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I'm new to relaxdaily. What do you suggest to listen to first?

Welcome to relaxdaily! In the audio section select 'albums' and give 'Season 3 - Best Of' a try  

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How to play back a tune on mobile?

See video above. Be aware that on some mobile browsers, also depending on your network, it can take a few seconds until a track starts playing. Usually the load time gets much quicker when playing a tune a second time due to browser caching.

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How to play back a tune on desktop?



How to remove tracks from the player?

The player is a keeper. It keeps in its list every tune, album and stream you click on. Just check the list icon in the player after e.g. playing back an album. If you need to clear that list you can do so with that little eraser icon.


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When to use shuffle/loop in the player?

You find these functions on the right side in the player on the bottom. Looping is good if you want to listen to one or a few tracks on and on and on... Shuffle is great e.g. to listen to a relaxdaily album, or the piano 'stream' (which technically is not a stream, but a playlist) for the gazillionth time and you like to hear a different/shuffled track order.

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How much data does playing audio create?

Like with the streams: About 1mb/minute on your side. That's 60mb/hour. When you listen for 1 hour daily, you'll create about 1.8Gb traffic per month. In reality there's additional (unwanted) data flow whenever you skip a track or select a new one while the current one is still playing. In most cases that's only relevant when you listen not via Wi-Fi but use your cellular data of your mobile internet plan. Also many browsers cache files, which drives data usage down. Ask a tech friend if this concerns you.

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How can you offer this for free?

For free and without ads. Well, like with the audio streams (morning, focus, sleep), the priority here is not to make money first, but to create something beautiful and to reach those who might benefit from my music. It's done best in a free model. Ads are not an option for what relaxdaily wants to be: A peaceful place without much distraction. If you find yourself benefitting from what we do a lot, I invite you to join and support me on Patreon.com. This is totally optional, but it helps us to keep doing what we do.

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I need a download/CD of your music

Relaxdaily music can be downloaded from Apple's iTunes Store, Google's Play Store and from Amazon. Simply search for the artist 'relaxdaily' there. CDs can be bought exclusively from our online shop. There's a separate FAQ section for our CDs here.

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