can see the sun rising behind the mountains. I got to the place only a minute before that happened, pointed the camera, hit record, and the sunrise happened only seconds after that. …Cool, so we can enjoy this view now together. Then you can also see some plants and flowers of the region, receiving their part of sun’s energy, before we go closer to the sea and have a look on a small beach, surrounded by fresh blue sea water.

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