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new relaxdaily website

A completely new relaxdaily experience. A space to be filled during the years to come. The new

by Michael, June 28, 2017

I have been looking forward to this moment for a very long time. Finally, here it is. 

Compared to the old relaxdaily website this here is a totally new experience. One I hope you'll come to appreciate over time. Of course, it's a baby site right now. Just born, featuring music I created in recent years for you and with you.

So, why did it take two years in making and why do I believe is it so special?

Blame the long creation time on me. Because Nico, my website buddy, did a fantastic job. We both are do-it-yourself guys. So naturally, we did 90% on our own, which simply took time. The other 10% was done by developers we asked for help when we couldn't get done something on our own. Like the Patreon connect module which was coded by a developer from Sydney. Or an integration for the CD shop by a developer from Nigeria. Or fixes from developers from the US, Argentina, India, and help from many software support guys from all around the globe. Add server-side infrastructure managed in Germany, Mauritius, and Switzerland and you end up with a truly international project. Like the internet itself. And like the relaxdaily community as well. Which is beautiful.

This was a quite complex project, even if it might not look like it from the outside. So it took us a while to get where we are now.

Why do I believe this version is a special one? Because now you can listen to relaxdaily music in a natural and distraction-free way. On desktop, tablet and on your smartphone. You can listen to single tracks or to whole albums. Even better, with a click of a single button you can now listen to relaxdaily music for as long as you wish, 24/7. Try for example the morning music stream. 

Another requested feature was to make available relaxdaily music as CDs. If you're still into this format, you can now order CDs from our CD shop.

For those interested in using my music in their own videos, or in a film: There are now music use pages that will guide you. See also the music use FAQ to find out more about relaxdaily music and copyright.

The most beautiful thing though: This is just another beginning. There's a lot more to come:

  • - I'll continue to create the best ambient music I'm capable of
  • - There's at least one more audio category to be added
  • - And I'll reach out to fellow music creators to join this undertaking for more sonic diversity


The goal is that you end up with a very cool sonic tool. Something you can use as a soundtrack throughout your day.

My friend, I hope you enjoy one of the new features. You can always reach me via the contact form. Be it about feedback, something that does not work as expected, an idea, or just for a quick hello.

Oh, and I almost forgot: I just set up a relaxdaily page on Patreon. That's why you see that Patreon logo on this site a lot. This is something new and it's a big experiment for me. Maybe you join me there one day?

Have a great time,


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