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Tune into the sleep music stream by hitting the play button on the top. You will hear an endless stream of calm and peaceful music, carefully compiled with tracks I created for relaxdaily. I chose those which tend to be most soothing and peaceful and therefore perfectly suited for relaxation, meditation, reflection and sleep management. I also created special "calm" versions which can be heard exclusively here on to make this stream even more special.

My vision is to create a place that offers lots of musical value to you. That's why this stream's playlist will be updated in the months and years to come, adding diversity while keeping quality as high as possible. If you enjoy music with a higher energy level, try also the 'focus music' or the 'morning music' stream.

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Music to unwind


Is there a perfect kind of music that can soothe us into an ideal state of relaxation? Has music the power to affect our sleep pattern in a healthy and positive way? Well, hit the play button and find out for yourself.

Give it a fair chance: Listen to the sleep music stream e.g. one or two hours before going to bed for a few weeks at a low volume. This can help setting up a sleep rhythm that's healthy for your body, so you can wake up well rested and in a mood to harvest another great day.

Note: While music can actually help finding a healthy sleep rhythm and help to optimize sleep quality, it can not be a substitute for enough quality sleep time spent per night.

*the stream info above catches the current titles in an interval of 60 seconds. So when a new track starts, it can take up to 60 seconds to show the right track name. Also sometimes to make it visible the "stream info" link must be clicked.

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If you want to support us in a more direct way, you're invited to become a relaxdaily patron.

"Your music makes my days and evenings better. My peace of mind and inner happiness always increase. That's how I feel when I listen to your music. Sincere thanks."
- Irene

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