Recap @ relaxdaily – July 2017

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Recap @ relaxdaily – July 2017

relaxdaily recap 2017-07 thumb 1200

A lot happened in the past weeks. In the video below I talk about what was probably most important to me and probably to most relaxdaily followers as well. A July 2017 recap powered by relaxdaily patrons.

A post by Michael from August 1st 2017


Already a few weeks ago the re-launch of this website you can now experience here was a major thing for me. Together with Nico I've been working on this one for over a year now. So, with this big project finally done, I can focus my energy on being creative again.

In June, I was able to create N°111 and N°112. The music, the nature style videos with footage from Sweden, and this time for both: Two behind the scenes videos, so you get a closer look on how the videos got captured. Find all four below:


N°111 - music and video


N°112 - music and video


N°111 - behind the scenes


N°112 - behind the scenes


I added a new hard drive to my main creative machine (my laptop): a tiny 1GB SSD hard drive, so I can continue working with images, audio, and video, as the internal drive constantly hit its limit.

new Laptop SSD

Creation Walkthrough

For N°112 I also did a music creation walkthrough for the first time ever. This is a patron only special. An additional thank you for the support I receive. You can see it in the relaxdaily feed on Patreon when you're logged in as a patron.

N°112 creation walkthrough


Patreon Page

Another huge thing to mention, because I activated it with the new website only a few weeks ago: The relaxdaily Patreon page itself. This is new for me and for the relaxdaily project. A huge experiment. And with it comes a huge hope and ambition: To create so much value with this music project, so that enough kind people are willing to support what I do. To make this project sustainable for the future. To be able to serve those who can benefit from what I do.

In the first month already over 20 generous people helped me fund this project. Big thanks and my love to you, my leaves, trunk, and roots!

Here's the relaxdaily tree I drew on my tablet for my Patrons:

That's it for July. August is here already. Let's give it some creative juice. Thank you for reading.

Have a great time,

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