relaxing music enrich lifeRelaxing Music: How Music can Enrich Our Lives



I realized that not every music tagged as relaxing music or music for relaxation sounds and feels the same and is able to provide relaxation to everybody. Just like there are different artists with different visions; there are different audiences with different tastes and needs.

There are multiple ways to find one’s perfect „music to relax“. The thing is that oftentimes what I search for doesn’t really have a word for it. It’s not easy to describe whole songs – in all its dimensions – with one or two words (a title, a genre or a tag). I believe that what is considered to be relaxing is not really bound to a specific genre or to a specific artist. Sometimes one specific song can make you feel relaxed though it’s tagged „pop“ or is performed by an artist that mostly does rather activating music.

But there are also artists and musicians who focus part of, or their complete resources (time, energy, money) to create music that is meant to slow down. Often such music is tagged as Chillout, Downtempo, New Age, Easy Listening, Beautiful Music, Smooth Jazz, Ambient Music, Relaxiation Music/ Music to Relax/ Relaxing Music, or peaceful, calm, soothing, smooth, gentle, ethereal, reflective, dreamy, atmospheric, etc. Such music rarely can be found on mainstream radio or on the billboard charts. Probably it’s too smooth and peaceful for being chosen as a mainstream daytime soundtrack for our fast pacing society.


how relaxing music can enrich your lifeWhat would happen if we all slow down a bit?



Everybody knows it, but rarely someone responds to it: World speeds up. We’re supposed to be more effective in our jobs over and over again, produce more and faster for less money. Schedules are becoming denser. Some are overwhelmed with more tasks than they actually can accomplish. Skills are becoming irrelevant; new skills are expected to be learned in ever shorter time. Products are expected to be updated in ever shorter cycles. Everything is expected to be done by yesterday. Even children and young folks are expected to perform „better“ in many societies today. 

One could sum up: We’re striving for efficiency and diversity. Which I believe is almost perfect, because this is how nature in it’s most natural way works. Why almost? Because there is more than work and profession in a humans life.

What about family? What about friends? What about your body and your health? What about spirituality? What about safety, love, esteem? What about respect to other humans and nature? What about you: What about becoming more and more what you are – everything you are capable of becoming? Expressing and living out your interests, your talents, your believes. I believe all the above are important in a human life’s puzzle of becoming prosperous and/or happy.

You already established a great work life balance? Great! For the rest of us: How can we become less busy and more human again? Addressing more time for what really matters in our lives as a consequence.

life balance - yin und yangThe right balance – for a better you

I don’t want to sound preachy or foolish here. There’s just this feeling that, after industrialization, globalisation and the connection of almost everybody and everything via the internet, time has come for the next evolution: Maximum respect for the individual, for life and for the planet as a whole. We already begin to live in a more meaningful way than ever before. I believe that a good balance between being productive and relaxation, between being true to yourself and adjusting to circumstances or between self-interests and interests fellow men and our planet might have, makes a better world in the end. Your world. Our world.

Relaxing music – a soundtrack for your quality time

Slow, soothing, peaceful music, music that rather relaxes than activates can help to escape to a different place, establishing a mood in which you are able to step aside and think about your day, do a weekly review, or review your last year and try to adjust for future. Relaxing music shouldn’t necessarily make you tap your feet to a supercool groove. It should be able to slow you down in an enjoyable way creating a contrast to our fast pacing daily routines. What you do while listen to relaxing music in the end is up to you. Some just relax. Some do yoga or other exercises, some get a massage, some meditate. Some pray, some dream, some dive into a virtual game where they feel alive, some make future plans, some think about a problem or develop a (society changing) solution. Some mourn, some refill their energy cells. Some become creative.

There are many ways to come closer to a healthy you. I believe the world can become a better one with more happy people. People who know who or what they are and who live by that. Music can set the right tone to take your time to get there. Relaxing music can stop you to rush. It can be an initiator or a soundtrack for activities that make you feel being complete.

What about you? How does (relaxing) music affect your life? What relaxes you?

  • Afraaz

    I’ve always been looking for music that will help me when I am down or when I need to refocus and think. Relaxation music has helped me accomplish this. Thank you for making us this music and don’t ever stop making this music…..

  • Jeffrey

    Dear Sir, do you have a name? I just wanted to thank you for the free downloads. It has given me tremendous peace since I have been going through pretty tough times which eventually led to my, our divorce. Madeleine and I still love each other but our genetic make up comes in the way we live and it has been painful living apart. Your music have help me sleep and find solace and calm. Please continue as I am sure I am not the only one who receives the healing. I have made the compilation for Madeleine too and hop she finds the same peace as I have. Thanks…..

  • jeffrey

    Dear Michael, I found your name, keep up the good work. If you ever head my way to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Drop me a line and I would love to repay you. Thanks again

  • Guest

    I do not have words to describe this music…it is so peacefull, yet full of energy. I feel like I am meditating…all of my worries go away and I begin to enjoy the moment. In fact, I’m listening to No. 005 (my favorite from the few I have listened to since I found out about you earlier) right now as I am writing this! Thank you so much for this…!!

  • Pedro Tayama

    Your work reflects a lifestyle that connects with me at a really deep level….words cannot express everything…

  • Anke

    Dear Michael, completely agree with your article. I do hope that this celection of finest music will help me to find the right way in the here, the now, and the I ! :)

    • Michael

      Anke, I think, there’s no “right” way. There is just “your” way. And it isn’t a straight, easy way either. Experiments, set backs, turning points, questions and answers are all part of a journey to find out and live out what’s important to YOU. At least this is what I believe and live. It works great for me so far.

  • Silvia Perez

    I think we all live at different paces. Probably because of our daily activities. Some people rush more than others and don´t know how to balance work and relaxation. More often than not, we go faster than we can handle. But i think, one of the moments when we can all be in sync, is when we listen to relaxing sounds (music in this case). Maybe what relaxes me is different to what relaxes others, but it serves the same purpose. It connects us back to our inner rhythm, giving us back a sense of self-awareness, and also of others and of the world. For me, it reminds me the importance of rhythm, and of being conscious or mindful about myself and my own relaxing pace. It´s only at that pace when im creative and productive, and of course, happy.
    “Happiness is not a matter of intensity but of balance, rhythm and harmony.” (Thomas Merton)
    I use your playlists to work (i´m a translator) and it helps me concentrate. Danke sehr!

    PS. In the picture, someone who really knows how to relax…..

  • Tom and Nancy

    My husband and I just came across your site and am finding it wonderful.

  • Jennie

    It puts me in a scared space where I begin think more clearly and slow down a bit. It also heightens my experience when reading articles too.

  • oldman

    It’s not the destination that matters so much as the journey; take the time to appreciate ‘the view’ from wherever you are and give helping hand to those around you. You will be rewarded.

    • Michael

      that’s very true!

  • Beth A.

    Just found your site, I look forward to listening to all of your music. Very relaxing and beautiful…….thank you for sharing your soul.

  • Lucy

    Michael, this article introduces some very interesting new aspects that I have never thought about before. It made me realize that you are so right about the world’s demands. They can make us lose track of our own lives…what we want, how we like to live it. For a very long time I have not been able to wind down and truly relax. I am a college student who will be leaving this year and I am stressing lots about finding a job because the economy here is not great. But when I read your inspirational words and listen to your beautiful music it helps me to calm down a little. I still do not know what I want to do with my life but you have shown me that it’s OK to go out and explore all parts to life! I was thinking: I don’t know what I want, I like art, I like music, I like movies, I like gaming, I like animals. How can I choose just one? But then you helped me realize that life isn’t all about a career. Thank you very much and we all appreciate your kind wisdom so greatly so whenever you feel down just look back here. :) I am going to Canada soon so I can’t wait to try out skiing and (possibly) a bit of snowboarding! I wonder how many times I can fall off in three hours…

    • Michael

      In three hours, when you do it for the first time, I’d guess you will fall 20-60 times, depending on how active you are :) …I’m glad to hear that you are going to Canada for some adventure in the snow :) I started snowboarding two years ago, didn’t do any skiing before. The first five days have been hard. Hard on my wrists, elbows, back :) I would recommend to use some kind of wrist protection for the first time on the snowboard. Though, it’s healthier to fall on your elbows. They are stronger and don’t brake that fast. …my second season on the snowboard, then, was a dream. A great experience. Always great: to travel with friends, or make some on the way. …share some pics of your trip when you do it!

      …I wouldn’t blame the economy for anything. When you have the right attitude, good personality, some skills and are proactive, you’ll always find a job. There’s no need to worry about the future. Trust yourself. You will do the right decisions when an opportunity comes. Some might look less effective, some more effective, when you look back years later. But you are doing it your way. That’s what matters.

      • Rex

        Not only your music, but your words too inspire. What a wonderful gift from God.! IMHO, you should also start looking at delivering inspirational speeches/articles . all the very best.

      • Shi Min

        Totally agree; You inspire with your music and your speeches. Thank you for bringing wonderful music and words to all of us :)

  • Susanna

    I have tried to find good music to support my yoga training and then I found your website… WOW! Your music is perfect for this purpose and it makes me forget everything else in that moment. I also admire your lifestyle and your interests. It seems to be very rare in this busy world that at least somebody knows how to slow down a little!

    Keep up the good work :)

    -Susanna from Finland

  • María del Carmen

    Michael, coincido con tu artículo en un 100 por ciento! Saludos!

  • Carma

    Michael, I believe we are all guided to exactly what we need…when we need it. I was drawn to your site, the music enveloped me in such a beautiful and subtle way. I also think your music is resonating with many people since it feels so good to slow down our pace, slow down our breathing and align to the tempo of your music. I think you could call your music SoulFood as it is nourishes and feeds the soul as healthy foods nourish the body. I am a poet and an author. I’ve been asked to align my poetry with relaxing music. Would you be interested? Either way, thank you for sharing your creativity and positive outlook on life. The world is a better place with people like you in it!

  • majergigi

    Thank you for making us this music and don’t ever stop :) You and your music helped me a lot while I was writing my diploma thesis (work for my MA) In my case, the music really affected my creativity, I was really relaxed and the sentences just came and came :) I had 2 weeks when I had no internet connection and I stopped writing…. I didn’t know what was the problem (but now I know :D, the MUSIC, I really missed the music) While I listen the music I feel satisfied, it stops my everyday worries and helps me solve my problems.
    This article is very interesting, I agree with you!

    THANKS again!

    Agnes from Slovakia

    • Michael

      Very cool to hear this kind of feedback, Agnes. Great, that my music works for you! It encourages me to stay true to my style and continue to create new tacks ;)

  • thank you

    thanks a lot for compiling the playlists on youtube and providing them for free for all of us. they helped me immensenly in my final year studies.

  • Jonathan

    Hey Michael,

    I have been stopping in every now and then listening to your music and I always come away feeling like I experienced something special. I wanted to tell you make great, important music that is essential today in our increasingly sped-up world. This will become more and more necessary as time goes one. Thank you, thank you so much for your talent and your generosity.


  • Urmila

    Simply Beautiful and Peaceful! Thank you!

  • Tansel Adacan

    Your music is simply amazing. Really spot on. Helps to truly relax and switch off. Thank you

  • Ranim lahbib

    It’s just marvellous !! thank you so much and i wish you the best :)

  • trevortke

    Beautiful music and beautiful ethos behind it as well. Every blessing.

  • Kapil Verma

    First of all thank you for such beautiful piece of bright silence, silence beyond duality of sound and silence which is completely eternal in its nature,which blossoms while listening such music.This kind of music puts a full stop to the contrast behavior of our mind i.e. being judgmental and of commenting continuously when we are in the midst of any situation, the so called reptilian brain.
    Tons of gratitude for you and your creation……

  • rad

    Thank you! Its beautiful, simple & inspiring. Allows our thoughts to slow down and enjoy the moment.
    Much love from Malaysia

  • Peter Sopacua

    God bless whatever you did in every musics you created, so amazing to me and make me flyin’ to wherever I was dreamin’ on my mind. Greatest Love and peace from Indonesia.

  • Amrita

    I love your music Michael! Thank you SO much for it – for making it, for sharing it – every tune! :) I used to keep searching for beautiful, peaceful, relaxing music and when I found Relaxdaily, I knew I could stop searching. I found what I was looking for. So keep up the great work and thank you, once again, for not just putting your work out there for everyone to enjoy but for also being so generous as to provide it for free! Amazing :)

  • Andres

    Hi Michael,

    I wanted to take the time to thank you for you kind words and your music which never fails to inspire/relax me. I was reading one comment that you made on a video about writing down everything that is on your mind (worries, concerns, happy things, etc), after having done it I can say that my mind was emptied and very clear. For the first time in a long time focusing was easy and a lot of things in life made sense, so thanks again!

    • relaxdaily

      Andres, thank you for this feedback! I found this tool (taking time and writing EVERYTHING down that’s on your mind) in David Allen’s GTD book. I still didn’t implemented his GTD [getting things done] system in a way I would like it in my life, but that before mentioned writing every thing down – tool/technique is something that helped me so much, that I really recommend it to everybody. A clear mind is freedom, isn’t it?

  • Anjana Relangi

    hey micheal , at last im glad that im here….your music helped me alot to relax myself. i am a restless person,interested in almost everything.i really feel like my enthusiasm never ends..but visiting your website made me realise that its very important to slow down at times n enjoy everything u do.well,honestly u made my day or may be u changed my life. i wish if i could see how you actually come up with these beautiful instrumentals n arrange them into musical compositons. THANK YOU sir.

  • Laurie Garrander

    Actually was reading the mindfood section while listening. The music does touch on various areas of ones own mind, body & soul. Not sure if it’s due to triggering a peaceful memory or perhaps a distant dream just waiting to be fulfilled. But one thing I can say with a decent amount of certainty, is the musical arrangements followed by the flow that somehow connects each song with a moment in the present… As a second passes by… Each song fills the essence of each second with a present form of peace. Thank you for this website and the sounds that harmonize with life.
    Sincerely in Tune,
    Laurie Garrander

  • Grateful guest

    I just stumbled across this site, the music and article. I think the article is very well written and is 100% valid. We spend so much time now on hyper-speeds, multitasking, constantly on the go… its critical that we take time to relax. It will become more and more of a necessity… people will need time to relax simply because we will forget what that is like. Thank you very much for the site, and the article. Namaste

  • stephan

    Music is like the air we breath, its just more silent and we cannot control that.

    I Love Michael’s music , and i believe his music its the cure of depression and stress.
    It motivates you , inspires you , relaxes you , i mean you can focus on what your doing really good and live a happy life with it :P


  • harry

    Really Good this has striken my dead nerves of the brain

  • Stacey Buffett

    Michael, you speak the truth – your truth and (I believe) ultimately, that in which man kind is either striving for, or forgotten.
    I agree with you, whole heartedly :)
    I appreciate your dedication in bringing truth, meaning, peace, inspiration and an over-all balance to the world.
    For those who have found you so far, I’m sure would agree, feel blessed; for everything you and your work stands for, is nothing short of a blessing.
    I find your music relaxing and uplifting, at the same time; not only benefiting me, but also my cliental – it helps everyone :)
    Music is a lot of things; ultimately, people will decide whether they like it or not, by the way it makes them feel.
    Your music, Michael, makes me feel free, calm, alive, inspired, thankful, grounded, centered and whole :)
    Thank you for the creations you have made and shared with us all. Keep up your wonderful talent, please! ;)
    Warmest regards,
    your fan,
    Stacey :) x

  • Ceina

    Michael, thanks for sharing…. I love meditating with these sounds. So inspiring !!!! Here is one of my paintings done from my inner feelings while …. just ….listening….. I also play your music with my students at school….( I`m a teacher of English and drama) Celina

  • Andrew

    For the hearing, there is no single sound more beautiful… more alive… than music. We each may react differently to the same piece of music, but we are still connected together because listening is a shared experience, even if we are separated by time and distance. One plays, the next listens. And so it goes. Your music, intentional or not, is one of the finest examples I have ever heard of that illustrates why music should be shared.

  • Ivan

    yes, music transforms souls and hearts.

  • Ivan Lastra Yong

    Obviously music changes minds and specially, this kind of melodies keep in calm people’ souls. Thank you Michael for this, when listening to relaxing music I can really meditate, paint, create, chat and more. :)

  • Cătălin

    You, my friend, are changing the world :) Thank you!

  • Ismat H

    Music is an escape for me. It takes me places where I can truly be with myself. Listening to relaxing music is like being in a beautiful dream I never want to end. By the way, I truly enjoy listening to your music. Your music reflects how you view life; it’s like every note of your music creates a story of peace, tranquility, joy and so much more. I love taking nature photography and I wanted send you one as a token of my appreciation for your music, enjoy!

  • Cindy

    You have a beautiful vision of life and your pictures are as amazing as your music combinations. I can’t agree more that balance is the key few humans ever achieve its my contention its because we are taught to be too much in our heads and not enough in our hearts. Spirit leads us to God God leads us to truth and truth leads us to our reason for being here. With all sorts of degrees II teach Zumba, Tai Chi and Qi Gong so I’m in perpetual motions its my art and release. However, my balance is nature and all things peaceful. Life isn’t hard being human is hard. Spirit is always ready to party and play. Thank you I really love your music. Tell me how you do your video’s I love them and the music boosts my spirit and calms my mind.

  • al

    Thank you for your beautiful music. It has made my day more beautiful..

  • Sarah

    Your music and videos are absolutely amazing. I have never found music that relaxes me like yours does. Especially N-079. Thank you so much!

  • Madan

    Thank you for this wonderful creation of yours. May the Lord bless you to continue creating such beautiful music and help many souls to start living a meaningful life.

  • Rajarshi

    Ever since I have found your videos in youtube, I have been hearing them work..after work… time and time again…. thanks a lot for the service you are providing to the world..God bless.. :)

  • Cynthia Cormier

    Thank you, Michael, for your music. Each note is like a stepping stone on our personal journey music, balance and focus allow each of us to hear what we need at that moment along the path.

  • Vtl

    This music is perfect for me. I love the one with pictures from Tuscany, Italy. I wish that every artist could share with us just one composition that will be so relaxing and enjoyable so this world will have less violence. Please share it everywhere!

  • Geralyn

    Hi Michael…your music is beautiful…I believe you hear in a realm most of us never slow down long enough to listen to…Christ Jesus, who is the Chief Musician of all, gives us beautiful music and if we sit down long enough to listen, we may hear what He is orchestrating in the heavenly place where He resides…and may even hear Him speak to us…your music combined with reading the scriptures has been truly encouraging…I thank God Almighty for giving you what I have been dreaming of doing myself…thank you for sharing what He gives you…Blessings

  • Geralyn

    PS…you won’t have another life after this one…this is the only one you will get…I encourage you to get to know the one true God and savior Jesus Christ who gives to all the gifts and talents we have…More revelation of who He is, to you…

  • Remco Jumelet

    I wonder how you did it :-)

  • Dipranjan Handique

    Thank you very very much! your music helps me a lot when I messed up and gives me extra energy to work. God bless you.

  • Sutapa Mazumdar

    “time has come for the next evolution: Maximum respect for the individual, for life and for the planet as a whole.”


  • Bryan

    Muchas gracias por hacer musica tan maravillosa que le sirve tanto a la gente, te lo agradezco muchisimo, saludos desde Colombia