How to unlock the playlist functionality?

Playlists is a feature we reserve as a 'thank you' for our Patreon.com supporters only. With playlists you can group tracks from our audio section to a personal favorites selection to create for example a personal "morning", "yoga" or "dreamtime" playlist. You must be a relaxdaily patron and be logged in here with your Patreon account in order to access this feature.

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How do I log in with my Patreon account?

Click the orange Patreon button in the bottom left corner (open menu on mobile). Click the "Log In with Patreon" button. You'll be guided by on screen action. Back on relaxdaily.net you can access your personal member area at the bottom left again.

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How to create playlists and add songs?

You must be logged in as explained above. The rest is shown in the video below. Basically you look for the "+" icon that comes with each audio track that helps to assign the track to an existing or a new playlists of yours. You can create as many playlists as you wish.

On desktop you find the '+' icon in the audio section when hovering over a track thumbnail (not album). Also when you click a track name, you enter the track details page, where you find the '+' icon and some additional links as well.

On mobile you go to the audio section, click on a track and locate the '+' icon.



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Where can i find my playlists?

When logged in, click the members icon on the bottom in the menu. Select 'My Playlists'.


Find your playlist on desktop.




Find my playlist on mobile devices.


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How do I remove a song from a playlist?

Go to the track you want to remove from a playlist and hit the '+' icon exactly the way like you added the track. Simply hit the √ icon that shows that this track currently is part of a playlist to remove it from a playlist. You'll see a X icon when the track is not part of this playlist anymore. This can be switched on and off as many times as you like. Just make sure you do not hit the red "delete this playlist" unintentionally.

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How to delete a playlist?

This works a little counterintuitive. Simply go to any '+' icon you find with any track, click it. Then simply click on the red 'delete this playlist' and the playlist dissolves into the universe.

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Can I sort tracks after creating a playlist?

No. This functionality is not implemented yet. The tracks are sorted by when they are added to a playlist. Latest additions are on top. If you want a different order, simply create a new playlist (and delete the old one). A great way to mix up a playlist you like without changing the sorting is also to use the shuffle button in the bottom right in the player. Hit it while the playlist is running.

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