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Quick facts


What relaxdaily is: A music project

Expertise: Creating and sharing original music

Focus: A mild and light, oftentimes inspiring tone

Goal: Unleashing positive energy and your full potential

Established: 2011 by Michael Fesser (music creator)

Awards: YouTube Silver Button


relaxdaily in numbers


Average track length: 7 min

Tracks published: 110+

Countries that tune in: 230+

Daily listeners: 50.000+

YouTube subscribers: 400.000+

Soundcloud downloads: 700.000+

The Project

It all began on August 25, 2011 with the creation of the first relaxdaily track and its upload on YouTube. Michael's base idea was to create a relaxation music collection. Something like an album. But not in a traditional way, which was the 12 tracks bundle on iTunes or still a physical CD back then. More like a constantly evolving, living thing. Something you could update, re-order and arrange in playlists. YouTube looked like a great place to start.

Skip a few years and, while staying true to the original vision, over a hundred relaxdaily tracks have been created so far. The music has been played back more than 200 million times all over the planet, serving those who enjoy a light and positive soundtrack during their day.


The current version of this website is simply an evolution of the original vision: A place where you go to listen to quiet music. A place that inspires, a place that's there for you. Here you get relaxdaily everything: Listen to all single tracks like "N°064", compilations like "Ocean Breeze", themed relaxdaily streams like "Focus Music" and recorded relaxdaily live sessions.

The goal is to provide you with a soundtrack that makes you feel good, focused, or motivates to get your thing going throughout the day. In a calm and relaxed way. Sure, music is a personal choice. Sometimes you need no music at all, sometimes a more vivid track sets the right tone, but oftentimes a relaxed tune can be a perfect choice.


We're working constantly on making this place a cool place to be. Over time the relaxdaily music portfolio will continue to grow, giving you more and more choices, tunes and playlists. If you like what you hear and see, there's a little turquoise sharing button in the bottom right corner of most pages. You can use it to share what we do with other wonderful people and friends.

(picture above: still image from relaxdaily N°104 music video, shot by Michael in Corsica)

michael plays guitar in his studio


Michael Fesser is a musician, composer and recording artist. Best known for his mostly calm instrumental music he releases on YouTube, SoundCloud and the web under the artist and project name relaxdaily.


michael the musician

Following his dream of becoming a full-time musician, Michael visits the ASCAP EXPO in Los Angeles in 2011, where he meets YouTube musician and artist Tay Zonday. Both collaborate on Tay's EP "Chocolate Rain 2.0" and the single "This Is You". The weeks spent in California are influential. Michael learns first hand the concept of being a creator on YouTube and the web. Seeing creative people actually living their own thing successfully is inspiring for sure.
Another mental click happens: Already believing in Jim Collins' Hedgehog Concept, the missing link for Michael still was the circle "what you are [truly] passionate about". Being passionate about music creation itself has not been specific enough so far. Michael realizes, that in order to create true value, he must ask another important question: "What kind of music truly connects with me?"

Back home in Germany, Michael is changing his musical style without looking back and beginning a new chapter. The relaxdaily YouTube channel is born. Since then, the mission is to create meaningful music with a calm feel, music that connects with the listener, while further developing musicality and growing as an artist. A life long journey.
Michael is partly an autodidact, learning about music by ear and experimenting with chords and sounds on the keyboard and the guitar. But he's also learning about music creation and production from books, tutorials, courses (Berklee Music Online) or by watching others create, play and record. The internet is a wonderful source of communication and education nowadays. But also the occasional piano session with an instructor doesn't hurt the skills.

Michael enjoying a recording

Michael studied Sound Engineering at the SAE College in Cologne (Germany) and sees himself as a hybrid artist who connects playing instruments, developing/composing music and making recordings sound good. He's currently recording music with a Laptop and Logic Pro. Former DAWs have been Cubase, Reason, Protools and Reaper (Reaper and a PC was a wonderful production base for relaxdaily tracks N°001-107). Michael's most favorite sound engine: Spectrasonics Omnishpere.

michael filming lofoten 02

michael the filmmaker

Inspired by the early DSLR filming movement, Michael begins shooting his own simple nature style videos in 2012, to give relaxdaily music videos a personal touch. Four weeks into owning his first camera he uploads "N°054" featuring Engelsberg in Switzerland, a few weeks later "N°056", featuring Saxony Switzerland in Germany.


Notable longer music mix videos of the beginnings are "California's Coast" featuring California's beautiful coastline and "Forest". Filming beautiful nature sites becomes an integrated part of the relaxdaily project.

If you're interested in seeing how relaxdaily nature videos are captured, join Nico and Michael on a video trip to Lofoten islands.

michael the person

Born 1982 in Poland, Michael is currently a German living near Cologne (Germany). As a child of the world wide web, he enjoys connecting with like-minded people from around the globe, when not working behind the keyboard, the guitar, or the laptop, making videos, or developing the project in other ways.

Michael believes in a good, meaningful and fulfilled life, endless creativity, proactive and generally happy people and a healthy, wonderful, in good shape planet Earth.

Personal interests other than creating music: Those activities where you move your body through time and space like jogging (called it running once), mountain biking during the summer and snowboarding in the winter, hiking and iRacing (race track driving, the sustainable way). He enjoys being outdoors, doing a tiny bit of yoga in the morning, seeing beautiful design, technology, art and architecture and talking with friends about how insanely much space there still is for humans to develop their fullest potential within a "one planet - one society" approach.

michael filming lofoten 07



Without Nico, there would be no relaxdaily.net website as you can experience it right now, no physical CDs, no future Wall-art offerings. Also, many relaxdaily videos would have less color.

Nico works behind the scenes on improving the project in areas of tech and how to connect art, the creator and listeners in a meaningful way. In short, Nico helps making things run as beautiful and as smooth as possible behind the scenes. A cornerstone member of the relaxdaily project since 2015.




This here is the beginning of something greater. A space that wants to grow, be filled, experienced and used. We hope that in the future more exceptional artists and people will join this undertaking and more music and life lovers will enjoy what we create. Together we can live up to our full potential.

If you are a composer/ recording artist, are not published yet, and have a very strong feeling that you might fit in here somehow and want to serve others the way we do, let us know.

Why Patreon?

Why Patreon?

We are very passionate about what we do. And we are passionate about sharing it. That's why we chose to open our site's content to everyone with a working internet connection. No pay wall. No ads.

Patreon is a superb and well-established tool that connects projects like ours with its most passionate fans, users, and supporters. It's the go to funding platform for a whole generation of artists and projects worldwide.

To cover the costs of running this site and to potentially offset further project expenses, like shooting nature videos, we just set up a creator account on Patreon.com.

So, now you can not only help us by sharing what we do or by listening to relaxdaily music on paid streaming services, but also with the wonderful and direct way of becoming a relaxdaily patron.

relaxdaily Patreeon 2017-12-web
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