How Relaxing Music can Enrich Your Life

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How Relaxing Music can Enrich Your Life

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I realized that not every music tagged as relaxing music or music for relaxation sounds and feels the same and is able to provide relaxation to everybody. Just like there are different artists with different visions - there are different audiences with different tastes and needs.

A post by Michael from January 2012

There is more than one way to find one’s perfect "music to relax". The thing is that oftentimes what I personally search for doesn’t really has a word for it. It’s not easy to describe whole songs – in all its dimensions – with one or two words (a title, a genre or a tag). I believe that what is considered to be relaxing is not really bound to a specific genre or to a specific artist. Sometimes one specific song can make you feel relaxed though it’s actually categorized as e.g. RnB, Soul or Funk, or is performed by an artist that usually creates rather activating music.
But there are also artists and musicians who focus part of, or their complete resources like time and energy to create music that is meant to slow down. Sometimes such music is tagged as Chillout, Downtempo, New Age, Easy Listening, Smooth Jazz, Ambient Music, Relaxing Music, or peaceful, calm, soothing, smooth, gentle, reflective, dreamy, atmospheric, etc. Such music rarely can be found on mainstream radio or on the billboard charts. Probably it’s too smooth and peaceful for being chosen as a mainstream daytime soundtrack for our fast pacing society.

What happens when we slow down a bit?


Take the fast and direct route or get off the speedy freeway and appreciate the scenic route, representing the importance of slowing down and enjoying nature and the finer things in life (image:

Everybody who has spent a few years on this wonderful planet knows: Our world speeds up. We’re supposed to be more effective in our jobs year over year, produce more and faster for less money. Schedules are becoming tighter. Old skills are becoming irrelevant, new skills are expected to be learned in ever shorter time. Products are expected to be updated in ever shorter cycles. Everything is expected to be done by yesterday. Even children and young folks are expected to perform "better" in many societies today. One could sum up: We’re striving for efficiency and diversity. Which I believe is almost perfect, because this is how nature in its most natural way works. Why almost? Because there is more than work and profession in a human's life.
What about family? What about relationships? What about your body and your health? What about spirituality? What about safety, love, esteem? What about respect to other humans and nature? What about you: What about becoming more and more who and what you truly are – everything you are capable of becoming? Expressing and living out your interests, your talents, your believes. I believe all the above are important in a human's life puzzle of becoming prosperous and/or happy.
You already established a great work life balance? Great! For the rest of us: How can we become less busy and more human again? Addressing more time for what really matters in our lives as a consequence.


The right balance – for a better you


balance - yin und yang
balance: yin und yang (image:

I don’t want to sound preachy or foolish here. There’s just this feeling that, after industrialization, globalization and the connection of almost everybody and everything via the internet, time has come for the next evolution: Maximum respect for the individual, for life and for the planet as a whole. We already begin to live in more meaningful ways than ever before. I believe that a good balance between being productive and relaxation, between being true to yourself and adjusting to circumstances or between self-interests and interests fellow men and our planet, makes a better world in the end. Our world. Your world.



Relaxing music – a soundtrack for your quality time


Slow, soothing, peaceful music, music that rather relaxes than activates can help to escape to a different place, establishing a mood in which you are able to step aside and think about your day, do a weekly review, or review your last quarter or year and try to adjust for future. Relaxing music shouldn’t necessarily make you tap your feet to a supercool groove. It should be able to slow you down in an enjoyable way creating a contrast to our fast pacing daily routines. What you do while listen to relaxing music in the end is up to you. Some simply relax. Some do yoga or other mind or body exercises, some get a massage, some meditate. Some pray, some day dream, some make future plans, some think about a problem or develop a (society changing) solution. Some mourn, some refill their energy cells. Some become creative.
There are many ways to get closer to a healthy, fulfilled and happy you. Music can set the right tone. You take your time to get there.

Enjoy your time,


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