Michael Fesser is a musician, composer and recording artist. Best known for his mostly calm instrumental music he releases on YouTube, SoundCloud and relaxdaily.net.

Following his dream of becoming a full-time musician, Michael visits the ASCAP EXPO in Los Angeles in 2011, where he meets YouTube musician and artist Tay Zonday. Both collaborate on Tay's EP "Chocolate Rain 2.0" and the single "This Is You". The weeks spent in California are influential. Michael learns first hand the concept of being a creator on YouTube and the web. Seeing creative people living out their own thing successfully is inspiring enough to start creating the relaxdaily music series.

Michael is partly an autodidact, learning about music by ear and experimenting with chords and sounds on the keyboard and the guitar. But he's also learning about music creation and production from books, tutorials, taking lessons, courses (Berklee Music Online) or by watching others create, play and record.

Michael studied Sound Engineering at the SAE College in Cologne and sees himself as a hybrid artist who connects playing instruments, developing/composing music and making recordings sound good. He's currently recording music with a MacBook and Logic. Former DAWs have been Cubase, Reason, Protools and Reaper (Reaper and a PC was a wonderful production base for relaxdaily tracks N°001-107). Michael's most favorite sound engine: Spectrasonics Omnishpere.

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