relaxdaily N°105

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So, this is N°105, another calm and light, but positive relaxdaily tune.

About the creation:
I haven’t been to Croatia in a while. But when checking the weather map looking for a sunny place to capture some nature beauty, the Croatian coast looked good to me. And after a short Google maps research I also found a destination: Google names it “Forest Park Golden Cape”, a small forest park and a few beaches, which is close to the town Rovinj.

So, on a Monday this June around 6pm, I grabbed my stuff, jumped into the car and off we went (me and my cam). 6 hours later, already south of Munich, I did a short stop for gas and a coffee and vignettes for upcoming roads. A night drive through Austria and Slovenia followed. Oh, Slovenia looked good from what I could see in the early morning hours. Should visit that country at some point as well. Then: Croatia finally. After a few more miles on the highway, I arrived in Rovinj around 7am. Disappointed that the sun was there before me (5am), and a bit tired but happy and excited to explore another place.

People were doing yoga, others were running (pretty sporty folks over there), some were already looking for a spot to hang out on a beach. I focused on capturing nature’s beauty.
Back at home I was inspired to create a rather calm and light music track around the images, one with some positive feel as well.
Anyway, I hope you enjoy the music and the video,

free* background pictures pack for your desktop computer (5 UHD images from the video):

Music: I made this tune available also on iTunes, as well as on Amazon, Google Play and Spotify.

music and video © 2015, relaxdaily

*for private use

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