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This stream features selected tracks from my relaxdaily music portfolio. Currently, you hear music I recorded between 2011 and today. With a single click, the morning music play button (on the top of this page) makes available a continuous stream of music, played for you from our radio server in France.

I plan to add new tracks every month, as I continue to create new music for this stream and the other relaxdaily music streams. To make this stream even more diverse, I plan to team up with new and upcoming artists in the future. Stay tuned.


The Concept


A dedicated morning music stream is different to the average programming you can listen to elsewhere. Our morning music concept: Light and positive tunes to get your day started and going in a good mood. No ads, no breaking news, no distraction. Just the music and you. This mix might help you to listen to your inner voice more clearly. To find your flow. To keep growing as a human. To be yourself. Or simply to enjoy your day in a light-hearted way.

*the stream info above catches the current titles in an interval of 60 seconds. So when a new track starts, it can take up to 60 seconds to show the right track name. Also sometimes to make it visible the "stream info" link must be clicked.

Patreon Love


Yes, I love to share. And yes I depend on the goodwill of my listeners.

One way you can help is to share this page with friends who you think might enjoy this, too. I don't use social share buttons here. I need you to share this in person.

Another wonderful way to help me keep the stream alive is by joining me on Patreon.

Related relaxdaily CDs


CD versions of Ocean Breeze and B-Sides 1 are the ones, that represent the music in this stream best. Listen how they sound in my CD shop.

"We like listening while we sit outside on the patio with coffee in the morning and have lunch on the beach in the afternoon. Well done!"
Pat (Texas)

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