How to make the videos full screen?

See the small 'full-screen' icon on the bottom right in a video? That's the one you probably want to use. On desktops you can always go back to normal with the 'esc' key. Full screen mode is especially cool with the 'long-mix' videos. Either with music e.g. when you relax at the end of a day or without when you e.g. only need the visuals and want to hear something else.

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Can I watch a long mix video and listen to a different sound from the audio library?

On desktop computers, yes. Select and play e.g. an album from the audio section. Then go to the video section, select your long-mix video and make it full screen. On the bottom of the video player you adjust the video's volume to zero. Voila, you watch one video and listen to another album. Genius.

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Your video player is not as snappy as YouTube's video player. Why?

I chose Vimeo as a hosting service. Current pros and cons: The player is less responsive to scrubbing/navigating the timeline. It works great in most cases when you start a video and let it do its job, though. Because Vimeo is a service we pay for: Better perceived visual quality in most resolutions, less distraction, no ads.

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My TV/device does not display the videos on this website.

Currently not all TVs do. Quick fix: visit the relaxdaily YouTube channel, as this might work on your TV.
We (Nico and I) tried to make most of the site work on most devises (desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones), but not everything works equally on every device. We'll continue to work on compatibility. But keep in mind we're a very small team with limited resources. You're welcome to report when your setup does not work via the contact form. Let us know your device, OS, browser and version and optionally your streaming device (Chromecast; Apple TV, Roku, WiFi router ...) if it's part of your chain.

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