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What are the stream pages about?

The themed stream pages 'morning music', 'focus music' and 'sleep music' work like modern, digital radio stations. With a single click you can listen to an endless stream of themed relaxdaily music. Without ads.

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Can I skip songs?

Unfortunately, you can't. As of now my servers deliver the same stream of music to everyone listening at the same time. Like good, old radio, it's a group listening experience. You hear what Tony from Connecticut hears, as well as what Sally from UK hears. No skipping possible. If there's a track in a stream you totally can't stand, let us know, though.
The piano music page is an exception. It’s actually not a stream but a playlist. That one you can skip. Give it a try.

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Do you provide info on what's currently being played?

Yes. There's a button on the individual stream pages that says "stream info". When you click this one, the page refreshes and shows the latest info on what's being played. The info refreshes once in a minute.

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Do these streams really come for free?

I don’t charge for these. For you, the same internet costs may apply as with any web content you consume. We recommend listening via flat rate internet plans or via Wi-Fi.

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So, how do you make money on these, or how do you finance these?

Oh, that's a tricky one. On our side my try to keep costs down by using selected, not overpriced web server providers, by doing some of the IT work on my own and by Michael not charging any royalty payments (zero) on his recordings for these, which is true for the audio section as well. On the income side, well, we hope that enough listeners enjoy these so much so they make the decision to support us on Patreon.com, so we can continue to do what we do.

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How can I share a stream?

You can copy the URL you see in your browser and share wherever you want (email, text message, social media).

If you share what we do, it means a lot to us. We can not spend large amounts on advertisement and promotion.  But of course we want to reach those who can benefit from what we do. Thank you for sharing.

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On a mobile data plan (not Wifi): How many hours can I listen to with 1 Gigabyte of traffic?

Your consumption will be around 1mb/minute here. 1 Gigabyte gives you about 16 hours of listening time.

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I find the music repeats too often. What about more variety?

For the start, the streams are filled with my own music only. If you listen daily, we get you, you'll hear tracks repeating soon. Some people like that, some less. Here's the plan for the future: Michael promised to create new high quality music, which will be featured in the streams of course as well, as soon as it gets published. Also, if we find artists who fit our philosophy in the future, we'll add their music into the streams as well. So stay tuned, for an ever expanding sonic experience!

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