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Is your music copyrighted?

Yes, it is.

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Can I use your music in my video?

I'm sorry: I currently do not accept music use or licensing requests, so I can focus better on creating music and the project.

Tip: I created three 'free' tracks in multiple versions, that come with the needed right to use the music in your creations under some terms.

Some background info: In most jurisdictions when music is being embedded in video, there must be approval from the music copyright holders before the project goes public. This is handled differently with different music creators and companies.

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I used relaxdaily music in my video anyway, now what?

Ok, you're not alone. Music is part of our lives and therefore part of our videos we share on and off social media. Like stated above, without a proper approval from the music copyright holders, in most cases when you embed music in a video it's basically not legal.

In reality music right holders (usually people who created the music or their representatives) make use of digital rights management systems, that monitor and let pass certain kinds of usage. One of such systems is YouTube's Content ID. When you upload a video with relaxdaily music to YouTube, in most cases you'll get a Content ID claim, a copyright notice that states you are using relaxdaily music in your video. You should accept it when you don't have an official license to use the music. Here's what YouTube says about it: "In most cases, the claim is just to track or monetize the video, not to block it. So, your video remains live with those claims (but may have ads on it) and you can still share it with others." (https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/7002106 – see Content ID claims). We follow YouTube's advice and in 99% of the cases do not block videos. We might do so in cases where the video is not in line with YouTube's community guidelines.

Note: This is not a legal advice. No guarantees are given.

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I received a music claim by relaxdaily on YouTube. What now?

Similar to the above: Relaxdaily music is part of YouTube's Content ID program that monitors music use on the YouTube platform. Most artists and music labels participate in that program to secure their copyrights. When you use relaxdaily music in your video you'll receive a claim - a note that you use third party content in your video. When you licensed the music officially you can dispute the claim and it should get lifted. When you didn't license the music, you should accept the claim (a claim is not a strike). In most cases (there's no guarantee though) your video will stay online, but most likely you also won't be able to monetize your video, while YouTube and the music rights holders reserve the right to monetize it through ads.

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How is your relaxdaily music different to your 'free' music?

Creative wise the relaxdaily tracks are my artistic approach to slow down our world and lives a little. They are quite personal and made for a reason.
The 'free tracks' are recordings I made specifically for use in creative projects, because people keep asking about using my relaxdaily music in their projects, but I can't say yes to most requests that easily. 

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But I only need one relaxdaily tune for my school/edu project!

I invite you to make use of my 'free' music recordings.

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I bought your music on iTunes. Can I use it now in my video?

Thank you for supporting my music! A download from iTunes and similar music services is meant for you to being able to play back the music on your device(s) for your personal enjoyment (private use). Any further use (like use in film and video) is usually not covered by the terms of use of the music download service. 

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Do you create custom music?

I don't. I want to focus on this relaxdaily music project 100%. To get the best music out of my system. For you.

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