relaxdaily presents: Forest

relaxdaily Forest - the movie

2 hours of light and positive tunes: B-Sides N°2

relaxdaily B-Sides N°2

the ultimate relaxdaily album: Essence N°2

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Original music to relax.

This place is about music to relax and about living a healthy lifestyle. Music is a powerful tool which can, among other things, shape emotion, influence moods and provide a release from stress and anxiety. I create the music here to enhance inspiration, relaxation and optimism. Providing a relaxing and stress free atmosphere for activities such as yoga, meditation, learning and studying, reading, working, being creative, doing your household chores, for your relaxation-time, reflection-time, while traveling or just being yourself. The music has the power to relax, boost your energy levels in a smooth way, or relieve stress and tension.

For a more relaxed lifestyle. For a healthy you.

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