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Piano music is special. Because the piano is such a special instrument. Since it's invention around the year 1700 it inspires and thrills composers, performers, and audiences. As a piano player, you can communicate so many different emotions and are able to create a soundscape for others to enjoy with only this single instrument. No band or multi-layered composition needed.

What I try to capture with my piano music is a rather intimate feel. I usually play for myself, oftentimes in the morning, sometimes in the evening. Sometimes I imagine playing just for you and ask myself how to create a cool soundscape for you to enjoy. Something light, dreamy, different. Sometimes I get carried away a little, I admit. This is music that's not to show off skills or reproduce famous work of long-dead composers. It's about music that floats gently through time and space with the purpose setting a relaxing tone for you. Basically: Piano music, the relaxdaily way.


Music Content


You hear recordings of my personal piano sessions, many of which are not available anywhere else. Also, there are some recordings of my public live sessions mixed in. Those selected ones that fit into this playlist best. New recordings will be added frequently, as I continue to explore this wonderful instrument.

Michael (relaxdaily musician)

*the stream info above catches the current titles in an interval of 60 seconds. So when a new track starts, it can take up to 60 seconds to show the right track name. Also sometimes to make it visible the "stream info" link must be clicked.

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"I agree with you, wholeheartedly. I appreciate your dedication in bringing meaning, peace, inspiration and an overall balance to the world. Thank you!"
- Stacy

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