Relaxing Music Playlist: Introducing Relaxdaily

Relaxing Music Playlist: Introducing Relaxdaily

This is a YouTube playlist with ten relaxing music tracks that should introduce you to what relaxdaily is about. It should be a good playlist when you want see and listen for yourself or introduce friends to relaxdaily.

After starting the playlist you might zap trough the content until you find something that you like.  All tracks are numbered. You can find these numbers in the audio player where you can download individual tracks for free if you want.

As I create new music every week this playlist might evolve over time to represent what I do as good as possible. Thank you for listening!

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Relaxdaily: Music for relaxation, meditation, yoga, for work and studying, peaceful background music and more.

  • sara

    Thank you so very much for sharing your lovely music. It is really refreshing to listen to while i work or when i want to rest.

  • Baligood

    My favorite (=