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After more than one full year of not creating music, N°108 marks my re-entry into creative territory. The idea of doing a "city by night” video actually came from a fan who asked if I could do something like this a few weeks ago. Yes, cities are quite the opposite to all those nature scenes I captured previously. But I believe cities views, especially at night, can work well with a relaxing music track. In the night the city is cooler, less busy, and sometimes also more colorful.

I tried to capture not simply all those iconic and touristic places of Berlin. There’s no Berlin Wall here, no Checkpoint Charlie. It’s more about freely moving through the city, sit down for a minute here and there, take in the moment, play with the light and camera lens a bit and experience the city from an observer perspective.

Of course, I had to see the Brandenburger Tor (opening scene), then the Alexander Platz (second scene). The blue light column, later on, is my own digital creation. This is the actually the Victory Column (Siegessäule). But after looking up on Wikipedia what it stands for my idea was to put this 150-year-old monument digitally into a museum and install a vision for now and the future instead of it: The light of individual fulfillment, hope, and creativity. I’m serious: Berlin is full of stone based monuments that document the history, which is cool. But, I saw no art that stands for a common future vision. Something that is about today's people of the city. Something that unifies and inspires. ...Now you have something. It’s inspired by the people I met in Berlin (so many creative people there...), and herewith I propose to the city of Berlin to think about this blue light installation.

A surprise was that dancing event across the Spree river. Not sure if that’s typical for Berlin, but a great inspiration anyway. What do you do at night? Some people dance...

Hope you enjoy the views and the music.


About the creation:

Artist: Michael (Music and Video)

Original release: September 20, 2016

Video location: Berlin, Germany

Run time: 8 min

more videos:

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audio version: N°108

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