relaxdaily N°104

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So, this is N°104, another light and positive relaxdaily tune.

About the creation:
With this one, capturing the video footage happened first. On a good weather morning this May I found myself in front a little peninsula called Capo Rosso in Corsica, France. I didn’t know what to expect exactly. Like always, I just wanted to discover and capture some nature beauty for another relaxdaily video. In the end it was an 8-hour long hike/ video shoot, pretty exhausting mostly because I took too few water with me, but one that definitely was worth it. I saw wonderful landscapes, had some time to swim in crystal-clear water to experience the place from one more dimension, and met many kind people along the way.
Back at home I simply had to create a rather inspired relaxdaily tune around these pictures. So this maybe might work well with your “good morning” playlist?
Anyway, I hope you enjoy the music and the video,

free* background pictures pack for your desktop computer (5 UHD images from the video):

Music: I made this tune available also on iTunes, as well as on Amazon, Google Play and Spotify.

music and video © 2015, relaxdaily

*for private use

  • Squiggy Foster

    You make good videos. I love this channel, because it’s so calming and its so nice to hear nice and relaxing music. I hope you see this.

    • Michael Fesser

      Thank you for your feedback! Good to hear you enjoy the music and the videos :)

  • Bao Pham

    Love your music Michael! I have been listening to new age music for 30 years and yours one of the best. Love N104, been listening to it for the last 4 days.

    • Michael Fesser

      Wow, thanks for the compliment Bao!

  • Ihsan

    Awesome . . really i used to listen to your musics