artist application

Artist Application

In the months and years to come, we want to open our platform to fellow music creators.

If you create music that fits the general relaxdaily vibe, you're an independent music creator with all rights to your material and are interested in growing together, we would love to hear from you.


The grand idea is to bring together like-minded artists and music fans in a beneficial way to everyone.

We want to feature additional artists here on, the relaxdaily YouTube and Soundcloud channels and our social media channels with the aim to grow together.

If you and your music are in line with the general vibe of the project and your sound is different to what already exists here on, we're all ears to hear from you.


Next step: Fill out the form below. We go over applications at the end of each month and will get in touch when we feel you could be the next relaxdaily featured artist.  As a fair note: Selection process will be very tough. We're looking for only one or two artists, to begin with. The goal is to establish a few meaningful long-term relationships. So, please no bad karma in any direction, regardless the outcome.

In any case, thank you for your interest. Keep creating the best tunes possible!

Note: Fields marked "*" are required. Additional info about you and your music can help us find who we're looking for, though.

artist application

  • Public links only - for example a link to a Soundcloud playlist. We don't accept unsolicited material in the form of digital files that haven't been published so far for the purpose of this application process
  • Click yes if you compose and record your music 100% yourself.
    Click no when one of the following applies: your work is based on other artist's copyright, other's recording rights (tracks/samples/collaborative creation), also when you are with a Performance Rights Organization, or when you are signed with a publisher or a music label. If you select "no" you can optionally explain your situation in the free field below.