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Hello my friend,

If you’re new to relaxdaily, then welcome! If you follow my music project for a while, here’s what I’m currently working on.

You might have noticed my different kind of creative output especially during 2016 (re-masters of older versions and piano live sessions) and the absence of new relaxdaily music in 2017.

Here’s why: Since more than a year, I’m working together with a great friend on the next version of this website, This process takes up so much of my time, that I’m not able to create new music currently. I’m not kidding. Part of the process was to get clear about what I want relaxdaily to be in the years to come. Another part was to decide for a ‘business’ model, meaning how this project can exists on a sustainable basis. Another part was to figure out the tools and technology we want to use for the new version of Yet another was to make the components we chose to work together, which took soooooo much longer than we wanted and expected. After a few troublesome weeks in early 2017, currently things look good and we’re simply implementing things, like making files and (video) descriptions ready, finalising the look and preparing content. But, we’re still a few weeks away from re-launching. There are still a few things to be solved.

The website will be simple. It won’t be able to cook coffee. Or tea. But under the hood, there’s some hidden potential. I hope it will serve as a base for a new chapter of this relaxdaily project. It has the potential to be a vessel for something greater than it is now. That’s why I’m putting 95% of my time into building it, right now. That’s why there haven’t been new tunes in 2017 so far.

Once the new site is online and works, you can count on me creating new music again. I have lots of tunes inside me waiting to see the light of the day, to be hopefully enjoyed by you.

I thank you for your patience,


Michael Fesser (relaxdaily)